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Ajax Matashina

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Ajax Matashina

Post by Ajax Matashina on Tue 12 Apr 2016, 09:52

First Name

Middle name
Lucien (Name not known to anyone other then Sauri)



Sexual Orientation

Elder Vampire.

Descendant of the first vampire.

Family Line
Only known living family is Sauri Matashina his twin sister.

Previous Spouse
Genevieve Valescia.

Joint coven Leader.

Bodily Form
His skin once marble had been darkened Olive by the God's no longer under their influence it is slowly returning back to its marble white.
Stands at 6 feet and 7 inches in height.
The neon green speckles are dying from with his eyes leaving them their old shifting Metallic shine.
His hair as ever remains left long and black.
Bodily build remains the same a slim figure boasting a muscular but not broad frame.
The tattoos upon his skin are living growing from each wrist covering 100% of each arm over lapping at the shoulders they rotate and move in response to the life force within.

Ajax himself.
Ajax is a complex beast, not known fully by anyone, not even his own blood. He is thoughtful and calculated yet at the same time impulsive and short tempered.

The frailties of him are a deeply scarred and wounded soul, as with many ancients who have had long lives madness has its clutches. Manifesting within Ajax in the form of unsolvable self hatred and doubt both which he holds secret. He can be possessive and aggressive at times.
The strengths his personality boasts though are various. Loyalty, Dominance, Strength, Protectiveness, a degree of fearlessness.

History of Power.
Over his life time Ajax had been the owner and executor of many different powers for many different reasons. The start of his vampire life he held the same powers as all of his kind with no unique gift other then his roses which could speak things to him that he could not sense himself.
As he grew with age and power his abilities blossomed and grew, meeting other beings he gained some knowledge and power from them adapting them into his own abilities.
Since forming the Coven RD Ajax had a pact with the God's Ares and Athena giving him unlimited powers as he was able to tap into their powers, but he was made vulnerable by the fact he was held by them having to do their biddings.
Freed recently from the powers of the Gods their strength was no longer his to hold. But a new strength lingered with him like a residue left by them a small seed he would nurture and grow stemming off into new powers as time went along.

I. Stronger then an average vampire
II. Some healing abilities (Can not save from mortal wounds)
III. Energy spread, can pass his energy to others.apperance
IV. The ability to sense changes in his surroundings
V. The ability to manipulate his own and others image to others.
VI. A fledgling ability is which allows him to adapt around the powers of those around him, should he spend a great deal of time with a particular person or a particular power he is able to teach himself how to control and counter that power. This takes a great deal of effort and concentration on his part.
VII. The ability to communicate without speech. Having to only think of the person/people who he intends on communicating with.

VIII. He can look deep into the shadows to see what lingers there and had been known to converse with some of the spirits and Demons known to dwell within them.  
IX. With people very close to him he can also share a physical link, feeling what they are feeling in times of pain just without the actual physical damage.

The History Of Ajax Matashina
It is thought that Ajax and his twin sibling were born on an unusually freezing night during one winter in the early Thirteen Hundreds(1303 January). Born healthy to rich and powerful land owners they were well known children within the lands, their physical beauty often spoken of to most they would seem a perfect pair. Unblemished strong children. With a light healthy complexion and dark features. To say they were locally adored would be an understatement.
During the spring season after their birth a passing Vampire became aware of the children and  silently stole them within the night.
Their parents would never find out what happened to their sleeping children.

The years past and the children naturally grew into young adults. The Vampire who had taken them would not change them until they were in their physical primes wanting strong fledgling Vampires to stand beside him as his underlings.
During this time the Vampire Seesle known to be of a very Ancient bloodline doted upon the two children treating him as though they were his very flesh and blood. Showering affection and gifts upon them at times.
However Seesle suffered with insanity and at times he would also abuse and mistreat the two always managing to stop himself with profuse apologies before he would cause them to much damage.

Seesle trained them in the fighting arts and how it was to be a vampire, preparing them for what would happen once he changed them. This training became more intense the older the twins become.
This set a seed of resentment in the twins especially Ajax. He gradually learned how to hate. And in the end he hated Seesle. He hated the way he looked at and spoke to his twin sister. Who he was dreadfully protective over. He hated the way they were taken from the lives they were meant for and he hated the emotional weakness Seesle would so often show.

On their 20th Birthday Seesle took their mortal lives completing the twenty year wait. Under the guide of their elder father Seesle the twins thrived and over took all expectations becoming much stronger and controlled them most fledglings of their age. Ajax especially took to killing without emotion.

As many years went by Ajax began to become very impatient with their father and with doing as another instructed, He wished for himself and his sister to have no one to answer to, to be their own masters and he knew his sister would think the same.
The way Seesle had started to look upon his sibling with lust also started to grate deeply upon his mind until he decided enough was enough.
Speaking to Sauri about what was on his mind the two joined together in killing their father and owner, they then killed all other vampires in their small coven.
Leaving under their own steam the two quickly made a name for themselves. Two of the ancient bloodline killing their own kind for power did not go down to well with the Ancients.
But the twins had a bigger plan in mind. They wished to open their power to others, Others wronged the way they had been.
They would offer them sanctuary and support and with that wish the Coven Matashina would eventually be born.

History of Ajax Matashina since the Coven opened its doors.
Once opening the coven to others such as them Ajax was more then happy to watch it thrive and grow. Meeting some powerful creatures some of which eventually became his friends, if he could say he held such feelings for others.
He would meet the woman he would mate for the rest of his life here, Genevieve.
So far since the Coven started Ajax has faced a few personal battles of his own, against the Ancients and against the Gods.
Having made a pact with Ares and Athena, Ajax sought out power, more so then he had so he would be able to protect the coven himself from coming evils. The gods bestowed to him their own powers and in return Ajax would have to do their bidding and live their lives upon the earth when ever they chose for him to do so. The only way they would release him would be death.
Over time this became to much for Ajax to bare the tasks they set him became more crude and more time consuming.
Going to the Gods to ask for release they refused but Genevieve had accompanied him and they managed to free his bond with the Gods, neraly killing him in the process.

Since that day Ajax has been plagued with improving his own strengths which he has managed to do.
But a new darkness loomed. The Ancients who had been watching the whole time had ammassed a large army of elders and a new type breed, stronger then most vampires. The army outnumbered the Matashina coven 11 to one. And once the attack started it did not take long for the coven to fall.
Many members lost their lives and the coven Matashina was left in ashes.
Broken and beaten they all stood.
But as with Ajax and Sauri they would eventually defy all odds, they always did. They would rebuild in time and destroy the elders who stood against them. Leaving his coven with dwindled numbers but free

Ajax Matashina

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