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Immortal Bloodline's Origins.

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Immortal Bloodline's Origins.

Post by Karne Reign on Fri 18 Mar 2016, 02:12

So in the hopes of finding members and at the advice of Marcus, I've tried and succeeded in tracing all the way back through old emails and role-playing accounts to be able to access the very first forum that I made. We're talking a place that's well over a decade old...

As unbelievable as this is for me, it brings about a great sense of nostalgia and pride to see that the legacy is still being kept alive through Cashan, Requiem and Knigh today.


The mere sight of this old forum hosted on proboards as you can see in the link is a testament of how far back this shit actually goes, let alone the biographies, the account statuses and what have you. The posts, I've not even looked at yet as back then, I doubt I even croached 100 words in an entry which is insane now to me.

Fangs of the Fallen was then created afterwards which continues the Death Covenant's time and brings into further development the war against the lycan's that KnOT Death pursued in his thirst for power.

Haha, this is really unreal for me right now.

I'm such a nerd Razz

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