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Vaughan Dimitru

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Vaughan Dimitru Empty Vaughan Dimitru

Post by Vaughan Dimitru on Mon 31 Aug 2015, 12:39

Vaughan Dimitru Nathie10
Nicknames/Alias- V shortened by his immediate brothers. Known as Seigneur de l'abattage in France after a notorious streak of violence and massacres before he worked with Criston to locate his brothers.

Gender- Male.

Age- Unknown. Oldest sibling of the Dimitru’s.

Breed- Demon/Elemental

Romal- Brother.
Nathaniel- Brother.
Caine- Brother
Asha- Sister.
Nero- Father. (Deceased though spirit remains strong in the afterlife)
Catarina- Mother (Deceased)
Criston- Vaughan has always referred to Criston as his uncle. (Believed to be deceased)
Kenshu- Former long term partner
Azrae – Brief relationship[/font][/size]

Companions- The brothers each have hell hounds which were allocated to them at birth but did not turn up until they reached adulthood. Vaughan’s hound is Malice however Malice now stays with Asha since Vaughan entered Mayhem.[/font][/size]


The father Nero in an attempt to bring about an apocalypse to complete a prophecy and gain a control hold over the earth and the afterlife set a campaign to sire four children. Scouring each corner of Romania Nero would capture and impregnate any gypsy women of great elemental power until he had four sons. Upon the birth of a female the baby would be killed.

Once four sons were born their mothers were murdered so the sons would know nothing but hatred. Each son having immense power, that would eventually complement each other and bring about the end of the modern world.

Before this could happen a council was set up with one purpose, to avert the prophecies completion. Stealing each son from the clutches of Nero they were all separated placed at different ends of the country with no knowledge of each other. This was done in the hope that the boys would never know what they were supposed to be.

Surprisingly Criston, Nero's right hand man was not subdued and found one of the brothers, eventually bringing them back together. In a twist of fate, Criston was determined in his own right to prevent the prophecy of the brothers reigning as a superior power under the guise of Nero. Determined not to bring about the prophecy the four sons fought their inner demons to the best of their abilities, learning to cope with their advancing abilities. Vaughan eventually banished Nero to the underworld with the help of Criston.

The council eventually found themselves limited in numbers and as such recruited a number of angels to take up arms against the Dimitru brothers. The brothers struggled in a war against these angels. During this time Caine, second eldest of the brothers sacrificed his own health and slowly induced poisons into his bloodstream which had amounted to his own immunity (and later ability) against the substance. Amid Romal and Vaughan battling a hoard of Angels, Caine walked into the Angel’s cave and ran himself through, bleeding into the water system and effectively poisoning the angels.

For a great while the brothers had managed to stay away from trouble, Romal and Lita in an on and off relationship as well as Vaughan with Kenshu. When the brothers settled in the Matashina coven, Caine the party boy of the brothers spent a great deal of time out on the town however found himself falling for Sauri Matashina. During this time a young woman arrived at the Matashina coven, revealed to be Asha Dimitru, a daughter who had managed to survive Nero’s plague.

The brothers and sister entered into a state of mourning after Romal’s tragic death though what they did not know was that their father had plans for the youngest brother. Initially Romal fought the torment and the tortures from his father and his minions. Holding out for over seven hundred years until in desperation he cracked, allowing his father to break down the mental barriers he had spent his entire life constructing to keep his father's hold from him.

Corrupting all that Romal thought to be true, all he loved Nero stole his son's identity twisting his thoughts against him until he believed that what he was supposed to be was the monster he had been created to be. Filling his son with hatred and rage Nero worked upon him the way he had always wanted to with his son's.
Breaking him down to nothing then building him back up again to be the monster he had always dreamed of. Making him hate with his whole soul Nero readied Romal for his release knowing that it would soon be on the cards, Sauri Matashina driven crazy with grief would soon manage to call upon Romal for resurrection, which played straight into the hands of Nero.

