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Kenshu Death

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Kenshu Death

Post by Kenshu Death on Fri 18 Mar 2016, 14:09

Kenshu Death

One of the younger sisters of the death family clan Kenshu and her twin sister have a vast and detailed history. The majority of it not worth mentioning in the current day and age.
Kenshu grew with the death family covenant doted upon by siblings as the sister with the 'weak' mind. Where as the woman was probably one of the most threatening and unstable members of the family.
With the powers of a seer born into her and an extensive knowledge of witchcraft coupled with the strength of an ever ancient vampire kenshu became a rather large problem when eventually she went insane.
Unable to keep the spirits from her mind, she had become a door way to them. For them to scream loudly at and no one else to hear. It had driven her insane turning her away from many of those she loved.
The insanity in the end cost her her family and even the man she loved when he had to make a pact with a creature more vile then the devil in order to get Kenshu some relief.

In more recent times she had vanished, not a single member of her past aware of her location.
She needed to become someone again, rebuild herself outside of the insanity she had suffered for so long.
But as history dictates no death can ever stay away forever, even in death.

Kenshu Death

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