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Romal Dimirtu

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Romal Dimirtu  Empty Romal Dimirtu

Post by Romal Dimitru on Tue 29 Mar 2016, 10:55

Name- Romal Dimitru.

Nicknames/Alias- Rom. Mal. Storm (Nickname used by Lita)

Gender- Male.

Age- Unknown. Youngest male in the family.

Original Breed- Part Demon Part Vampire.

New breed (Since resurrection) – Full Demon.

Vaughan- Brother.
Nathaniel- Brother.
Caine- Brother
Asha- Sister.

Nero- Father. (Deceased though spirit remains strong in the afterlife)
Lissandra- Mother (Deceased)

Criston- Unrelated though the closest thing to a father he and his siblings have had.

Lita- On off partner, No children.

Companions- The brothers each have hell hounds which were allocated to them at birth but did not turn up until they reached adulthood.
Romal has two, the oldest Ashall being his longest companion. The younger known as Jeko.

Family History.

The father Nero in an attempt to bring about an apocalypse to complete a prophecy and gain a control hold over the earth and the after life set a campaign to sire four children. Scouring each corner of Romania Nero would capture and impregnate any gypsy women of great elemental power until he had four sons. Upon the birth of a female the baby would be killed.

Once four sons were born their mothers were murdered so the sons would know nothing but hatred. Each son having immense power, that would eventually compliment each other and bring about the end of the modern world.

Before this could happen a council was set up with one purpose, to avert the prophecies completion. Stealing each son from the clutched of Nero they were all separated placed at different ends of the country with no knowledge of each other. In the hopes that the boys would never know what they were supposed to be.

But Criston, Nero's right hand man was not subdued and found one of the brothers eventually bringing them back together.
Determined not to bring about the prophecy though the boys, fought their inner demons to the best of their abilities. Vaughan eventually banishing Nero to the underworld with the help of Criston.

All the while a sister, one not killed by Nero, flourished later to find the boys once they had all set up home together within a vampire coven. Matashina.
Facing many attacks upon them through out the years the family have faces Angels of light. Gods and Goddesses.

(This is history in short, Vaughan can answer any further questions)

Romal's appearance.
Height- Six foot one inches.
Build- Muscular bulky in build.
Eye colouration- Right eye light green. Left eye blue. Though they change when powers are in use.
Hair- Short style, brown with highlights.
Ears- Nine hoops.
Skin- Deep runes are buried within the skin of his entire body, running like streams through his skin. Usually purple.
Scars- Where once 90% of his body had been covered with scars from severe injury, but since his rebirth, skin is flawless. Pale in colour.
Veins- Instead of light blue as with most his veins are now prominent and black beneath the surface of his skin.

Demon form.
-Leathery black wings tear through the flesh of his back.
-Muscles bulge and seize beneath the skin giving it the image of constantly moving.
-The runes upon his skin become brighter, can shift in size colour and width.
-His hands curl, large claws taking the place of finger nails, long enough to cut a man in half.
His eyes turn black with red pin pointed pupils.

The strength of a higher Demon.
Control over electrical currents.
Control of the earth around him up to a one mile radius.
Soul Projection.
Power over metals.
Linked with family through the runes upon his body which also channel energy and power to him.

Before death Romal had always been quieter then his other brothers, though he was extrovert in his own ways, usually with his looks.
Over the years he had withdrawn slightly after a series of attacks, but he remained himself with the ones he held close. Loyal and protective he would stand beside any of them.

Once reborn into the world after death Roman suffered confusion for some times carrying out fome distasteful acts. Which he has since come to terms with.
He had become used to being on his own, estranged from family yet he still has the want to be near to them for better or for worse. Even if it proves to be a more permanent end to his life.


Delivered straight into the awaiting hands of his father Romal's months of death were equivalent to thousands of years.
Initially he fought the torment and the tortures from his father and his minions. Holding out for over seven hundred years until in desperation he cracked, allowing his father to break down the mental barriers he had spent his entire life constructing to keep his father's hold from him.

Corrupting all that Romal thought to be true, all he loved Nero stole his son's identity twisting his thoughts against him until he believed that what he was supposed to be was the monster he had been created to be.
Filling his son with hatred and rage Nero worked upon him the way he had always wanted to with his son's.
Breaking him down to nothing then building him back up again to be the monster he had always dreamed of.
Making him hate with his whole soul Nero readied Romal for his release knowing that it would soon be on the cards, Sauri Matashina driven crazy with grief would soon manage to call upon Romal for resurrection, which played straight into the hands of Nero.
Allowing Romal to return to the earth in a new body, Nero would watch the unleashing of the monster, hoping that it would destroy all the Dimitru children so he could complete the same transformation with them and finally complete the prophecy.
One thing Nero did not account for though was the powers of brother hood which would soon threaten to de-rail his plans.
Over the years Romal fought back, though the urges of Nero still some times come on strong, even strong enough to over power him for the most part he is able to control himself and to say no to his fathers will.
For a long time the family fought with him while also fighting to free him from his fathers clutches, all were fruitless en-devour and eventually romal simply distanced himself from his family. Not helped by the fact that an act of anger which led him into sleeping with Vaughan's long time love ripped a huge rift between the brothers.

Read more: http://risendeceptions.proboards.com/thread/1943/romals-rebirth#ixzz44HfQUh5v
Romal Dimitru
Romal Dimitru

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Romal Dimirtu  Empty Re: Romal Dimirtu

Post by Romal Dimitru on Tue 29 Mar 2016, 10:59

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Romal Dimitru
Romal Dimitru

Posts : 74
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