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Biography Guidelines

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Biography Guidelines Empty Biography Guidelines

Post by @dmin on Thu 03 Sep 2015, 14:21

Below is a basic guideline on how to write a biography. New users must have biographies written within a week of joining Immortal Bloodlines.

There are no restrictions on the types of characters you can have. Vampire, human, lycan, the only limit is your imagination.

We encourage you to read other members biographies and to elaborate on what we have written here. Be inspired.

Red - Compulsory, must be included in biography.
Green - Optional.


Basic information

Breed (Vampire, Human, wraith, etc.)
Sexual orientation

Family (Here you can tell us about their parents, siblings, children. Are they still alive? Etc.)

Appearance (Eye and hair colour, height, weight, build, etc. You can also include pictures here of your character. )


Write a paragraph on your character's personality. Are they kind? Mean? Mysterious?

Likes (What is their favourite time of year? What personality traits do they like in others? Etc.)
Dislikes (Perhaps they hate humans or rain. Whatever you desire.)
Flaws (Is your character impulsive? Do they have an addiction? Etc.)


Abilities (Does your character have any extraordinary abilities? Such as enhanced speed, healing capabilities, elemental control. Please be weary of over powering or God Moding your character.)

Weaknesses (Every character must have a weakness, which can allow another character to take advantage of. For example, a demon's weakness would be holy relics and artefacts)

( Can your character speak any other languages? Are they skilled in weaponry or have any special training? )

(Here you can fill us all in on the life your character has led, what adventures have they been on? What heartbreak have they endured? Perhaps your character has memory loss and has no awareness of their own history.)


We advice all members to keep a separate backup of their biography and to try and keep them up to date should there be any character developments.

We hope that this guideline helped and we looked forward to seeing your creations.
The Admin Team.


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