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Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus

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Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus Empty Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus

Post by Noctis on Sun 10 Apr 2016, 03:31

Full Name: Night (By birth, but since his previous pack disbanded, he has gone by the name: Noctis Lucis Gelus (Nok-tiss Loo-sis Jel-uss, meaning Night Light Frost, as Light Frost Pack was Noctis' previous pack of 5 years when he went by the name Night.)
Nickname: Night
Age: 7
Race: White-Asian Half mixed race (??)
Breed/ species: Timber Wolf
Preferred Group: Warden
Weight: 63 lb (very light for an adult male wolf, as Noctis was born the runt of the litter)
Height: 27'' from paw to shoulder. (Just below average)
Length: 5 ft 2'' (about average)
Scent: Noctis' scent is subtle, and can be described as distinct and underplayed. Something about his scent reminds some of dampness but it is as if there's some pleasant freshness beneath that heavy musk, that smells something like daffodils.


Voice: As Noctis is a lover of words and tends to use them to his advantage in any situation he can, he is also very good at chaging the tone of his voice in order to fit what he says. His voice, when neutral, is medium in pitch, and soft but deep. It is a soothing voice with a very slight purr to it. He will often mutter as apposed to articulating his words However, whenever he is feeling more passionate about a subject, the words become very clear, very pronounced and he may slip into a British accent from time to time. A close reference would be Alessandro Juliani, or L Lawliet from Death Note. The following is a scene which reflects Noctis' voice closely: (he is the one with black hair, the second to speak) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5lsm3c69u6Q
Birth season: Fall, on a crescent moon.


*Alignment: Chaotic Good, - he lead a small rebellion against the brutish leader of his previous pack (this is in real rp, not a made-up backstory, and the leader of the pack in question used to be one of his best friends.)


Powers: Noctis does have powers, however they are very temperamental and difficult to control as he never honed them, having spent much of his life in a pack which forbade the use of his abilities. His powers change based on the phases of the moon. He was born on the night of a waning crescent, and when the moon is in this phase, Noctis is at his most powerful.
On the waning crescent, he is able to manipulate darkness, shadows, night, shade, and morph this dark matter into any shape or form that he imagines, and so is able to create living beings from the darkness and send them out to do his bidding. He does this by saying: "derivare nox". These apparitions are not permanent however, and, -depending on how large they are, will fade over a certain amount of time (ie. Large, more powerful beings will fade sooner than smaller, weaker ones.) Noctis can manipulate this darkness and actually cause it to enter the bodies of whomever he chooses. It could enter their minds (if he says "occupare mentem") and cause them to hallucinate visions of their deepest fears or sadnesses, -perhaps lost loved ones, childhood nightmares, or be overcome with sadness, or it could enter  the heart, (if he says "occupare corde" ) which would cause them to feel paranoia and enter a frenzy of rage, but if it enters the soul (when he says "occupare animae" ) then Noctis is actually able to posess their whole body and control their movements and words. He can also use this ability in order to create shields, or camouflage to aid himself or his allies. Not only this, but during the waning crescent, Noctis is able to move the stars in the sky, which he can use in order to distract others or create a blinding light in the sky equivalent to the sun's light or more. He does this by saying "derivare stellas".
When current the lunar phase is a third quarter, his powers diminish in that he can no longer able to use "derivare stellas", or "occupare mentem/corde" however "derivare nox" and "occupare animae" will still serve him.
When the lunar phase is a waning gibbous, When current the lunar phase is a third quarter, his powers diminish in that he can no longer able to use "derivare stellas", or "occupare mentem/corde" however "derivare nox" and "occupare animae" will still serve him, but it will take less time for apparitions brought to life through "derivare nox" to fade.
When the lunar phase is a full moon, however, Noctis' powers alter completely, -because he is complete in spirit. This is a special night in the 28 day cycle, and it serves him well but also holds him back; on the full moon, the ghostly apparitions of Noctis' previous pack (these are all real people with whom I rp'd with over the space of 5 years, I miss them dearly.) will visit him following a summoning howl. There are 26 of these wolves in total, all of which will fight for Noctis and vanish back into the void when their service is complete.
However, due to the great emotional attachment that Noctis has with them, the memories, -good And bad, etc. torment him. These apparitions of his family will visit him in sleep, sometimes plaguing him with nightmares, and sometimes, some of them may turn against him until they are coaxed or forced back into the void or defeated by Noctis, although he would never kill them; they are his family.
These wolves are:

Night's mentor and the founder of Light Frost Pack, Shadow is an elderly she-wolf with dark fur and wise, firey,  yellow-amber eyes. Her demeanour is calm, collected and solemn as she has seen plenty suffering throughout her days. She shows great remarkable leadership. She is lean, fast and confident but not a fighter, per-say. She may try to put Noctis in his place, but she wouldn't turn on him. She calls him by "Night".

