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Post by Skymere on Sat 24 Oct 2015, 19:48

Name: Skymere
Age: 200
Sex: Male
The son of Demise


Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple
Skin: White
Body : Muscular and slim
Height: 6''5

Skymere looks as though he is in his late twenties, he has remained this way since turning twenty six. He has no knowledge of why this is, but his appearance does not age.


- Death essence : Skymere has the ability to manipulate the forces of death, he can cause things to rot, wither and decay, fast forwarding their life essence. He can do this at his own will, or it can happen on it's own, causing shadows to cover the target in darkness.

(Note: If this ability is used against a being with immortality, it will not kill, but it will cause them a great amount of pain.)

- Dark arts : Skymere has great skill in the dark arts, including summoning of evil spirits/demons, elemental manipulation, this includes changing the elements/properties of pretty much anything. Another ability is resurrection of oneself.

Physical abilities

-Enhanced senses: Skymere's senses are heightened, this does him well in combat as he is able to predict and hear movements a lot more accurately.
-Hand to hand : Skymere is highly skilled in hand to hand combat he has both good offensive and defensive strategies.


Skymere is loyal and trusting but he is an outcast, he tries to keep himself away from people, he is not unsocial but he knows his powers are unpredictable and does not want to cause anyone any undeserved harm. Unlike his powers, Skymere is actually a nice guy, he will help people in need if he feels he can and protects people that he cares about to the best of his abilities. He is very quiet, more of an observer than a talker. He has died many times in the past, but his powers have always brought him back, a cursed life.

A glimpse of his past

Skymere once vowed to always live alone, to be alone and to never love another again. He did once, but his powers had killed her. Skymere was a mass murderer, the lives he had taken were unimaginable. He had wiped out entire communities of people and had done so since the day he was born.

Skymere travelled from place to place, after killing the land, he would move on. He had settled for a while in a place which was ruled by a coven of vampires. He became their secret and ultimate weapon to be used in times of war, a guaranteed win with him on their side. In this place he had met a girl by the name Freya who saw him as more than just a monster.

Some time passed and she had gone, he was still the weapon of the coven, bother feared and respected but used to their means.

Skymere eventually struck up a friendship with a djinn. The djinn, known as shoebox has killed him by running him over by mistake. But, Skymere returned and fixed shoebox's beloved car and since that day they had been therapeutic to each other. Skymere considered him a friend and the two had roamed the lands together since.

Skymere only made wishes that benefited others, including shoe box himself. In the years they had known each other, Sky had only ever asked for two things for himself, one was for an immortal to be at his side for eternity, one that was immune to his abilities, and Shoe had had a laugh with that and gave him an immortal llama by the name Jerry, who had a love hate relationship with Skymere, more hate than love.

The other wish was for Shoebox to be able to grant his wish of permanent death. Skymere could die, and he had done, over and over again, but he always returned and took more lives. His wish was for that to end, that when he next died, he died for good, never to return. But that wish could not be granted, Shoe tried and failed, but whatever Skymere was, no wish would change his cursed life.

Skymere had never known what he was, but with that wish, Shoe was able to discover it. Skymere was the one and only son of death, of demise itself.

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