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Haru Akira

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Haru Akira

Post by Requiem on Sun 06 Sep 2015, 19:01

Name: Haru Akira
Age: 23
Species: Human elemental

Family: The Akira clan. A well known and strong clan in the village of the east. They have ruled there for many years and the rign is just and fair but they are also a powerful enemy to have.
 The only daughter of the Akira family, Haru has four brother, all older than her.

Appearance: Haru is 5"4, slim and elegant. She has long black hair and warm brown eyes. She is toned and athletic.
Personality:  Haru is naturally kind and caring, she is gentle natured and soft spoken. She is loving and cares for most and will help others when she can. She is loyal and trustworthy, her loyalty sometimes is her own downfall.
 She is physically and mentally strong, but her kind heart leaves her vulnerable.  Haru is pure hearted, she has good intentions and doesn't have a bad bone in her body. But in this world, she is weak in that respect. Her good nature, her willingness to help can lead her into bad situations.

Likes: +Summer, Haru loves the heat and the flowers and everything else that comes with summer.
+Tradition, Haru is one for tradition in a lot of things like the arranged marriage to strengthen clan bonds she finds herself in.
+Animals, Haru cares for all living things. Animals are innocent and pure, and she respects them.
+Children, one day Haru desires to have her own children. She wishes the day that she is a mother will come soon.

Dislikes: +Hatefulness, Haru does not like hateful people, she likes people to get along and finds it uncomfortable when there is conflict or spitefulness.
+Alcohol, Haru grew up under strict rules, and alcohol was seen as a bad thing, this notion continues on with her in her adult life.

Skills: Haru is an elemental, she can control the element of water. She can create it at her choosing, manipulate it and freeze it. Whatever she puts her imagination to, she can do it with water.
   Although this could be used as a powerful weapon, Haru really only uses it for protection and healing.

Weakness:  Haru is a simple human, although an elemental, she can die as any human can, through illness, accident or through old age.

Haru was born in to wealth and power. Her family rule a place in the east of the world, far away from where she has now ended up.
 She grew up with a sheltered life, body guards, nannys. She was never very close with her blood family, but she was close with her carers.  
 Throughout her 23 years, Haru has seen and known pain and suffering. She has lost some she cares about to brutal means, she has seen death and hatred and cruelty. But unlike her siblings, she took on a more caring nature.

 Over the years she was targeted time and time again by her families enemies, and time and time again, they nearly succeeded.
 Her parents feared for her so much that they locked her away,  she was banned from leaving their home. All she had was her books, her training and those that visited her.
 She live in a house with distant and over bearing parents and brothers that hated her and how different she was to them, being the only one to take on the elemental skills of the family.

 Many years passed and being locked away took it's toll. She was eager for the arranged marriage her father had put into place. A man from a distant land, rumoured to be a dragon, a man named Ryu Cane. He was young, he was a leader and had brought up an entire village with his own young hands. He was an orphan but he was strong. He was like a legend in her land, and she was to marry him.

 She was shipped off to his land and she met this gentle man and instantly fell in love with him. He was kind and just, he looked after his people, protected them and kept them safe in a time of war. He was amazing to her, and she couldn't be happier.
 He had freed her from her confinement and had taken her love. She would be proud to be his wife.

 Haru moved in with Ryu and began to get to know her new fiance. She learnt that the rumours of him being a dragon were true. She learned of his past, his previous love Hope and their long history together. It was painful to hear, but she loved how honest he was with her. She loved everything about him and was determined to make a life here with him.
Over time, she realised that Ryu didn't love her, not like she wanted him to. He would always be in love with Hope and no matter what she did, she would never be able to change that.


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Re: Haru Akira

Post by Requiem on Sat 26 Nov 2016, 17:56

History update

 Time passed and Haru was happy with Ryu, but she always felt like he was just accepting her because he had no other choice. He treated her well, but it was not enough for her. She loved him, but it was one sided, even though she could see he tried, she felt like a burden to him.

 They went through many things together, but upon meeting his best friend Marcus, she felt something there, something which later turned to love, which this time was not one sided. She felt like she could do nothing about it, she was promised to Ryu, a marriage that would bring great things to both his and her people, she could not just end it all for her own heart.

 Things went bad when Ryu's former lover, Hope returned, Hope hated Haru, and if she had her way, Haru was pretty sure that Hope would have murdered her any chance she got. Then things went bad to worse as Ryu got sick, and his health only deteriated more and more. He was dying and there was nothing any of them could do but watch.

Haru couldn't get near to Ryu, his body temperature would burn her even if she got near him. Haru had to watch as Hope cared for him with her in the background. It was hard for her and in that time she grew closer to Marcus. Ryu seemed to realise this and broke it off with her, trying to think of ways to keep the treaty intact without their marriage.
 Eventually Haru discovered it was her own brother who had been poisoning Ryu over time, trying to murder him so that Haru would go back to being trapped in her home, to being nothing. She killed him, not for herself but for Ryu. Ryu was pure and he was trying to kill him, it was unforgivable.

 Upon returning to her people, she and Ryu were arrested, she was later released after Ryu had taken the blame. She tried to tell them the truth that it was her, but they wouldn't listen. She returned to Marcus as Ryu requested but before she could go back to help Ryu returned to Arcane telling them of news of his release also.

 Now Ryu had been exiled from his people and Haru and Marcus were together but trying to keep it quiet for the moment.


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