(Aka. Clove, Remedy, Betrayal) The mate of Noctis. They have known each other since their teens and Night still holds great feelings for her, though they are not requited. At one point, Acorn had pups with Noctis, but Scar, the old best friend of Noctis, who has also had pups with Acorn, killed them so that Noctis and Acorn wouldnt be exiled from the pack, -which didn't allow for members to mate until they had completed their training, -which he hadn't at the time. Acorn is a beautiful adult wolf with tawny fur, bright aqua eyes and delicate features. She is extremely confident and boisterous, and often has severe mood swings. She is an excellent fighter and a very strong swimmer, but she is, unfortunately, likely to turn on Noctis. She has mild psychosis and knows exactly how to push his buttons. She calls him by "Night".

Once leader of Light Frost Pack alongside Noctis. Scar was like a brother to him for many years, but they started out in a dispute over Acorn and ended up in a dispute over power. Scar is driven by a thirst for control and authority. He is very, very strong with some mild powers passed down to him which only enhance this strength. He was a very influential leader, but he schemed behind the backs of Noctis and the other wolves of high ranks in Light Frost Pack, planning to kill them to eliminate threats and obstacles, before Night, Radar, Soul (Scar's biological brother), Shadow and Convellete (Scar and Acorn's biological daughter) overthrew him. His body and face are covered in scars. He is an older adult and has a grudge against Night but will still serve him as an apparition on the full moon. He calls him by "Night". He was also once Shadow's mate.

One of Scar's closest friends, cousins and henchmen. He is very agile, but not very intelligent. He is sneaky, lanky and sadistic. He only obeys Scar. At one point, he was in love with Acorn. He is large and predominantly white with a long black back-mane, tail tip, ears, paws and under-eyes. His eyes are bright blue. He would likely turn on Noctis, but only if Scar did, or commanded him to. He calls him by "Night".

Another of Scar's closest friends and henchmen, he is also Scar's brother. He is small, about Noctis' strength, with blue-black fur and hazy-blue eyes. He is by far Scar's favourite brother, and once lead Light Frost Pack after Scar saved him from an enemy pack, with Noctis' help. He is flamboyant and loyal, but also somewhat naïve, with a very sad past. He calls Noctis by "Night".

A young adult wolf, Radar is one of Noctis' best and most loyal friends. His fur is brown and thick with faint black patches around the hackles, muzzle and tail. Radar is fun-loving and laid-back, with a solemn side. He swallowed his pride and bravely followed Noctis in the rebellion against Scar. He is a tactical fighter and would never turn on Noctis. He calls him by "Night".

Daughter of Scar and Acorn. She was disowned by Acorn when her and Scar had difficulties, so grew up hating her mother. She fought alongside her father and loved him dearly until she found out about his lies and left the pack, reluctantly. She was always close to Noctis, so when he called to her for help in his rebellion, she helped his side despite the fact that they had to drive out her own father. She then became Leader alongside Shadow who also returned to overthrow Scar.  Her eyes are deep blue, and her fur a misty grey. She calls Noctis by "Night". She would never turn on him.

The sister of Radar. She was there to support Noctis after he and Acorn fell apart, until she was killed along with her other brother, Jake, by Chain. She has light reddish-brown fur and kind greyish eyes. She isn't a fighter and has an unstable temper. She calls Noctis by "Night".

The brother of Ashley and Radar. He is childish and playful, not a fighter but very kind hearted with mint-green eyes and chocolate-brown fur. He was killed by Scar, and calls Noctis by "Night".

A young adult wolf and the mate of Radar. She is sensitive and sour with a bad temper and irresponsible attitude. She has dark grey fur and lilac eyes. She calls Noctis by "Night".

One of the co-founders of Light Frost Pack and once the mate of Scar. She is boisterous, flirtatious and dominant, with pure white fur and yellow eyes. Her and Shadow had a great dispute which caused her and her friend (also a co-founder and leader) Storm to leave. She calls Noctis by "Night".

One of the co-founders of Light Frost Pack. She is quiet and wise, and very much stuck inside her own mind. She is grey with a white muzzle and underbelly. One of her eyes is blue, the other green and she is easily manipulated. She calls Noctis by "Night".

The insane mother of Noctis. She killed her mate, Luke, mistreated Noctis and his two brothers and sister, Karin, Lucius and Wolfbane. She went missing many years back. She is very violent and unpredictable. Her fur is matted and scraggly, a reddish-grey colour, and her eyes are dark brown. She calls Noctis by "Night".

The step-father of Noctis and father of Lucius and Wolfbane. He is sadistic, evil, bloodthirsty, with light grey fur and large wings. His eyes are blood red. He tried to take down Light Frost Pack but was driven away by Scar. He calls Noctis by "Night".

