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Tori Harmon

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Tori Harmon

Post by Phoenix on Tue 12 Apr 2016, 21:31

Name: Victoria Harmon.

Nickname: Tori.

Age: 18 years old.

Species: Human - Witch.

Family: Rosalina Harmon - Aunt and high priestess. Gwyn Harmon - Cousin.

Specialty: Spells and Runes.

Coven: Sisters of Shadows Secret.

Position: Maiden - In training to be a High Priestess.

Boyfriend: Leo Brandon Forrester (not on site)


She is of an average height, an inch or two taller then her cousin Gwyn. she has a curvier build then her cousin, taking after her mother more then her aunt.Her hair is long and a honey blonde colour that comes to the middle of her back with layers around the face framing her emerald green eyes and oval face. Her style is more modern but unlike her cousin she is not comfortable choosing to wear the traditional garb when in the circle finding they put her on edge. She is generally carrying a bag of some form that can contain anything from a notebook to write spells to runes.


Born to the sister of their covens leader Tori was raised differently to her cousin Gwyn, in her early years she had a less strict and structured beginning. She was free from the pressures of being the future leader to genuinely explore the world of magic around her.

In her early pre-teens she was sent to live with Gwyn and her aunt, tasked with learning from the and striving only for the very highest position one of her standing could achieve. One day she will take over from her mother as leader of a separate group of the coven for the time being she soaks up the knowledge Rosa passes to them.

She is a generally kind hearted person, she goes with her gut but will always defer to her elder cousins opinions when her own feelings are unsure. She loves her cousin like the big sister she never had. She would defend her coven and cousin with her dying breath.


Spells and Runes are her specialty. She is particularly handy with location spells and binding spells.


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