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Ryu Cane

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Ryu Cane

Post by Requiem on Thu 06 Feb 2014, 13:06

Ryu Cane





Ryu has three forms, his human, semi human and his full dragon form as the pictures show below. In both his semi human and human form, Ryu's left eye is lightning blue and the right bright yellow.

Human form
Stands at 6 foot 5.

Semi human form

Dragon form

 Ryu has a goldfish tattoo on his right shoulder blade, this was done on a drunken night out with his best mate Marcus, it is of his friends beloved goldfish, a mark of his friendship.
 As his human form picture shows, he has a dragon tattooed over the left side of his neck and face.

Father- Dakhia Cane (human/dragon) Deceased
Mother- Natsuim Kiyomi (Human elemental)  Deceased

Ryu has a very protective and loyal personality, to those he holds dear he would do almost anything for. He can have a temper on him but for the most part he is a calm and level headed young man with a good nature.
Dakhia, Ryu's father, is part demon, although Ryu does not consider himself to be a demon whatsoever, he does have that darker side to him, and that shows in his eyes.
Ryu's mother is an elemental and he has taken some of her abilities also and has a connection with the earth as well as an appreciation for life.

Ryu is the sole leader of the Jia people, a people passed down to him when both his parents died. He is a true leader, he keeps them safe, provides for them and since his rule they have expanded and thrived beyond imagination.

 When out, Ryu tends to wear contact lenses to hide his the unusual appearance of his eyes, he tends to be quiet and keep himself to himself, but with those he trusts, he likes to have a laugh every now and again and let loose from his serious side.

Abilities/ strengths
 Fire- Ryu has the ability to create fire, in his dragon form it is the most powerful. The fire is blue and can destroy pretty much anything it touches.
In his other forms, Ryu can create fire balls of the same blue flames, although it will be weaker than in his dragon form, it is still deadly.
 His semi human form increases his strength and reaction times than when in his human form.

Geo-thermokinesis- Ryu can manipulate, control and create lava, magma and volcanoes at will.

Geokinesis- Ryu can control, manipulate and re shape the earth at will, this includes sand, and crystals.

Combat skills: From a young age, Ryu has been trained in hand to hand and weapons combat and is highly skilled in martial arts.

Weapon: Ryu carries a long black Katana (As pictured in his semi human form)
 The Katana is named 'Chikyu', Earth, a family heirloom which was handed down from his grandfather to his mother and now to him. It has a conscience of it's own and has binded with Ryu's soul, it is an extension of him. Comes when he wills it to, does what he wills it to.

 Underbelly- scales are soft and easy to inflict damage on him.

 Holy relics- Due to his inherited demonic side, even though he denies he has one, holy relics and consecrated ground weaken him but only slightly.

Healing- unlike his father Ryu does not have any healing abilities, if he is seriously injured he has to 'sleep it off' and go into a state similar to hibernation for a short period of time and let his wounds recover.

 Born into a loving family, Ryu was raised to be an honourable man. He had huge support from his mother and father, they taught him well and trained him to be the natural leader that he is today.
 Natsumi and Dakhia were brilliant teachers, his mother taught him to be controlled and to be a fair leader, his father taught him how to be a feared and respected warrior. He was lucky in his upbrining, he had a whole village of people as his extended family and no end of trusted friends.

 As he grew older, he and his father were hunted. People heard stories of the dragons that protected the people. They were hunted by human and immortal alike, having to try and keep their true identities a secret. Only his people and his trusted friends knew what he truly was.

 He trained hard, he created an unbreakable bond with his katana, a katana passed down through generation to generation. His blade goes by the name Chikyu. Chiky has a soul and will of it's own that is believed to be the souls of the ancestors. Ryu and the blade are bound into one. When he is in need, it is there. He carries it on him at all times, concealing it if he has to. But, wherever Ryu is, Chikyu usually is too.

 Over the years, Ryu began to notice changes in his father, Dakhia. His once loving father became cruel and distant. His parent's argued and eventually things got really bad. They eventually found out that it was Dakhia's inner demon being stirred up by an original demon by the name of Xaphan. Xaphan wanted Dakhia for his own, and he was trying and succeeding to change Dakhia, for the inner demon to take over.

 Natsumi, Ryu's mother began to fall ill. She could not heal and eventually she slipped into a coma. Ryu cared for her the best he could, and with his father's unstable personality, he ended up becoming the leader of the Jia people from a young age. Having to rule, to protect and defend much earlier than he ever should have had to. He was under immense pressure and was doing his best not to crumble.

 In the midst of this family drama, The oxen corporation began to grow and Ryu was a prime target. He spent most of his free time with Hope and Marcus. Marcus and Ryu always got up to trouble, and they continually found themselves in trouble with Ox Corp.  One incident changed their bond forever, Marcus was badly injured and in fear of his best friend dying and his girlfriend experiencing the same pain through a link her and Marcus shared, Ryu gave Marcus his blood. But something happened and Marcus somehow managed to gain some of Ryu's power morphing it into his own abilities. But, he survived and that was the most important thing.

 Things did not get better, his father triumphed over Xaphan once, but it was too late, The father he was knew was soon gone, and in his place was a being of true evil. Dakhia destroyed everything that he could, creating chaos wherever he went. Ryu was always one of his father's most desired targets. He had many battles with Dakhia, Dakhia wanted to change him how he had been changed. He wanted the demon buried within Ryu to come out and take control, but Ryu fought and continued to fight for as long as he could. Dakhia took firmer measures, going after his comatosed mother time and time again, but time and time again, Ryu managed to fend him off.

