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Marcus Karne Death-Reign

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Marcus Karne Death-Reign Empty Marcus Karne Death-Reign

Post by Marcus Death-Reign on Sun 09 Feb 2014, 09:35



Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?

Strenghts & Weaknesses

Marcus shares some of his strengths and weaknesses with his sister, the strengths they share are:

They are mind linked to one another so they are able to speak to each other without speaking, no amount of distance weakens this link the twin's bond much to powerful.

They share pain with one another which they call pain detection, Marcus can feel pain when Hope feels it and Hope when Marcus does, this is good for informing them if the other is suffering or in danger.

The twins can astrally project to one another, the power is very limited and very physically taxing to them, they are only able to hold an image for a few seconds and they are not able to speak or move just appear to the other as a flickering form. The twins will use this power if they are some how unable to find or contact the other one, it will show them where the other is so in order for them to be able to locate them and learn what has happened.

His individual strengths are as follows:

Enhanced breath is the ability to create force winds, or take the air away by either exhaling or inhaling. Marcus is able to Create winds strong enough to demolish buildings or relocate them, he is able to blow fast enough to ice over objects with cold as an after effect.

He can inhale strongly enough to move objects towards him and take the air from an area momentarily which is useful in suffocating fires.

Elemental Affinity -Marcus gains strength when exposed to the elements. Elements of any kind, due to this fact he can often be found outside or with all windows open.

Having a family such as he had Marcus is more then able in handling himself in a battle especially hand to hand due to time spent with in the dojo mainly taking up mixed martial arts so he is competent in many different fighting styles.

He is proficient with most weapons due to training with his step father Luca and Luca's sister Clara but also with his Mother's best friend Knigh who taught him how to use all the weapons he possessed for his line of work as an assassin.

Weapon of choice- Katana.

He now has powers when in his dragon Semi Morph form, he has tough bones and skin to match a dragon's strength.
His own strength is improved due to this.

Only when in his dragon form he can use, make and manipulate flames at his will.

Silver has a toxic effect and in large quantities can be lethal.

The pain detection he and Hope have can also be a weakness, distracting them or possibly disabling them in combat.

Environmental aversion, if enclosed in a space with no access to the outside world (e.g. a window) Marcus will quickly start to weaken and lose his powers he will eventually find mortality and start becoming severely ill with human plights until eventually if not exposed to the elements he will perish.


Likes & Dislikes

Likes- (Well loves) His pet goldfish called Finley, he had him from childhood allowing him extra long life by giving him a drop of his own blood a month.

He enjoys watching things, people, animals, landscapes. Due to having to spend a large amount of time outside he has taught himself to enjoy just simply being somewhere, he would be more then happy to sit in one spot for hours just to watch the sun move across the skies.

He enjoys time spent with his family having always chosen them above anything else, he would rather a night in with them then a night out on the town with those he didn't know or care for.

Dislikes- Marcus doesn't like cruelty to anything when there is no merit for it, he has a low tolerance for it and will act against it if he ever were to see it happening.

He hates being in small spaces for the fear that he will become trapped in them and trigger his Aversion (see weaknesses), he becomes agitated and almost fearful when in confined areas. (e.g. elevators, crawl spaces and so on)

The Basics

Name: Marcus Karne Death Reign.
Species: Vampire/Wraith.
Age: Appears in his teens. Accelerated aging caused him to grow quicky but it eventually slowed and came to a stop.
Grandfather- Marcus Nathaniel Crane. Aka. KnOT Death. (Deceased)

Grandmother- Arashi Reign.

Grandmother- Susan Blake (Deceased)

Mother- Cassandra Blake now known as Cass.

Father- Karne Reign.

Twin Sister- Hope Death-Reign.

Aunt- Sophia Avilynn Reign.


Marcus's Physique is not unlike the males within his family line, Tall and agile though carrying the weight of a well muscled frame, the image of a fighter.

He appears to be in his mid twenties. His complexion is pale as usually found with vampires his eyes standing out in contract with startling blue colouration.

His hair is generally kept around shoulder height but from time to time he becomes inclined to change it. It's colour varies from copper tones to red like his mother's depending upon the lighting.

A pattern of scarring marks the left side of his torso from Collar bone to hip, one large one surrounded by smaller ones (Will be incorporated into a story line at some point)

He had many and various forms of body art, the majority of which are tattoos of the tribal variety upon his arms and legs, his back contains the image of a wind chime surrounded by wraith like beings.(Representing himself and Hope)

Upon his lower neck inked is his mother and sister's names.

His left and right ear are pierced as are his right eyebrow, nose and lip.


Marcus is a stark contrast in some ways from the usual male in the Death and Reign family, being no way egotistical he feels no need to be the 'best' and no need to prove himself to anyone but his family and in having that attitude he finds himself to be generally happier then the males further up his blood line.

Thanks to his mother he was mainly untainted by family politics and managed to learn who he was for himself without having it dictated to him by expectations.

He tends to take things as they come and in general can be described as being laid back and patient with a humorous open approach to most things in life having decided that wasting his time being negative to others without cause wasn't what he wanted to be about.

Overall Marcus is a very liked guy known for being fair and just in decisions he makes.

He does how ever have another side, when it comes to his family especially his sister and his mother Marcus is deadly protective, being known to start a brawl for simply seeing someone look at one of them in the wrong way. He tried over the years to keep control over his obsessively over protective ways and had effectively minimised it but God forbid anyone hurt either of them he would make them rue the day of their birth.


Marcus has new abilities after his blood became mixed with dragon's blood. He can now semi-morph into a dragon form which covers his skin in subtle scales.
Tattoos have appeared upon his upper torso that were not there before and they glow when he is in this form.
With the new form he has been gifted dragon strength skin and bones and when in form he can use and manipulate fire.
(A picture will follow)

He also has a new sword, A Katana forged for him by Karne. It's powers are not yet known or developed by Marcus but a name has been given, Perdition.

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Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?
Marcus Death-Reign
Marcus Death-Reign

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Marcus Karne Death-Reign Empty Re: Marcus Karne Death-Reign

Post by Marcus Death-Reign on Sun 08 Feb 2015, 16:41

Marcus's New look.

Marcus Karne Death-Reign The_ba10

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?
Marcus Death-Reign
Marcus Death-Reign

Posts : 497
Points : 547
Join date : 2014-02-04

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Marcus Karne Death-Reign Empty Re: Marcus Karne Death-Reign

Post by Marcus Death-Reign on Tue 10 Feb 2015, 13:50

Blade's name- Gekido

Marcus Karne Death-Reign Perdit10

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?
Marcus Death-Reign
Marcus Death-Reign

Posts : 497
Points : 547
Join date : 2014-02-04

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Marcus Karne Death-Reign Empty Re: Marcus Karne Death-Reign

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