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Ketzu Empty Ketzu

Post by Requiem on Sun 22 Feb 2015, 12:54


Vampire/ lycan hybrid (Immortal)
Knigh- father, vampire.
Azariel- mother, lycan/ vampire (deceased)

Age: 18
Ketzu can take on a lycanthrope form at will but does not do this often.

Ketzu stands at around 6 foot, he has a lean and muscular physique. He has white eyes and hair, identical to what his mother's were like.  Lycan  form as shown in picture.

Ketzu White_wolf_in_snow_by_Acaciacat_zpshnah8imp


Ketzu has a jokey personality, he doesn't take things too seriously but can also be quite blunt and rude and occasionally very quiet and mysterious. He has a bit of a split personality. Like all, he has his darker side. His mother, Azariel died before he even knew her and so he was raised by his father, Knigh who took a while to except him. But, although he was a baby at the time, Ketzu remembers his fathers reluctance to accept him, being cared for by others outside of his immediate family. Some of those being Cassandra Blake before she was murdered, and then her son and daughter Hope and Marcus Death-Reign and another by the name of Ryu Cane.

Skills and weaknesses

Ketzu has been trained mentally and physically by his father his entire life, resulting in Ketzu having high combat skills and an adaptive personality. He is a quick thinker and strategist and has immense physical strength. Although he is a pretty fun loving guy, if he is serious he goes into an emotionless state just like his father is normally. Ketzu is resourceful in most things but his lack of seriousness can also be his downfall at times outside of survival and battles.

 Ketzu is more vampire than lycan as his mother was only half lycan. Due to this he can live off of blood and/or human food. He can transform and he can communicate with any species. He has enhanced senses, speed and strength. He is immune to most holy items due to his lycan side but some can work as they would on any vampire.

Ketzu The_Essence_Of_Death_by_InzunaRyu_zpsijs7c383


Ketzu's birth killed his mother, Azariel and he has always had to live with that guilt. His father, Knigh, devastated by the loss of Azariel found it hard to accept Ketzu and abandoned him for many years. Ketzu was looked after and raised by the death family and because of that, he has always felt close to them, an extension to their family.

In time, Knigh came to accept Ketzu, but Ketzu remembers clearly how his father once treated him. He resents him for it, but at the same time, he loves and admires Knigh.
Ketzu grew up to become an assassin like his father. He is skilled and is a highly sought after assasin, he works mainly alone, but on occasion works along side his father and his father's previous mentor, Drakkar.

Being a hybrid, Ketzu can choose to follow either his vampire or lycan ways, but he chooses to do both. But lately, in wanting to learn more about his mother, he has been embracing his inner wolf, spending more time in that form and searching out others like him.



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