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Clarabella Ryder

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Clarabella Ryder

Post by Requiem on Sun 26 Jan 2014, 13:30

Name- Clarabella Ryder
Nickname- Clara
Race- Human
Gender- Female
Age- 33
Height- 5'8
Eye colour- Purple
Hair colour- Blue
Hair style- Shoulder length, wavy
Body art- Full tribal dragon designed sleeves on both arms

Parents: deceased.
Brother: Lucian Ryder- Deceased
Partner: Soul-Deceased

Personality- Clara is a strong minded woman, she is determined and focused on all that she chooses to follow.
She can come across as brash and full of attitude but she has a kind and gentle side to her.
Clara will speak to anyone, no matter their race and she is not quick to judge but she is quick to temper.

Bio- Born into a bloodline of hunters, she was not born alone but with her twin brother, Luca.
Luca and Clara were hidden from what their family really did, believing that they went on long business trips for their company. They fended for themselves and their bond was impenatrable.

Thier parent's were brutally murdered by demons before their eyes, they were twelve years old, they managed to escape and from that day, they knew the truth and taught themselves everything.
They became hunters, supernatural assasins, and worked whenever they could to fund their ever growing 'hobby'.
They are inseparable and are at their strongest when working together.

Their life from the age of twelve has been all about hunting, and they are some of the best hunters around.

 Clara witnessed her brother be captured and turned into a vampire, she tried to kill him at his request but was interrupted and never looked back from then on, although she found it hard to adjust and accept what he had become and his new relationship with another vampire, he was and always would be her brother.

Recent History
Over the past years since moving to Arcane, Clara has undergone many changes to her life and to the lives of those she cares about.
She took over the dojo and brought it back up to it's former glory, eventually meeting the former owner, Soul and falling in love and for the first time, accepting that love.
 Things were good for a while, Luca was happy, he was stable with the Death family and Clara had integrated into their lives also, becoming a sort of surrogate auntie to Cassandra's twin babies.
 Over the years Clara and Soul ramained strong and very much in love. People came and went from her life, but it seemed she was stuck here, in Arcane.
 Arcane had opened the eyes of the immortal hunter, she only now hunted the truly evil, and wiped them out. She was happy, she felt at home.

 Further time past and then the Oxen Corporation came into play, one of the leaders being her own nephew, Luca's son. The eradication came, things were bad, people died, people Clara cared about. She got caught up in all the immortals drama and was considered a traitor to her own race. She went into hiding but then disaster sturck, her brother was killed and sent down to the depths of mayhem to be at the mercy of the original demons, Xaphan and Plague.

 Soul left on his own mission and Clara was left with no one, her family torn apart. This place had turned into a curse for her, but she was determined to at the very least, save her brother. Clara killed herself, jumped very drunkly off of the crane her brother had previously nearly killed her on when he had first turned.  Her plan worked, she ended up with Xaphan, but her brother had already been freed by his wife, Cassandra, she had made some deal that set him free, but he was demonic. She watched her now evil brother be freed to cause destruction above while she was tethered below.

 Clara went through months of endless torture at the hands of the demons, but she would not break, she would not accept the demonic 'gift' they tried to force upon her as they had her brother. She was stronger than him, she would not give in. Clara had accepted that she would never be freed from mayhem, she was dead, and she was of the mind that once dead, she should stay dead. But, Cassandra had other plans. The now heartless reaper decided to make yet another deal with the demon and bring her back to life. Clara was brought back for the soul purpose of saving the humanity of her brother. Cassandra, with the last shred of her own humanity, had captured him, chained him up in her basement and had been trying to purify him, to bring him back, but she could not, Clara was believed to be the key to his survival, to his rebirth.

 Now, Cassandra was gone, and Clara was once again alone, trying to care for her brother and also keep him captured.  She had come back to a worse mess than before, everyone's lives around her had gone to shit, the twins, Ryu, Knigh, everyone, she was trying to hold everything together, and failing to do so whilst relentless trying to figure out a way to save her brother while Xaphan allowed her to live.

Strengths- Clara is skilled in hand to hand combat and with weapons. She is strong and confident and she is a fast learner.
Her senses are above avergae for a human.

Weaknesses- Clara is only human, she has no special powers and can die how any other human can.

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Re: Clarabella Ryder

Post by Requiem on Sat 26 Nov 2016, 17:02

History Update

 Clara had failed in bringing her brother back, she had gone away to find out more information, make more contacts who could help save him, but it was one big dead end. Her brother was killed, and Clara had a mental break down. She had been gone for quite some time before Arcane pulled her back again. She came back to reunite with her love Soul.
 upon returning to Arcane Soul was nowhere to be found, and later, she learned that he had also died, that he had killed himself.
 Now Clara has no one and is a shell of the woman she once was. To her, her life now was worse than any torture she had faced at the hands of Xaphan. Without Soul or Luca, Clara was broken.
 Now Clara is trying to find some purpose once again, by becoming a hunter once more before her lfie swallows her up into nothingness.


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