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Roman Empty Roman

Post by Cashan on Thu 03 Sep 2015, 19:47

The Basics

Name: Roman.
Age: Appears to be in his late twenties early thirties. He is actually closer to fifty having been a vampire for close to twenty years.
Species: Vampire - Bitten not born.
Sexual Orientation: Definitely a ladies man. No Question about it.


Height: 6ft.
Build: A lean slender build with some muscle definition mostly on arms and chest.
Hair: Medium length hair reaching his shoulders in places and layered.
Eyes: Deep dark brown in colour.
Clothing: Likes to be well dressed, shirts and tailored jackets are a must.
Other Trait: Has a faint british accent.


Cocky, confident, flirtatious, charming, handsome, dashing, funny, these are just a few of the adjectives Roman would use to describe himself to just about anybody who will listen.

He enjoys the finer things in life like wine, women and a good book. He enjoys the company of others and has a mischievous nature about him. He hates to be bored and will occupy himself in whatever way he can if only to kill time.

But the traits he is not so quick to brag about are more personal. He is reluctant to discuss his past and always finds a quick and witty way to avoid the topic.
He has a dislike and distrust for most humans and see's them as only good for two things, eating or screwing. But he is loyal to his own kind and those he considers friends.


Immortality: possess an infinite life span.

Enhanced Strength: has supernatural strength.

Regenerative Healing: The user can rapidly regenerate. In other words, they recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs. The rate and amount of healing varies widely. Roman is considered to be at an expert level. Which means

*External wounds, including fractured bones and deeper burns, may heal at a much more accelerated rate, disregarding of severity.

*Cellular and genetic damage is reduced greatly.

*Lost limbs may be regenerated quickly or can be reattached.

*Can survive severe blood loss.

*Minor damaged internal organs may heal, but more severity may be beyond repair and may take more time to heal.

*Nerves may remain damaged.


Fighting: No formal training but has learned self defense and how to use his fists in a fight when required.

Weapons: No formal training but how hard can it be to shoot a gun or use a knife.

Languages: Has a deep love of languages and can speak most modern languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Russian and although not fluent in other languages he has picked up various useful phrases in most other languages.


Sunlight Vulnerability: As a vampire sunlight is fatal if exposed for any amount of time. Thus resulting in his movements being restricted between sunset and dawn.

Silver: As a vampire, silver is toxic and can kill in large quantities.

Regenerative Healing:

*Instantly lethal attacks are likely unrecoverable.

*Constant, overwhelming attacks may damage user faster than they can regenerate.

*Disintegration or Incineration will kill the user permanently.

*Decapitation, or destruction of the brain, will kill the user.

*Destruction as a whole will negate any chance of regeneration.

*If the weapon used stays in the wound, regeneration may be slowed or stopped.

*Pain Suppression is not included.


Roman's past is a very private matter and he never speaks of family but one thing he has openly admitted to is travelling the world and tasting the exotic women that crossed his path.

Saints Stand had been his home for the last few years. He enjoyed the drink, the gambling, the women. But all of that was changed after the Eradication. He was in the middle of a bloodbath and only for his advanced healing abilities he would never of made it out alive.

He made it out of the blood soaked streets and into the Black Woods, wounded, riddled with bullets but alive. It was more then most could say as their bodies lay riddled with silver or in pieces.

He found sanctuary in an old manor he later learned was called Death Manor, the home to a woman called Cassandra and her daughter Destiny. After that day, more of her family arrived and all just seemed to accept his presence as he tried to help out whatever way he could.

As time passed, people came and went who needed shelter or help and the household became one of the few safe places in the cursed lands and he was able to seek his revenge on those who sought to destroy him.


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