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Post by Shoebox on Sat 24 Oct 2015, 19:51

Name- Djinnshoe.

Known as name= Shoe Box.

Age- Not known.

Species- Not known.

Origin- Not of this earth. Specific location not specified.

Gender- Appears to be male.

Forms. Appearance.
Djninnshoe is known to have more then one form being made up from a matter not found upon any earth dimension. A few of the forms he can take are shown in images bellow. Those are the main forms taken in recent years.

Origin of nickname
The name shoe box came about as Djinnshoe tends to carry boxes on his persons. Rumors of his gifts spread and with them the nickname, which stuck after man years.

The reason for the boxes is from time to time DjinnShoe will find himself in human company and often he will come to them as a higher being offering them his assistance in one way or another and for many differing reasons depending on the person of choice.
He often acts as a djinn offering said person/master his services in the forms of wishes of deeds that they would like granted or committed.
Often he places a twist on these things if he finds the person deserved.

Locational information.
Djinnshoe became a member of the earth's community in the seventeen hundreds, he does not know entirely how or why he arrived but after many years he no longer attempts to leave. In fact he rather enjoys and embraces earth and its populous.

Djinn shoe has powers in manipulation and 'wish granting' those powers originate from a power source not of this earth so he can locate and store strange amounts of powers that have not been put to use before.
He became known as a Djinn and was used as one by many in his early years upon the earth, casting their spells and wishes upon demand, usually with consequences or prices that had to be paid.
Be became known as many things, A trickster, a wizard, warlock even Loki but he is none of those things.
Some tried to own him as his 'master' Djinnshoe would at times humor this at times he would not, never under the illusions that he could be forced to do anything he did not want to.
He does not fully know his own power nor what he can do. He has very seldom come across anyone able to challenge him but that is vastly because Djinnshoe has very rarely come across any beings other then the human species.

He is not without weakness. Certain alignments in the stars with the earth's rotation, certain comets passing and astral events can weaken him, even neutralize his powers on a temporary basis.
He can not die of old age as he had never seemed to age it is unknown if he ever will but he can die if he were to take on enough physical damage.

He is also unable to use wishes for his own gain, only able to wish based on other peoples wants and needs.

For the last 33 years Djinnshoe has traveled with two companions Skymere and Larry the Llama. The two have followed him since they became friends, each for the company they provide each other and also for mutual gain.

Made up of different substances then found in species on earth Djinnshoe is a whole different matter. How ever due to his prolonged stay his body has made huge changes to itself in order to adapt and belong in this new world.
He has developed a circulatory and respiratory system, he can and will bleed and he has developed a reliance on oxygen but he can still go a lot longer without it.
His strength and stamina are more advanced then average as are his senses. He some times becomes overwhelmed with loud sounds but with age it is becoming less of an issue.
In all forms Djinnshoe remains vulnerable to the same things.

He has taken on a usual laid back approach to things though he can be very fickle and conceited. He likes his fill of sarcasm. He enjoys all kinds of humour, the twisted the better and is something of a game player.
He has yet to find a cause that he has chosen to remain loyal to but he has the potential to be loyal and even protective to a certain degree.
He generally lives alone when not toying with those who consider him their masters as he finds solitude easy to digest.


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