 Dakhia killed many of the Jia people, but Ryu managed to save more. Through all of this, Ryu had something Dakhia did not, he had his friends and he had Hope. Hope was his first love and Ryu would do anything for her, even die for her. Dakhia used her against him, torturing her to the brink of death until Ryu eventually found her and his best friend Marcus at the mercy of his sadistic father. Ryu knew what had to be done, he had to kill his father to save his loved ones. He had to free his father, and the only way to do that was by killing him.

 Ryu and Dakhia fought for a long time, all the while Marcus and Hope were rendered useless from their injuries, only able to watch on as they tore each other apart. Dakhia had the upper hand, he was stronger and much bigger than Ryu. Ryu suffered greatly, he was dying and as his father was going to make Ryu take his last breath, Ryu managed to use the strength that remained within him to rip out his father's heart.

 In that moment, Dakhia's demon faded within him. His father, the man who raised him so well, who gave him so much love was back, but then he was gone as Ryu watched on helplessly as his father died at his own hands. Ryu dropped to his knees and screamed out a blood curdling scream before falling to the ground and taking his last breath. Marcus and Hope made their way to his dead body, Marcus tried desperately to revive Ryu by giving him his own blood to no avail. It was hopeless, he was gone.

 Ryu was buried on the top of a mountain, exposed to the elements he so loved. Many days passed and things were the same. But something had been happening to Ryu's dead body. The blood that Marcs had tried to give him had entered his system before his blood stopped pumping. Something unexplanable created a domino effect and it brought Ryu back to life, his body was in hibernation ,healing itself over the passing days and as Marcus sat spilling his heart out to his 'dead' freidn, Ryu came back to life before his very eyes.

 Ryu took some time to heal, but he was back and he could in turn, heal the emotional scars he left behind in his friends and in Hope.

 For the next few years that past after that, Ryu saw so much death adn destruction that it was hard to cope with. People died, people returned and it seemed it was a never ending cycle of death. Hope was always there, always his constant, even when she left for a time, he waited for her, he loved her more than anything and she held him together without even realising it.

 Eventually she moved in with him, and was treated like the royalty that Ryu knew that she was. Things were good for a time, but then that chaotic cycle began to return. Hope felt like she had to make a choice between Ryu and her family, and she chose her family leaving Ryu with nothing but a note and not another word after that.

 Ryu was devastated, he spiralled out of control, destroying what he had spent many years rebuilding in Jia. He was a mess and people began to fear he was turning in to Dakhia. But, he managed to ground himself, to centre his mind as his mother had taught him when she was still alive.
 Ryu re-built what he had destroyed. He worked hard, focusing on his people. Jia prospered, it's community multiplied. He was the leader he had always wanted to be and his people loved him greately. He was selfless and brave and protected them against anything and everything.

 Hope had never spoken to him again, no one would tell him anything about her and it drove him mad. But one day a proposal of an arranged marriage was brought to him for a distant land, and with the engagement came a great alliance and a secure future for his people. Ryu accepted the engagement and accepted his wife to be, a woman by the name of Haru.

 Haru was sweet and gentle, and over time she began to help heal Ryu's broken heart and he opened it up to her, he tried to love her, but Ryu could never love anyone as much as he loved Hope, as much as he still loves Hope.

 Ryu continues to rule his people with Haru now by his side and a heart split in two.


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Re: Ryu Cane

Post by Requiem on Sat 26 Nov 2016, 17:23

History Update

 Ryu continued to rule Jia for some time, the alliance with Haru's people had secured a better future for his own. He was a good leader to his people and protected them from any and every outside threat. Time passed and then Hope returned, messing with his heart. She had left him, she had abandoned him and yet he still felt as though he had been the one to have betrayed her.

 Things were rocky for some time, Haru and Hope did not get along and Ryu started to notice that Haru was in love with his best friend, Marcus. His time as leader took a turn when Haru's jealous brother tried to murder Ryu by poisoning him over months. As Ryu lay in his death bed, he finished with Haru, telling her to be happy with Marcus. He could not love her in the way that she deserved, and she deserved better than him.

 Hope had been there for him the entire time, had been taking care of him when no one else could, and he loved her even more for it, but she did not love him anymore, or so it seemed to him. Haru's brother's attempted murder was found out and she had killed him herself but nearly died in the process. Hope refused to acknowledge anything about Haru, refused to help her in her time of need. It killed Ryu, he could not even get close to Haru in fear or killing her due to his insane body heat in his illness, and in his frustration he had told Hope to leave. She had taken him saying that as an ultimatum, even though it was not, and she would probably never forgive him now.

 More time passed and Ryu began to recover, taking Haru back to her home country to formally break off the engagement and deal with the repercussions of her brother. Upon arrival both himself and Haru were arrested for Murder. Months passed before Haru was released, Ryu taking the blame for killing him. He remained in their prison before being released himself, the evidence against his own attempted murder was too much, he was let off with self defence and allowed to return to his home.

 Upon arrive home, he learnt that his own people had overthrown him, had exiled him. He had needed them more than ever and they had abandoned him. He learned that they had never truly accepted him because of who he was, an immortal, he was seen as a curse and at his time of weakness, they had betrayed him.

 Now Ryu resides in Death manor having had nowhere else to go, things are tense between him and Hope and he now has to figure out what to do next.


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