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Post by WolfMortum on Thu 10 Mar 2016, 08:14

Alias: WolfMortum.
Name: Sato Nurasami.
Age: Reincarnation (Nikushimi no omoni).
Sex: Male.
Breed: Unspecified/Unknown.

Aleria – Adopted Daughter (Estranged).
Mathias - Adopted Brother.
Karne Reign – Former student.
Cayden Nekishu - Former Student.

Marcus Nathaniel Crane (KnOT Death) – Killed in Combat.
Benjamin Nekishu (Blaze).

Romantic History:
Eclipse Stellar.

Pack Status:
Lone Wolf (No affiliations).

Fighting Class:
Unspecified - Will decide based on initial RP.


The Nurasami Clan:

To take a look into the history of this man is to explore the way of the forgotten Samurai such as the iconic Raikou Diasu of Kumari and his use of Bushido. Born to a different Clan, the Nurasami and the Tachibana have an age old history of feuding and warfare standing on different terms whereas the use of dark magics are concerned; and while the Samurai Raikou does not hold any substance to Sato’s story of yet, the matter of war and the deception between Clans carved a path of death and vengeance for the former Samurai, now rogue and rebirthed WolfMortum.

WolfMortum was once an ordinary human, he had a Clan, parents and siblings that loved him. He was only in his late teenaged years when they were all murdered by Lycanthrope (Werewolves); lead into their lands by the Tachibana seeking to rid the world of the potential users of the black arts. Though left in a near death state during the attack, the blood of the lycan had seeped into his veins and contaminated his formerly human self to become something powerful.

Sato Nurasami has since turned his back on the Bushido way as well as the life of the Samurai despite his abilities having learned from his former clan. His eyes since have always been on himself and his own survival, never excusing the Tachibana for their treachery yet nor holding a grudge against them as he understands, it is the way of war to shape the strong through the blood of the weak.

The Blood feud of the Immortals:

Anyone who’s anyone in the Immortal world knows that the Vampires and the Lycanthrope never saw eye to eye, many have heard the old legends and stories of the wars that have laid wake to the land as the two races had fought once another for superiority and old hatreds; yet few ever truly experienced the chaos that flowed between the battles as WolfMortum did. It was during these old years that he came to meet the Vampire who would give birth to the Death Family Covenant and lead Arcane City into a new age of darkness before the Oxen Corporation was born and sought to turn the tides against the immortals of Otara Immortus.

Both Sato and Marcus survived the blood wars, standing on opposing sides, they were known for their ferocity in battle; often meeting each other on the war field yet never defeating one another. While politics between the Races soon brought the wars to an eventual end on a shaky alliance, these two would fight for several years to come before they’d eventually settle their differences when Marcus’ son, Karne Reign took a liking to WolfMortum as a child and sought training from him. Sato Nurasami taking advantage of the youth and planning to undo the Covenant that KnOT had built, vowing to finally best the other one day…

Though he would never forget his vow to kill Marcus, the advantages of having the Covenant proved to be valuable and in the later years, WolfMortum turned away from the land of Otara Immortus following his exile from the ShadowFang isles.

The Kumari Plains (Past):

WolfMortum's time in the Kumari Pack changed a lot within him, burying his dark past for the sake of finding acceptance in the Pack's Alpha's and Beta's, he'd sought a different life and seemingly found it in the Lands of the Kumari. Meeting first, the Alpha Female known as Eclipse, he soon came to form a mutual understanding with the Fae and though at the beginning they seemed to rival each other. Her mate, Blaze, the Alpha of the Pack took a little longer growing comfortable with his place in the pack, WolfMortum, aggressive and eager to fight for his place, more often than not came off as insulting and to violent for a place in their ranks. After some time, they reluctantly agreed as Wolf had found a friend in both Eclipse and Mathias, of whom belonged to Dragon Kin.

Finding strength through loyalty and numbers though few with his battle experience, WolfMortum masked his old self in order to enter the pack and become part of their family. From there he moved to form 'Cor Lupus', a coalition of the Packs strongest in the goal of forming a stronger, unified group of warriors ready to meet the enemies of the pack, they were to be the specialists in battle, called upon when times were most dire.

It might be to much to say that Wolf found a new love in his time spent in the lands, though it wouldn't do credit to say that he didn't fall for someone. Aulan, a slightly younger and shy Fae, caught his attention and after time spent with each other, they were eventually mated with the controversial blessing of the others, Wolf having always found the need to approve of a pairing ridiculous though Aulan wanting to keep to Pack etiquette, he conceded and the two would seen be sharing a great deal of their time together. Their time together lasted the majority of his time within the pack, though eventually coming to an end before his leave.

