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Cayden Nekishu

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Cayden Nekishu Empty Cayden Nekishu

Post by Cayden Nekishu on Sun 13 Mar 2016, 23:33

What other character(s) do you play here?
Sato Nurasami (WolfMortum).
Karne Death-Reign.
??? (Go ahead and guess my next).

Wolf Information

Nickname: Cage.
Age: Two 1/2 years old.
Sex: Male.
Breed: Timber Wolf.
Height: 38 Inches at Shoulder.
Weight: 170lbs

Father - Benjimen Nekishu.
Mother - Eclipse Steller.
Sisters - Maylin, Mikayla.

Pack Status:
Kostas Pack - Hunter/Enforcer.

Fighting Class:

Taken from the pack-lands by his mother, following in the shadow of the would-be Alpha that turned his back on Blaze, Cayden was led astray from the comforts of pack life. In their vulnerable numbers, to few to stand against the new list of packs violently attacking them in protest, the small group's confidence for a new life was shattered quickly. Barely a year had passed before Blaze came in search of his pups however while Maylin was taken from Cayden, Mikayla and himself were left with their mother. Her mate abandoned them out of vengeance for a former rival and without him, they were swiftly chased off from their new land. Cayden forced to flee from the two females in order to divert the attention and lead their pursuers away. In finding safety he too found obscurity and loneliness, knowing nothing of the whereabouts of his family.

Cayden Nekishu Wolf_210

Cayden Nekishu is a born and bred Hunter, raised by one of the most vicious and conniving wolves he's known, fighting's been drilled into his soul. Since being pulled away from his father, Benjimen, Cayden was thrown into the dark world where his survival meant stepping up in the place of his would-be guardian to fend off predators from taking his Mother, foraging for food and shelter, ensuring his sisters lived long enough against a world of discrimination towards the small pack without a home, he forced himself to push away all personal weaknesses such as mercy and love for their sake. Every ounce of blood spilled, taken into his soul to strengthen his resolve, to mold and shape him into the killer that he's become today.

Cayden is a skilled tracker, his keen senses and instincts have been honed track even the lightest of prey. Keeping his nose to the ground, picking up on and following the scents and paw prints of others is rarely out of his grasp.

In his two years of fighting to survive the harsh world, his lust for conflict has grown on him so much as to be considered something of a vicious addiction, a natural reaction to the threat of others that might try to claim his kill, cross his territory or threaten his male dominance. Built to be the Alpha male, to step down from a fight is to be considered a dishonor to all that he is today. Foreign to a life lived and loved by others, ignoring his mothers care and instead, focusing on the reality of life and death, Cayden has grown from a curious and playful pup, into a powerful and eager warrior. His claws are sharp, his breath heated, his teeth deadly and his eyes devious. His presence whispers defiance and he will fight to kill, forsaking his own safety if it means going for the kill. In all his lack of restraint, in the face of a losing fight, rage fuels him on and it's that rage that sees him through. Not for others but now only for himself for there is nothing left for him but to stand against a life of hate, returning it tenfold to prove to himself that he is worthy of surviving. His pedestal, a pyre of the fallen competitors that have had the gaul to challenge him.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:
Lack of Self Care, ruthless on the attack to the point of endangering himself.
No magical/demonic traits.
Relentless, often in the place of strategy.

Nikushimi no omoni:
The signature move that once belonged to WolfMortum and the first ability Cayden has ever produced that could be considered supernatural. This is an explosive and fatal move that will harness his energy rendering him unable to fight any further, the skull that takes form and is thrown at his opponent consumes his negative energy, emotions such as anger and hatred, along with his strength. If connecting, it will breach the body of his foe, burning them throughout their center and possible devouring their soul.

Disclaimer: The result of this attack will only ever be under the agreement of the player it is used against if resulting in a fatal end. If killing the other player off, the damage to their soul will be fully in their hands as it will mean the difference between future resurrection and so on.

Cayden Nekishu's grown to become something of a large wolf though not out of proportion from the rest of his kind. His pelt is of earthen tone, a Timber wolf as typical as any other, what sets him apart is the bulk of his husk torso, muscular, fit in all his experiences fending for himself and living the life of the loner. His eyes are of a pale red saturation, rarely showing anything in the nature of kindness or compassion, he looks upon the world through the cold eyes of a lone wolf. His paws are large and accompanied by claws honed from being buried into and tearing flesh from his former prey.

Cayden Nekishu Summer10

Cayden's return to his birthright is by complete mistake, remembering little from his years as a careless pup, the irony of the land he's returning to escapes him completely. Thought to have lost all of his family, assuming his sisters dead, his mother lost and his father all but present in his life, Cayden's outlook upon the new territories is not one held with personal grudges nor contempt yet none the less will move to act in great hostility if felt threatened. Over the year and a half since being separated from his family, he's memory has waned at the recognition of scents nor sight of his own flesh and blood. Stepping out from the borders that separate the Kumari from other foreign lands, Cayden's only goal is to find food, shelter and to carry on, refusing to look back on his past by moving ahead with out hesitation, personally tied down to nothing but his own insatiable lust for dominance over himself and the life placed before him.

Human Appearance:

Human Age: 18 years old.
Skin color: Pale/Caucasian.
Eye color: Crimson Red.
Hair Color: Red.

His hooded jacket appears to be custom made though from where, very few are aware. It is a tan zip up hoodie that is often left open for ease of movement in Cayden's knack for fighting. The sleeves are short with a red ring around the seems, much alike the hood that shelters his head in loose cover.

Caydens pants better fit the description of Gi, loose at the legs though a decent fit at the waist, he is often seen in a tan pair that fits the shade of his jacket. The overall look of this young males attire would to the right set of eyes, be suited to the world of fighting and martial skills.

Cayden Nekishu Red_as_blood_by_azzedar_san-d5o0wky_zpsb8a808f0

Cayden Nekishu
Cayden Nekishu

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