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Pippa Empty Pippa

Post by Phoenix on Fri 04 Sep 2015, 20:14

Pippa Death (Dimitru)

Pippa Hriudt

4 (Appears 22-23 due to accelerated growth)

Ancient Vampire - Part demon


Lita Death (Ancient Vampire)


Romal Dimitru ( Part Demon Part Vampire. )



Body Type:



Born a blonde but is currently Hot Pink with the left side shaved.



Other Noticeable Visuals:

Tattoos on her right shoulder in Latin, a heart under her right eye and the death family crest under her left breast symbolizing her loyalty to her Mother. Both ears are pierced multiple times as well as a nose lip and tongue piercings.


She is the product of her creation. Confident with weapons and in harder situations then most, she comes across quiet but confrontational when needed, caring little for peoples feelings or beliefs.

She does not suffer fools easily, her past and the events leading to who she is today has hardened her emotionally. Leaving what is shown to the world around her fake and nothing like her true feelings.

Hot tempered like her mother, she is quick to snap and slow to cool off making her a dangerous person to annoy.


  • enhanced senses
  • enhanced speed and condition
  • enhanced strength and flexibility
  • enhanced cell regeneration
  • Blood Fury when she hasn't fed


Like most of her kind she is not invincible. She can be killed.

Her powers are dependent on her consumption of blood.


Born in secret after the apparent death of her father, her mother kept her existence a secret in order to protect her. While heavily pregnant and unsure of the next step Lita reached out to an old friend, Az, a high priestess and powerful witch. Choosing to stay with the woman Lita knew she would be safest with she gave birth to a girl, Pippa. It was in Az's home, on a diet of her mothers and the witch's blood that Pippa's development grew at an extraordinary rate.

With Az to help she taught her daughter all she would need in the world to protect herself and those she held close to her heart. By her third year on this earth she had passed through teenage appearance and come out the other side.

While away from her home and family Lita discovered the return and the betrayal by the one she held dear even though death separated them years before. Romal's revenge on his brother by sleeping with her twin sister pushed the vampire over the edge. Falling into old routines Lita fell into her old career of assassination with a sirens touch. Her mother continued her job but at a less frequent pace as Pippa grew older, however it was Lita's job that would prove the downfall of her daughters safety.

While on a particularly deep job Lita's work followed her home. Pippa managed to escape but only at a cost, Az stayed behind to give the girl time she needed to run this proved to be a fatal mistake. Running from the only home she had known Pippa tracked her mother down and told her what happened, Az's death was something they both simply didn't have the time or the emotional control to deal with. Finally Lita came clean and told Pippa of the Death family and the manor that was hidden from the world leaving out the details of her father.

After the truth was out, she gave Pippa the details she would need in order to find the manor and retrieve the only thing that could now hide pippa's existence from those who mean to do her harm. Hidden in Lita's bedroom was a necklace with Az's blood in a small vial, a present from years before, a charm of sorts that allow the one wearing it to evade the unwanted attention of those who mean to do them harm. With her assignment Pippa left her mother behind to wipe out those who took their happy life and torn it apart like they did the witch who protected them in their time of need, and made her way to her mothers home with two objectives, find the necklace and find somewhere for them to start over.


Lita's throwing Knives

Pippa 2ppfu45

Silver Gun with Silver bullets

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