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Danarius "Bladewolf" Blackthorne

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Danarius "Bladewolf" Blackthorne Empty Danarius "Bladewolf" Blackthorne

Post by Bladewolf on Sun 27 Mar 2016, 04:37

He was born Danarius Blackthorne, but gained the name Bladewolf, which he now goes by
sex: male
He is biologically comparable to a 25 year old male, and ages slower then a person born on the earth plane would.  
Relationship: Considers himself widowed

Bladewolf is a monster of a wolf, even by shadow realm standards, he tops out at 5 feet at the shoulders in wolf form, and 10 feet long nose to haunch, weighing in at a solid 450 pounds.
His fur, though it appears to be the blackest of black, with a lovely sheen to it when hit by sunlight, and only when hit by sunlight, is really a pure white, as new fallen snow.  He uses the shadows to color it black, as a defensive mechanism having lived in an environment where bright colors were a danger.

He posses the form of a lycan, a shadow lycan, and a wolf.  The wolf form is linked to the shadow blood that flows through his veins.  The shadow lycan form is from joining the Shadow Brothers, all members take on the form of the shadow lycan.   His form stands 15 feet tall with the blackest of fur.  He cannot maintain this form in the light of day, exactly why, he does not know, but, at night, few non-magic beings have been able to stand against him.

He posses the power to utterly control shadows.  He can wield them as a armor, a weapon, or a mount resembling a giant wolf as the need arises.  He wield a bastard sword made of shadow steel, an steel unknown in the earth realm, and has a plethora of daggers he draws from the shadows.

His powers are weakest against strong enough light

Personality - He is loyal to those he cares about, and has frequently fought well beyond his own limits to aide his friends and protect those that he cares about.  There are many aspects to him, that even he may not realize are there.  As more comes out about him, more will be explained.

Appearance - Human - He stands 7 feet tall in his human form, and 350 pounds of muscle, and heart.

Lycan - His regular lycan form is from the royal blood of his ancestry, it is up to 10 feet tall, and 500 pounds.

His shadow lycan form has become the stuff of legend during and since his escape from the Forces of Light.  When he shifts to his Shadow Lycan form, he grows to 15 feet, and gains another 1000 pounds, and he is every ounce muscle, tooth, and claw.  A killing machine powered by the rage of his fathers death.  His fur is not the white color of his wolf fur, but instead truly is the deepest black, that only reflects sunlight, on the rare occasion he is in lycan form in sunlight before the sun forces him to change.

Human – 7 feet tall, 400 pounds
Wolf – 5 feet at shoulders, 9 feet long, 450 pounds
Lycan – 10 feet tall, 600 pounds
Shadow Lycan – 15 feet tall, 2000 pounds (A literal ton of lycan)
(Values have shifted slightly since becoming alpha male)

Pictures - I will need to search for pictures that i feel adequately portray him

As for any other information about him, more will be explained as he is redeveloped.

His family ruled the shadow plane for 50 generations, from the time of Aekros the Conqueror, down to his father, Aros the Valiant.  Bladewolf was the eldest of his 4 brothers, and 3 sisters, the next in line for the throne.  But battle was in his blood, so he gave up his claim on the throne and joined the Shadow Brothers, the most difficult warrior guild to gain access to.  He fought alongside his brothers of the Shadow for 10 years, from his 15th year to his 25th year, all in defense of the realm.  
He fought many, bloody, battles, and saw many things that to this day he tries to drown in the hardest alcohol he can find.   He would still be fighting, if not for the betrayal at the hands of his brothers in the Light Rebellion.  The invasion forces of light turned his brothers, who were of lesser shadow blood then him, and they delivered his family to the leader of the light forces.  The monster slaughtered his mother, brothers, and sisters.  He was about to execute his father when Blade crashed through the door, a raging fury of teeth, claws, and sword.  After a hard bloody battle, he aided his father in escaping.  
To help his father escape, he fled to the earth plane to pull the forces of Light off his trail.
During his time of exile, he fell in with the Okami pack, after a time they came to replace the family he had lost.  While he was with them, he performed some, regrettable acts.  He made amends and reparations for said acts.  After a time, he again left, under circumstances that seemed to have left a bad taste in the mouths of some pack mates.
After several long months of strange events in the pack lands, he rose to the rank of first beta, then alpha, male of Kostas pack.  As a direct result of this, as is common among his people, he grew physically as well.  Not in height, but in muscle mass, he is now a hulking brute of a wolf, like before,only more so now.
Some would view him as darkness in the light, while others would view him as light in the darkness, either way, as a being of shadow, he walks the darkness as if it were day.

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Danarius "Bladewolf" Blackthorne Empty Re: Danarius "Bladewolf" Blackthorne

Post by Knigh on Sun 27 Mar 2016, 23:01

Welcome to Immortal Bloodlines. Enjoy.

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