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Mikayla. Empty Mikayla.

Post by Mikayla Nekishu on Sun 01 May 2016, 10:33

Name: Mikayla Nekishu
Age: 3 Years.
Breed: Timber Wolf.
Sex: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (For now)
Season: Spring.
Fighting Class: Able.

It is hard to tell with Mikayla, anger consumed the female many moons ago having been wronged for the majority of her short life. Her up bringing scarred the person she was meant to be leaving a twisted and angry woman in its place.
It made her hard to get through to and easy to enrage, unable to trust easily she finds it hard to communicate on any level other then aggression or anxiousness.
Beneath the many layers of emotional scar tissue though is a simple person with simple wants and fears, just wanting to be free to be herself and to be loved though she would never admit such a thing.

Raised by a pack named the Halflings.
Rightful Father: Benjamin Blaze Nekishu.
Rightful Mother: Eclipse Stellar.
Sisters: Maylin, Ashlyn.
Brothers: Kyros, Cayden, Blackstar.

Pack: None.

Physical Appearance
In wolf form Mikayla is of a medium build her body nothing out of the ordinary other then a red shine to her otherwise thick black coat.
Scarred bite marks from her own kind litter her body most of them not visible beneath her coat though some around her muzzle are easier to spot.
Her eyes are yellow matching the moon's glow shortly after sun set.

In human form Mikayla stands at Five feet and five inches which is considered medium height. Her eyes remain the colour of her wolf form. Her body is slender and athletic and the same scars remain upon her.
Her skin is in its natural form should have an olive tan complexion but due to her upbringing and state of being is pale and unhealthy, dark rings lining her eyes through lack of sleep.

Scent: Sea Breeze.

Powers and Abilities:
Mikayla has no outstanding powers that she is aware of though she would have been given very little chance to explore any she may have.
Abilities are many and various when it comes to tracking and fighting especially when in her wolf form. She is deadly with an variety of daggers and weapons though not with guns, though in fighting her rage often is her downfall as it has been allowed on more then one occasion to cloud her decisions.

Mikayla has no memories of her family other then their names and their scents. She does not know how she came to be taken from them or why she was. The only thing she knows if pain that they never found her, that at some point they must have given up looking.
Raised by a group of feral wolves that called themselves a pack named the Halflings she was moved from place to place, treated no better then servant as she grew into an adult.
Not once in her life was she shown an ounce of love, not once any compassion, she was there to work for them and ultimately to earn them money.

When she came of age the pack settled into a city. They were all in human form other then her. Her 'mentor' for want of a better word names Claudette had fitted her and only her with a collar which only allowed her to be in wolf form. Alone she was trapped that way, she was not informed why, wasn't spoken to. Until one day she was taken into a large room and that is when her new life was made clear to her.
The Halflings had become involved in drugs and other illegal pursuits, one of which included dog fighting. Apparently the fact they had a wolf in there possession was big news and plenty of fights had been lined up. Fights Mikalya was expected to win.

Her life from that day was surviving one blood bath to the next and making sure that she was the winner, she became good at what she did, to good and eventually they started pitting her against larger opponents such as bears and wild cats.
But one day in the not so distant past something snapped. She had won a battle against a mountain lion and she didn't stop there. Her anger and lust for death turned onto her spectators, then the rest of her pack, she did not stop until they were all dead. Leaving only one alive.
Claudette. And she would be dealt with. After that she would follow her feet and see where she would end up, it couldn't be worse.

Free at last, she had taken the life of her captor. She had then found herself free in a world she did not know how to live in, having spent her life in a cage she found herself lost not knowing the simplest thing.
She bumped into her sister maylin by chance, she was unsure but stuck close attempting to learn how to function.
How ever it was very short lived captivity being returned. This times at the hands of much more advanced captors.

Mikayla. Mikayl10
Mikayla Nekishu
Mikayla Nekishu

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