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Lita Death

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Lita Death

Post by Phoenix on Thu 07 Apr 2016, 16:38


Lita Death


Unknown but seems roughly around 28




Ancient Vampire


Romal Dimitru (on/off)


Pippa Death Dimitru


Kenshu (twin sister)
VT aka Tears( older sister)
Cashar (middle sister)
Knot Death ( Brother)
Karne Death-Reign (nephew)
Hope and Marcus Death-Reign (Great niece and nephew)


Varies usually Dark jeans with a corset top high heal boots a large hooded cloak covering her body or long floor length corset dresses.


Glacier Blue iris




soft scar going through her left eyebrow and down her cheek.


Chocolate Brown hair touching her below her shoulders.


Creamy pale white skin.


One of the younger sisters of the death family clan Lita and her twin sister have a vast and detailed history. The majority of it not worth mentioning in the current day and age.

After the death of her long time love Romal she fled to lick her wounds and heal, only to discover something she never thought possible. She was pregnant with Romal's child. Shock hit her hard and she reached out to a near by friend Az. Spending time in Az's home she began to take better care of herself, knowing it was the only way she would get through the pregnancy and still be there for her child afterwards. When the time came she gave birth to a beautiful little girl and named her Pippa.

Pippa grew at an extraordinary rate living off Lita's and Az's blood. by 6 months she was a talking toddler by a year she was a pre-teen with all the attitude to go with it. Lita enjoyed motherhood, it softened her in ways life had only ever made her harder.

One day while teaching Pippa to throw the knives Romal gave her years before she felt what could only be described as a tear at her seams. Trusting Az to mind Pippa she went in search of the lost connection to Cassandra only to find Hope, her niece, mid breakdown at her mothers death at the hand of Ox Corp. It was there she learned not only of the death of her friend but of a betrayal that hit much deeper.

Romal was alive, he had moved from their love and slept with her twin sister to solidify it. Unable to believe she left once more returning to her child and swearing to never look back. It was at that time she started to work once more to support her child but also to take her anger out on anyone but the one thing she cherished more then anything, Pippa.

As Pippa got older Lita realised she could not take the risks she had once never thought of and she scaled back on the high risk jobs, taking only those which would be low risk and an easy enough pay day. She did not allow for liars however, when she was approached to take out the head of a political party with no ties to big businesses she agreed to take the job. But as always there were details left out that made it messier then first planned, mob ties and violent members resulted in the job following her home and targeting her family.

In an attempt to save Pippa Az stayed behind sending the then 4 year old to find Lita. It was a desprite move that ended with her death. Pippa did however manage to escape and find her mother. Realising her safety net was cut Lita knew she needed to finish the job before they caught up with Pippa. Sending her daughter away was the hardest thing she had to do but she gritted her teeth and did what needed to be done. Sending her to death manor to retrieve the charmed necklace she turned to face the mob that wanted her daughter as revenge.

Weeks passed and she recieved daily reports from Pippa, it was one report that made her stop dead. Romal had discovered their daughter and told her he was her father. Leaving the last remaining members of the mob barely breathing she was forced to return to Arcane and Death Manor much sooner then she had ever planned to.

Abilities :

Elemental Control ~> Water and Ice.
Enhanced Strength
Blood Fury - Blood fury is where the lack of feeding causes one to slip into a blind rage loosing control of him/herself and ultimately become a virtually unstoppable force. Alternatively it can be triggered by extreme fits of anger.
Has the ability to walk in the sunlight as she was made from ancient blood.


As a vampire silver is toxic to her.
User may be limited in a sterile environment with no nature
Since users emotions affect the nature directly, control is essential.
Her abilities consume a lot of energy.
Blood fury makes her reckless and lose control of herself.


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