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Citizens Information

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Citizens Information Empty Citizens Information

Post by @dmin on Thu 03 Sep 2015, 16:24

There was a time, not long ago when Immortals had little to fear on the streets but each other. Vampires ruled Arcane with a heavy fist and wolves roamed the wilderness stalking any prey they saw fit to eat.

Humans were at the mercy of blood sucking leeches. Afraid to walk the streets at night as Immortals ran rampant among them. No one was safe and the streets were their playground.

But that all changed a year and a half ago thanks to the tireless efforts of the Oxen Corporation. Hundreds of men and women put their lives on the line in order to bring law and order, not only to the streets of Arcane but to as many cities as possible.

Over the course of forty eight hours they fought tirelessly against the creatures and much blood was spilled on both sides. Humanity, however persevered and won control of the three major cities rendering the Immortals wounded, helpless and fleeing for their lives.

Today, the protection of the citizens of Otara Imortus is the Oxen Corporations top priority. There are still creatures out there that wish humans harm and so extreme yet necessary measures must be taken in order to preserve the peace.

Soldiers are placed strategically through out the streets in order to fend off any attacks from any desperate Immortals still left. A curfew is being enforced and all members of the public are asked to remain indoors unless absolutely necessary.

We must warn everyone however that their are still regions of this land that are considered unsafe to enter. The Kalimorre Sanctum, The Vast Wilderness and in particular the Black Woods are considered insecure and hazardous to your health. It is believed that what few Immortals are left are seeking shelter in these locations and you enter at your own risk.

Should you see anything suspicious, please report to your nearest Oxen Corporation Office or a member of your local enforcement team.


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