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Destiny Death

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Destiny Death Empty Destiny Death

Post by Destiny Death on Thu 03 Sep 2015, 12:44

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Destiny Death

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Name- Destiny Death

Age- Fifteen nearing sixteen.

Gender- Female.

Cass- Mother.
Lyle- Father (Absent)
Hope- Sister.
Marcus- Brother.

Breed- Vampire (Demonic side dormant for now)

Immortality , Immune to UV, Advanced Agility , speed, senses and strength compared to humans.

Physical attributes-
Destiny is  petiete and slim standing at just over five foot. She had mid length pure blonde almost white hair. Pale blue/grey eyes and a very pale complexion.

Destiny is not like the others in her family. Not physically strong, not overly out going. She is more introverted then anything and is often considered to be shy. She isn't one for dramatic arguments more quiet reflection. She doesn't like confrontation and would much profer everyone to get along which in the world she lives in is very often a challenge. Being the baby of the family she often feels like the weak one.
She feels different, always has but she doesn't speak of such things, feeling that there is something very wrong with her, something that she should keep a secret.

It was always just Cass and Destiny against all the odds for the first few years of her life. They were not easy as the Ox Corperation took hold on the city, Cass was often stressed and they had to live under the radar but Destiny never complained she was glad they were together. Her father Lyle was in and out of her life until one day he completely up and vanished. Things began to change then.
The twins came home. Destiny knew she had siblings but she hadn't met them and didn't know much about them. To from a single child to living with two strangers, both carrying a lot of pain and anger was something she didn't find very easy she found herself withdrawing slightly.
Until that point the only other person she really knew was Knigh when he would stop by with Ketzu to make sure they were OK. He didn't like Lyle so he never stayed long.
Since then things have changed, Destiny had bonded more with her siblings especially Hope who took to having her around much easier then Marcus who still despises the way she came to be, but life is hard she still feels different, broken almost and the secret is a crushing one. But at least now she has her family and that to her is all that matters.

Destiny Death
Destiny Death

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