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Post by Requiem on Sun 25 Jan 2015, 20:16

Basic Information

Name: Natalia Bridgeway (Human)

Real Age: 25

Birthday (Month/Day): December/15

Blood Type: A+

Family  Never knew them, was adpoted and ended up homeless by the time she was 13.


Height/Weight: 5 feet 6 inches/ 112 pounds

Physical Description:
Natalia has long amber flowing hair, amber eyes and tanned skin. She is muscular and strong.

 Her stomach is covered in scars that run deeper than just in her flesh. They are a reminded to her of what she has lost and can never recover.


+ Greed- Greed is in everyone, it is a natural instinct for most people but one that should be treated with caution.
+Blood- Blood should remain where it is supposed to be, inside the body. (Unless it belongs to her enemies.)
+Hypocrites- Don't say something and do the opposite, it looks bad, it is weak.
+Cats- Selfish, users and some are just plain mean.

+Open minds- Anything is possible.
+Honesty- Just be honest, lying just makes things complicated.
+The Unconventional- Live outside of the box, embrace differences.
+Kindness- Who doesn't?
+Nature- A night under the stars far outweighs a night on the town.
+Hard work- Life isn't easy, so give it your best shot.


+The traveller- Never sticks to one place for too long, whether that be a town, country or a home.
+Distancer- Not one to face up to emotional or other problems that can hurt or have hurt. Denial, travel, block out.
+Clumsy- Tripping over nothing is an art.
+Revenge- The murder of her child causes her to seek brutal revenge, sometimes on the innocent.

+Sweet tooth- Whether it be a chocolate bar to soothe a broken heart or a jellybean to satisfy a rumbling stomach, sweet things are a must in nearly every situation.
+No filter- Talk to self, blurt out thoughts to others, uncontrollable.
+Pen biter- Pen, pencil anything that can write, it gets bit.
+Inability to stay still- Finger tapping, foot tapping, body swaying. Staying still is just impossible, even in sleep.
+Body reader- Tends to watch people's body language when conversing or just when it suits.

+Cats- Not just a dislike, but the things are evil, stay away.
+Small spaces- Being trapped, or feeling trapped is a big no,no.
+Death of loved ones- Since the death of her unborn child, Natalia has an increased phobia of losing the ones she cares about.

+Control- To feel in control of own life.
+To find out the truth about her child's murder and to make those guilty pay for their sins.

Overall Personality:
Can be quiet and distant. Not much of a talker and not keen to make friends. Likes to stick to the shadows and remain there if she can, only coming out when it suits her, or to kill something.


Although just a simple human, Natalia had undergone years of tough practise and training, making her now a top athlete, hunter and soldier of Ox Corp.
She is trained with hand to hand and weapons combat. Has incredible survival and adaptability skills. If she sets her mind to something, she is near unstoppable.


 Natalia came to this place just over five years ago and in that time her entire life had been turned upside down and destroyed.
 She once was a happy go lucky, lovable and friendly young girl who would open her arms up to anyone and who was also very naive.

 She met a man here, a roman soldier who somehow travelled through the rift of time. She found him intriguing, opened her eyes up to the many possibilities of the world that she was before blind to.
 Further into her stay here, she met another man who changed her life forever. A man named Bade Lucian Price. He helped her and saved her on many an occasion. Took her under his wing and into the Oxen corportation.

 She saw the horrors and blood shed of this newfound world, and with Bade's guidance and the corporations, she began her training into becoming a soldier there.
 She soon uncovered a hidden skill of hers, she was a complete natural with any weapon that was put into her hands.

 Not before long, she fell in love with Bade. They lived together, he always watched out for her, how could she not have fallen for him? He kept her traveller soul grounded for quite some time. That was until she fell pregnant.

 The pregnancy turned from terrifying to welcoming as the two were soon engaged. She was still training, but kept out of the field, kept herself as safe as she could be.
 Bade bought them a new house which they soon moved in to, the nursery for the baby was perfect and she could really begin to see her happy ending.

 About three months in to her pregnancy, she was requested to go into the field. She was slightly excited, having been cooped up upon finding out about the baby, but also slightly nervous. She was not supposed to be in the field, Bade's orders. But the then higher ups made it so.

 Bade was ordered to come to, but as they were leaving, Natalia looked up into the corp building to see the higher ups eyes peering down at her with a smirk. She felt on edge, but according to them, it was just a small hit on a vampire hive, maybe three or four targets.

 Once they were there, Bade made her go to the top of a distant building to snipe, rather than be in the thick of it. She happily complied. But the whole thing was an ambush, there was an entire hive of vampires, too much to handle. Natalia did her best and took out a lot of them while Bade fought inside the hive.

But, someone came up from behind her. She didn't even sense their presence until it was to late. The attacked killed her baby before he fled the scene. Natalia was utterly heartbroken holding the remains of her unborn baby in her arms as she bled out.

 Many months passed after the murder of the child, Natalia was never the same again. She didn't talk, she refused to eat. She was lifeless and no matter how much Bade tried, or how much she wanted to, she wouldn't change and she couldn't comfort Bade either.

 It was about a year before she spoke again, she was trying, trying to fix the breaking relationship between her and Bade. She couldn't lose him too.
 Eventually they married, but Natalia could never return to the sweet and innocent girl she was when they fell in love. She was moody, distant and out for revenge.

 Natalia had done a lot of thinking, the hit was never on her, it was on their baby. Bade wouldn't believe her. But she knew, in her gut she knew it was the baby they were paid to murder, and she knew Ox Corp had something to do with it.

 For the next few years to come, she went up in the ranks to be just below Bade. She came and went from the corp, doing her own thing. Many called her a rouge, but they still had to answer to her when she came back. She was now one of those higher ups in a corp she now didn't trust and she would not give up until she finds out the truth.



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