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Hope Death - Reign

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Hope Death - Reign

Post by Cashan on Thu 06 Feb 2014, 23:04

Who Am I?

Name: Hope Death-Reign.
Species:Ancient Vampire/Wraith.
Age: Appears in her twenties. Accelerated aging caused her to grow quickly but it eventually slowed and came to a stop.
Sexualty: Try-Sexual, she'll try anything once.

Who Do I Trust?

Cassandra Blake/ Cass - Mother.
Luca - Father Figure/ Mother's Boyfriend.
Ryu Cane - Childhood Friend/First Love/Ex-Boyfriend.
Marcus Karne Death Reign - Twin Brother.
Destiny Death - Younger Half-Sister.
Karne Reign - Father.
Clara: Sister to Luca.
KnOT was Marcus Nathaniel Crane - Paternal Grandfather.
Lita and Kenshu Death - Paternal Great Aunts.
Tears Death - Victoria Elizabeth Huntsmen. - Paternal Great Aunt. ( Head of Death Family )
Knigh - Maternal Uncle.
Susan Blake - Maternal Grandmother. ( Deceased. )
Sophia Avilynn Reign - Parental Aunt. ( Deceased )
Arashi Reign - Parental Grandmother.

How Do I look?

Height: 5 foot 9 inches.
Body type: A lean hourglass figure with a slightly smaller waist.
Hair: Waist Length straight to wavy black hair.
Eyes: Shimmering blue/green to teal eyes.
Clothes: Likes tight fitting clothes. Often seen in leather jackets and tank tops.
Other Details: Has various tattoo's.

So You Think You Know Me?

Once the rebellious, angry teen, Hope has matured into an angry young woman. Gone are the carefree days where Hope could travel for hours on her bike or hanging out with her boyfriend.

Her sarcastic nature has remained intact despite the constant struggle to survive and her partying ways are in the past.

She appears to have a tough exterior, living with mostly men has made her not want to appear weak. But to those she deeply trusts such as her twin and Ryu, they know how big a heart she truly has.

Her confidence isn't lacking and she isn't afraid of trouble and has never backed away from a fight. But she has found a new passion in healing people, using her abilities to bring back immortals from the brink of death gives her the adrenaline kick she used to get from her reckless behaviour in her youth.

What Am I Capable Of?

Twin Connection: Works only with Marcus. Can speak silently to one another, sense each others pain, locate one another. In extreme cases they can astro-project to one another for a few seconds to try and locate one another but they are unable to communicate or move when they do so.

Enhanced Strength: Hope has enhanced strength and reflexes due to her vampire heritage.

Sunlight Immunity: Sunlight, although deadly to vampires, has no effect on Hope because of her Mother's lineage.

Cloaking/Invisibility: The power to hide objects/subjects from optical sight. She is capable of hiding herself and others from sight as well as objects.

Levitation: The ability to cause oneself/subjects/objects to hover in the air.

Telekinesis: The power to manipulate objects with the mind.

Spirit Physiology: The ability to take a wraith from and pass through people and objects unhindered.

Knowledge Replication: Power to replicate the learned knowledge and skills of others. The user can gain/replicate the knowledge and abilities, including their mental and physical abilities, be it knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style. The user is able to duplicate information from creatures or inanimate mediums of data, such as books, computers, etc. by touching them or by just being near them at the time in Hopes case she needs to have physical contact with the object or being.

What are my Limitations?

Silver: It is a toxin that can both weaken and in large quantities even kill.

Cloaking/Invisibility: She cannot mask scents of people of objects. Objects and people do not disappear, they are still there and can be touched they are simply invisible.

Levitation and Telekinesis: The larger the object the more energy it requires to move putting limitations on what she can and cannot move. If the object in question is cloaked and she attempts to move it using her abilities the item will reappear.

Knowledge Replication: Foreign knowledge absorbed may weather over time. Although she can absorb information the length of time she can retain varies making none of it permanent. Languages and knowledge from books and computers she can retain for extended periods of time, years even. However the replication of others abilities is much shorter, limited to a couple of days or even hours.

What Is My Story?

In her Youth, Hope had always considered herself the black sheep of the family till she was finally reunited with her father, Karne Reign, in her teenage years. Finally she realised that even though her twin had taken after her mother, she was her father's daughter.

The only stability she had in her life was in the form of Ryu Cane, even with her Mother and Brother's subsequent death and then reincarnation. He had been there and even given his life for her until he had regenerated.

The greatest shock came to her when her Mother, in her grief over her loss love Luca. Married a man name Lyle and she quickly became pregnant with her half sister Destiny. It was the desire to have a relationship with her sister that she forgave her mother for kicking her and her twin out.

She lived with her boyfriend Ryu for three years, settling into a routine with him and his people who treated her as much like a princess as Ryu did. But that all changed after the Eradication. Her mother requested that both she and her brother go home but Ryu was reluctant to let her go. They fought until Hope couldn't take it anymore and left essentially ending her relationship with the only man she had ever loved.

A year and a half later, Hope is living in Death Manor with her family. She has excelled in becoming an impromptu surgeon pulling bullets out of Immortals and putting them back together with the skills her Mother once had but seems to no longer use.

She helps in anyway she can, surviving anyway she can but she can't help but miss Ryu every moment she is away from me but stubbornly she refuses to apologize. She feels as though Ryu forced her to choose between him and her family and although she loves him deeply, she could never turn her back on her family.


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