A year later, WolfMortum came across a lone Wolf, a Fae, friend to the pack though yet to return to their ranks, the younger fae's name was Aleria, a young adult though Wolf found great potential in her abilities, her personality he quickly came to respect and even cherish, so much so that he approached Blaze and told the Alpha he wished to adopt Aleria as his own kin, the daughter he never had. From that day on, with Aleria more than happy to be taken under his wing, WolfMortum sought to train the girl personally, hoping that one day she might surpass him in the arts of Akido (Martial Arts) and Kendo (Fencing).

Eclipse Steller, the mate of Benjamin Nekishu, the male that Wolf once called his brother and the Alpha Female to the former Pack. She would be the last of his interests before leaving the Kumari Plains and separating the group through lust, love and deceit. It was WolfMortum who lay at fault for the motive to split the pups from their father Benjamin Nekishu, leading them all astray only to abandon them when it seemed all hope was lost; instead pursuing vengeance against the Vampire KnOT instead of standing by his would-be family. A relationship however born on betrayal and deceit some might say is only destined to end on similar terms and now that his reawakening has come, who knows what the future will hold should they come face to face once more.

An Eye For An Eye:

Having severed his ties back in the Kumari Plains, Sato Nurasami returned to the heart of Otara Immortus where he found Karne Reign still lived alongside yet begrudgingly against his father’s rule, KnOT Death. From the shadows, Sato worked to befriend the young Death once more and with the help of another just as impressionable young Soul Tygetsu, Sato worked to train the boys further in the art of combat and killing.

Years of mentoring the two in the way of Chakra Control lead to their eventual rise to power, Karne who’s aggression rivaled his father’s inevitably bumping heads with the leader of the covenant was easily persuaded into fighting KnOT Death and at the end of his existence, Sato Nurasami revealing himself to deliver the final killing blow that would end the legacy and sink the Covenant’s reputation alongside the Vampire’s ashes.

Seeing Karne Reign as a consistent threat following the death of Marcus; out of fear that Karne would return to and lead the Death Family Covenant as his father always had, WolfMortum deprived the two boys of their trust and faith in each other, manipulating them and turning the both, Karne and Soul Tygetsu against one another in a battle that wounded the Capital city and nearly killed them both.
Failing to rid the two of their lives, it was months before Sato Nurasami was able to track the pair once again yet this time, having learned of his deceit, the pair turned on Sato and though not without great difficulty; killed WolfMortum and sealed his fate in a similar fashion as how Marcus Nathaniel Crane had been taken down, using trust as a weapon and severing his head with his own blade, the 'Shichiseiken'.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:

To be able to switch between forms (Human and wolf/Lycan).

Empowered by his connection to the nether, birthed to him through his death, his stamina and physical abilities surpass what’s considered natural for his mortal persona. (Increased Strength & Speed).

Benevolence of the Wilds:
Natural for most skilled lycanthrope, WolfMortum has the gift of the wilds in that his hearing can span further than that of a typical human and his eyes have become accustomed to the darkness for which he is skilled in hunting within.

Chakra Possession/Control:
The energy of the living however contorted in WolfMortum due to his rebirth and his tenacity for violence and aggression, while wielding the energies of life and manipulating it; harnessing his spiritual fibre, Sato is able to shape this power into elemental attacks with the aid and release of hand signs.

Nikushimi no omoni:
WolfMortum’s personal attack shaped out of the use of blood magics taken from his own being, harnessing a piece of his soul and pouring it into the creation of power. The Nikushimi no omoni Skull is the sign of the darkness buried within ones self. It is the devourer of life, consuming all that it touches with the exception of the user. The attack’s severity is reliant upon the users state of mind and emotions (hatred empowering the attack, for example).

It was using a portion of this skill that WolfMortum instilled himself within the young Cayden Nekishu during the youngest and most vulnerable years of his life in the chance that WolfMortum may be killed and the youth follow in his footsteps, harnessing the power and soul of the black wolf and in doing so, drawing Sato Nurasami back into the living plain.

Disclaimer: This ability is a kill-shot if connecting with the other player and therefore will only be used (and connected) in line with the other players wishes/consent.

Katana (Sword arts):
The 'Shichiseiken' is the Katana formerly used by WolfMortum, handed down by Karne Reign to Soul Tygetsu following the death of Sato Nurasami; however the blade had been honed through the blood works of WolfMortum during it’s creation and as he was given new life, a twin of the sword came with him, dubbed ‘Sakegari no Tachi’ (Otherwise known as the Sword of Totsuka). This revitalized version of the Shichiseiken is little more than a duplicate of the last great blade.

Alternate Appearances:

Size: Akin to the average timber wolf.
Pelt/color: Black.
Scent: Blood/Charcoal.
Distinguishing features: Visible scarring (torso), torn right ear.

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