Allowing Romal to return to the earth in a new body, Nero would watch the unleashing of the monster, hoping that it would destroy all the Dimitru children so he could complete the same transformation with them and finally complete the prophecy. Upon Romal’s return to earth the brothers were locked in a raging war with Vaughan as the natural leader left to try and work out how to save Romal without anyone being killed. After managing to capture Romal and imprison him, the remaining brothers used a combination of angels blood and Caine’s psychic abilities to cut Nero’s influence over Roma. Despite their success this left Romal with perhaps more mistrust and trauma than first thought.

Vaughan traveled between Arcane and Matashina territory whilst he purchased a portion of property back near the rebuilt Matashina Coven, providing his brothers with a place to rebuild their original Dimitru coven. Vaughan returned to Matashina lands with a new strength though this went mostly unnoticed and well hidden on Vaughans part. What was unknown was that Vaughan had made an additional pact with Plague in which he is bound to Plague and in return has been given the ability to combat against the spirits who haunted his former love Kenshu Death. This pact allowed Vaughan to assist in helping Kenshu before returning home where he struggled to work out what it was that he truly wanted whilst playing big brother to his siblings.

Eventually after reconnecting with his old friend Azrae the two became involved, allowing Vaughan to pursue feelings he had possessed for Azrae in the past. This was a brief event however and did not sit well with Romal who felt betrayed. In an act of revenge Romal became intoxicated and climbed into bed with Kenshu at the Matashina coven whilst she was in town with Hope Death. With Romal’s scent close to his brothers he was able to deceive Kenshu into sleeping with him which uncovered when Kenshu later awoke to realise the unfortunate event.  Sooner than expected through communication between new friends Hope Death and Asha Dimitru (Vaughan’s youngest sibling and only sister) Vaughan received word of the incident and pursued Romal out for blood.

Unable to come to terms with Kenshu and Romal, Vaughan vowed never to stand with his family and turn his back on his former love, turning himself over to plague and surrendering any sense of emotion. Ridding himself of his emotions, Vaughan became a soul harvester for Plague with his main aim to claim souls for the new hell Mayhem.

Vaughan's current appearance

Height- 6’4

Build- Muscular with broad shoulders.

Eye colouration- solid black,

Hair- Black, longer cut

Skin- Deep runes are buried within the skin of his entire body, running like streams through his skin. in the past Vaughan’s runes disconnected from the others and he can no longer feel his brothers or sister. These once simply brightened into a subtle glow however since evolving into a permanent demonic form they spark and flicker with him no longer able to control the bio-luminescence of his runes. The remainder of his skin is a dark olive complexion. Vaughan possesses leathery black wings (not dissimilar

Other features-

  • Enlarged canines
  • Talon like claws on all fingers.


  • The strength of a higher Demon.
  • Heightened visual and auditory senses
  • Control over elements though his original elemental capacity to
  • control Ice and water remain the strongest.
  • Telekinesis
  • Absence of emotions (could be taken as a strength or weakness)
  • Ability to move through veils between realms

Past Personality

Vaughan was very private and often struggled to communicate unless it was out of frustration towards his brothers. Vaughan was loyal and protective of his family and came across as a natural leader. Vaughan held his pain and worries inward but would encourage his brothers to express their thoughts no matter his own issues.

Current Personality

Arrogant and Impatient Vaughan displays little care for those around him, void of conscience when it comes to killing and harvesting. Though his past is colourful to say the least Vaughan now challenges his original self with the taunting and teasing games he often plays, picking on the weaknesses he would have felt once upon a time. A cold calculating predator he has formed an alliance and bond with Plague, his new home in Mayhem whilst he travels back and forth through the veil to claim souls and spread the blood of innocence

Vaughan Dimitru
Vaughan Dimitru

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Vaughan Dimitru Empty Re: Vaughan Dimitru

Post by Vaughan Dimitru on Mon 31 Aug 2015, 12:40

Profile up to date as at 31/08/2015

Vaughan Dimitru
Vaughan Dimitru

Posts : 52
Points : 74
Join date : 2014-07-06

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