The daughter of Shade and step-sister of Noctis (sister of Lucius) she has black and grey fur and venom-green eyes. She is sadistic and dominant. She has a venomous bite and likes to tease. She calls Noctis by "Night."

A black and red wolf. He is manic-depressive, very large and evil. He ran away from all of his family, but used to work with Wolfbane, his sister, to bully karin and Noctis. He calls him by "Night". He later returned to his father's side to take over Light Frost Pack but he was killed by Night.

Sister of Convellete. She is seductive and sly. She hates her father and sister because they drove her out of the pack after she killed a pup. She later joined Shade and Lucius in trying to take over Light Frost Pack. She calls Noctis by "Night".

Older brother of Scar. Even more evil. He calls Noctis by "Night".

-Virus, Jayce and Nwem Mokri:
Triplets that are among Night's closest allies. Virus, a pretty young grey wolf and Jayce, her golden-furred, flirtatious were absolutely smitten for him when they were pups. Nwem will forever be one of Night's closest friends, he is a short, stocky black wolf with brown markings and a cheeky grin, who offered Night a place in his pack when the rebellion nearly got him killed.

Robin was actually the last one left in her pack, Frost Peak Pack. She cared for Night and took him in on his journey to find Light Frost Pack. She had lost her brother, Bear, to a member of the Black Blood pack, and with Night being quarter black blood himself, this was a brave move on her part.

Another of Shade's fighters. Tried to kill Acorn, to avenge Lucius' death.

A large, bulky red wolf, he served as Shadow's bodyguard before he went missing just after Night was introduced into Light Frost Pack.

Night's only surviving pup that he actually had with Dawn, Acorn's sister and the mother of Jayce, Virus and Nwem Mokri. She ran away and hasn't been seen, except as an apparition on a full or new moon, in years. She is predominantly black with black and auburn markings dappled over her fur.

Night's kind, shy, flamboyant, feminine (hence the name) older brother. He is white with golden-brown and black tints to his pelt.

On the Waxing Gibbous, When the lunar phase is a waning gibbous, When current the lunar phase is a third quarter, his powers diminish in that he can no longer able to use "occupare mentem/corde" however "derivare stellas", "derivare nox" and "occupare animae" will still serve him, but it will take less time for apparitions brought to life through "derivare nox" to fade.
On the New Moon, the effects of Noctis' powers are same as on the Full moon with apparitions of his pack brothers and sisters returning to help him, but plaguing him with paranoia and nightmares.


Weaknesses and Strengths:
Wolfbane flower:
his stepsister, Wolfbane would bite him, her venomous bite containing the same toxins found in the wild plant. To this day, just the scent of wolfbane flower causes Noctis to break into fits and suffer wrenching pain in his chest and gut, inducing nausea and vomiting.
The mention of Light Frost Pack, particularly Acorn.

The mention of his old family and Acorn can also be used to motivate him.

Fighting Class: Elite
Personality: Noctis is an older adult. He is extremely wise and very sentimental and sensitive. He has had a long, bittersweet history and often focuses on the past more than anything. He is expressive, emotional, and has a strange problem when it comes to attachment in that, once he acquires an attachment to an individual, it is life-long and he easily becomes utterly obsessed with that individual, expressing stalker-like tendencies. He rarely sleeps, thriving in the night, and suffers to if he tries due to vivid nightmares and flashbacks. He is easily upset, and likes to be involved in everyone's life in some way. Noctis is an excellent storyteller and gives good advice, but, aside from all of this, the pup in him has not died; he is playful, usually optimistic and very, very trusting. He gives love even when it is not requited, and revels in his happiness while he has it. He can be cheeky and flirtatious, but there will always be an aura of mystery resonating from him as long as he is still haunted by the ghosts of his wonderful, awful, torturously beautiful past. He is here to feel something similar to what he once felt.  He seems to have two sides to his personality: the well-spoken, charming, mature and sentimental Night that lives in a world of his own behind a vale of ambiguous words and sad stories, and bright, energetic, passionate Night, who just wants to love and enjoy life with his family.

Description.- Noctis is the runt of the litter. He is regular length, a little shorter than the average height for a male wolf. His eyes are exactly the shade chartreuse ( #ccfff00 on the colour wheel), which is a venomous, greenish-yellow colour. His pelt is predominantly black with white flecks here and there, specifically around his hackles, eyes, ears and paws.
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Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus Empty Re: Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus

Post by Cashan on Sun 10 Apr 2016, 11:44

Welcome to IB Noctis, we hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Admin.

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Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus Empty Re: Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus

Post by Noctis on Mon 11 Apr 2016, 22:47

Thank you,


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Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus Empty Re: Noctis 'Night' Lucis Gelus

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