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Post by Drakkar on Fri 06 Mar 2015, 23:33

Name- Drakkar

Visual age- late twenties to early thirties

Actual age-  Roughly 698

Species at birth- Human

Species now-  Yōkai (vengeful Phantom)


Personality- Cold, Callous, vengeful, dis-attached but loyal to a select few. Not quick to temper, shows little emotion, very controlled.

History- Born a human, Drakkar was once a feared yet respected warrior with a handful of wives and many children. He was a prized warrior, one that single handily won many battles. He lived a fine life for his time, he rarely wanted for anything. He was passionate and he loved his family, took care of them and protected them. But that all ended when Drakkar's people were slaughtered after a clan of sorcerers bewitched Drakkar into a deep and dreamless sleep.

 Upon his wake, Drakkar saw his slaughtered wives, children, every last one of his people brutally murdered. He sought revenge only to meet his death at the same hands of the sorcerers. How his death occurred, and who they were was left a mystery to him as he lost a lot of his memory. But his spirit did not rest in peace, it festered and morphed into a vengeful phantom.

 Drakkar's spirit returned to his human body, healed it and gave himself life again, an immortal life that would never be able to rest until his revenge was fulfilled.

 To this day, that revenge has never come to him. Losing his memory made it so. But Drakkar had lived for a very long time, killed a lot and travelled a lot, but he had not encountered the bloodline he wanted revenge upon.

 Drakkar eventually became a contracted killer, feeding off of the revenge of others and the life essence of those he kills. Many, many years past until Drakkar met one that he took under his wing. One named Knigh, a human. He had met this man on a job which it seemed they had both been hired for. Knigh nearly got himself killed, but Drakkar took it upon himself to save the man, he did not know why, but he did save him and then he taught Knigh, he taught him how to be a top rate assassin.

 Drakkar kept Knigh as his protégé for many years, they formed a bond over time and in turn, Knigh earnt Drakkar's loyalty. But one day, Drakkar upped and left without a word to Knigh, he left the man to fend for himself, to learn and fail for himself. Drakkar did not want him to depend on him, he had to fight for himself, learn to be alone and be the best alone.

 Drakkar had never returned or sought out the man, he did not know his fate or where his path had lead. He simply made his own path, continued on.

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