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Post by Requiem on Sun 26 Jan 2014, 13:36

''Rain assaults the abandoned house,
trees bend and sway in the driving wind.
Wolves growl and snarl,
pulling their young in close.
The ground parts,
and yields the fires of hell.
Trailing tendons and bits of flesh,
they claw their way up from the ground.
The witching hour came early,
on this dark and stormy night.
Beware the shadows and what they hold,
for the devil’s army has risen tonight.''

Xaphan the fire demon
Xaphan was one of the fallen angels who rebelled in heaven with Satan.
Xaphan is a demon of the second order with an inventive spirit. During the rebellion in heaven, he proposed to set heaven on fire. He was thrown into the abyss with the other rebels & fans the flames of the furnaces with his mouth and hands.

Xaphan is merciless and cruel and takes pleasure in torturing and playing with his victims.
He is able to enter earth at his own pleasure and uses it as his hunting ground for fun, reeking havoc wherever he goes.
He takes the many woman using and abusing them at his leisure.

Xphan is a fire demon, he can manipulate it to his choosing and can be the image of fire.
He can ignite people's sins, their greed, lust and evil and he will sit back and watch the mess unfold.
Xaphan can also manipulate the earth, creating crevices or mountains where he chooses.

Like any evil spirit Xaphan has a weakness for the holy, whether it be holy relics, water ground or a prayer it will weaken him and if the right spell is used it can cast him back to hell, but he is an immortal.

He has no light left in him, all angel lost, and he is just out for causing pain and suffering to all around him.

“The Unholy Schism was the beginning of what is to come. Every angelic being, every creature of good, and all that oppose Great Lucifer shall be consumed in eternal and everlasting fire.”
 After rising to earth and causing mayhem wherever he went, together with his brother Plagued, they created their own hell after capturing Kenshu to open the portal for them.
 Soon after, Xaphan fell from earth at the hands of Dakhia and Azariel, Azariel chanted a spell which turned him human, the amount of souls he had consumed from the beginning of time, it was too much for his now human body to cope with and Dakhia took the final blow, killing him and sending him back to hell.
 The damage caused kept him in hell for a number of years, Plagued found him and took him back to their own hell for him to settle.
 Now, Xaphan is fully healed and can come and go from earth as he pleases, although he will not be seen much any more as most of his time is spent in his new hell, the hell that the true Lucifer would be proud of and not the pathetic excuse for one hell had become of recent years.
 Xaphan comes to earth every once in a while to have a bit of fun, but in Mayhem he is king, along with Plague.


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