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Dalinar Ellendale

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Dalinar Ellendale

Post by Bladewolf on Wed 20 Apr 2016, 19:23

Name - Dalinar Ellendale

Race - Human - Caucasian

Nicknames - Captain by those who are comfortable enough to call him anything but Sir or Dalinar

Age - Forty Five

Family - Wife - Lily Ellendale - Deceased - Father - Straff Ellendale - deceased - Mother -Aesuden Ellendale - Deceased - Brother - Renarin Ellendale - Deceased - Sister - Vin Ellendale - Unknown

Position - Executive Officer

Orientation - Heterosexual

Appearance -
Standing at 6 foot 3, to most people, the height alone makes him a large figure, but, weighing in at around 20 stone, about 280 pounds, his broad physique gives him a menacing air.

His eyes are a dark, piercing, gun metal grey, in his younger days they had been almost a bright silver.  But, over the years, and through the course of action for Ox Corp in other theaters of operation, they had gradually faded to their current coloration.

Hair - a close cut military style, colloquially called the High an Tight.  It is starting to turn grey in spots, but, combined with the dark red of the rest of his hair, and the grey of his eyes, it gives him a very stern, almost mean look.  Which is something that he does nothing to diffuse.

Preferring to wear clothing in the style of military utilities, his clothing, though special company issue, looks like just about what any other ground pounder would wear while working for Ox Corp.

He has substantial scaring over most of his upper body, on the chest and back.  That, was from when he was on a patrol in his younger days that got attacked by a pair of older, combat experienced lycanthropes.  He was the only one of the squad to survive the engagement, but, he had major scarring from the encounter.  He could have had these either removed, or covered over with tattoos, but, instead wears them as badges of honor when in the gym to motivate himself to train harder.

His right arm, though, is very obviously mechanical.  It was one of the first generation of integrated bio-mechanical augmentation.  He lost it shortly after the same encounter that netted him his plethora of scars.  About a week after the encounter, he collapsed during a training exercise.  It was found the veins in his arm were almost entirely black from a slow spread of lycan venom.  It was quickly amputated, to save his life, study it, and prevent him from potentially turning.  After a few months of recovery, he was approached by one of Ox Corps medical teams, to see if he would volunteer to be a test subject for mechanical prosthetic augmentation, he agreed.  While his left arm is not exactly small, the bicep measuring about 24 inches, the mechanical right arm is larger.  When they did the surgery to attach it, they technology at the time required it to be anchored to the chest itself, so, in an xray, you would see metal bands and such running through the majority of his upper body.  As a result of this, however, as the technology advanced and was further developed, the anchoring allowed for the arm to be made mechanically stronger than if it were anchored at the shoulder, as was the current practice.  The arm itself has a myriad of functions and capabilities.  From computer interface for weaponry, it also has built in weapons, such as a wooden stake launcher that can launch hardened projectiles at speeds upwards of 1000 meters per second on the top end.
The left side of his jaw, is actually a steel plate, this resulted from nearly having his jaw torn out by a lycanthrope in his mid-20s.  It is visible despite the fact that the scientists were more than willing to graft flesh over a smaller steel rod that would match the rest of his jaw.  He actually insisted on having it larger and visible, because, well, to be frank, he thought it looked bad ass.  Though, beyond looking bad ass, it serves no other purpose than being a jaw.


Harboring a deep hatred for the lycan species after losing first his squad and then his arm, he has honed that hatred into a finely tuned weapon. It lead him to specialize in anti-lycan warfare for Ox Corp, actually helping to develop some of the weapons now deployed against them, his favorite actually being the gun in his arm.  

Despite this seething hatred though, he is a man of impeccable, and at times, obsessive, work ethic.  His dedication to his work, after the death of his wife, is such that, periodically, he is forced by the company to take time off, for his own good and the good of the people he works with.

His personality itself, though, is that of a seasoned professional soldier, cool, calm, and collected, though very intense when the situation calls for it.  He is, very much indeed, the type of person that Ox Corp likes putting in positions of command.

Skills and Abilities
Anything and Everything martial he has received training in, hand to hand combat, marksmanship, and even bladed weapons, as they seem to be useful against many of the things that go bump in the night.

Among the other things he lost over the years from encounters with the vampires and other things, was partial hearing and seeing.  These have both since been fully restored, and then some, by the scientists at Ox Corp.
One of his eyes was fully removed replaced with a high resolution camera interfaced directly into his nervous system.  This provides him with, not only incredible vision over long distance, but also night image, thermal imaging, and the ability to see in and through multiple other portions of the spectrum a normal human eye cant.
His hearing, damaged in an explosion, has been corrected by cybernetic cochlear implants.  Giving him the ability to record what he hears, as well as turn up the volume of what he can detect, for picking up faint sounds.  Rather useful when hunting creatures that specialize in stealth.
He has had his strength through the rest of his body only slightly enhanced cybernetics.  Just to the point where it can stand the strains put on it by merely having the mechanical arm.  The rest of his strength has come through the intense physical training he subjects himself to, well above and beyond what is required by the company.  When it comes to this, he is an old fashioned stickler for hitting the gym and pushing yourself as hard as you can.
Reflexes have been also been enhanced beyond the company standard due to his specialization in Lycan, and general Immortal, warfare.

He does, however, have a penchant for the large bowie knife that he carries with him, strapped to his hip.  Embedded inside the handle, are teeth from every vampire he has killed.  When it gets full, the teeth are ground up, and turned into the same glass looking resin that runs through the core of the weapon.  The teeth are only visible when he pulls the core out, which he likes to do to show to people, usually for the shock value. This matches the necklace of lycan teeth he keeps in a chest in his quarters.


Having come from a rougher neighborhood in his home city, he had done some things that rendered him ineligible for military service.  When he was rejected from every branch, he thought his life was over, forever doomed to live in the inner city, living from paycheck to paycheck.  But, that all changed when Ox Corp approached him with their job offer, based upon his physical abilities. He jumped at the opportunity, and hasnt been home since.  His parents were killed literal race wars, between the vampires and lycan packs that had co-inhabited the city for centuries in peace.  Ox Corp played a direct hand in evacuating the human population of the city as it tore itself apart.  He was actually on a team tasked with the evacuation of his old neighbor hood.  It was his first mission since completing company basic training.  He had eyes on his entire family, mother, father, brother, and sister, when a snarling group of lycan, tussling with a group of vampires, burst out of a near by building.  The snarling whirlwind tore through the group they were escorting, the group containing his family.  After the combatants were gone, a quick casualty count was done.  In that count, were his entire family, except for Vin, his little sister.  That was 17 years ago, to this day, he keeps up hope that she, somehow, survived to escape from that hellish encounter and made her way out of the city.

After that day, he threw himself into his work with a new found passion, bordering on obsession.  He moved quickly up the ranks, until he was finally placed into a command advisement role. This only lasted until they tried to put a still wet behind the ears pup straight out of some prestigious military academy into command.  The boy, which he was at barely 20, barely lasted a month before getting put into an early grave.  Not by Dalinar, but, by a demonic manifestation.  Dalinar was quickly placed in full command of the base, and Immortal activity in the area  dropped by 63 percent within the year.

Now, he has been sent to the Arcane Ox Corp base, to serve as a competent second to their relatively young, yet skilled, commanding officer Bade Lucian Price.  As well as to help provide his own specialized expertise with the local lycan population, who, they had received possible information may be due for a population surge.  Let the games, as they say, begin.


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