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Rulakh, The Damned.

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Rulakh, The Damned. Empty Rulakh, The Damned.

Post by Rulakh on Wed 08 Jun 2016, 12:32


Rulakh, The Damned. Carrion%20Separator_zps1icw0hew

"Finish all your business before you die. Bid your loved ones farewell. Write your will. Apologize to those you've wronged. Otherwise, you'll never truly leave this world".

||Species|| Spectral Wraith.
||Former Life|| Human.
||Former Stature|| Erias Oreas Axcius, 3rd Roman Era, Equites Commander, The One Legion.
||Sex|| Male.
||Current Stature|| Deceased for millennia.
||Loyalties|| Hope Death-Reign.

||Weapon|| Gladius of Corruption.

The Gladius, a Roman sword honored of Rulakhs past life, spoiled by the corruption of his downfall, cursed by Wraith descent and destined to kill all that it touches, it is only by the House Reign that this poison is halted as to date, no other living existence has wielded such possession over wraith kind unlike those worthy of commanding the dead king. Should there be one capable of withstanding this acidic poison to curse the veins of all amongst the living plain, the result would be a temporary paralysis, resulting in dire need of rest and recovery, hours depending on the host to such a blow delivered by Rulakh, their species and defense against the banished dead.

||The Birth of Hatred||

"Clerics and scholars are forever debating whether spirits do in fact journey to another world after death, one where eternal joy or suffering awaits. Both groups agree, however, on what happens to spirits who, for one reason or another, remain in our world after their body breathes its last: they transform into wraiths. To hear their mournful howls, one can surmise this is not a fate to be envied".

Rulakh, The Damned. De666be8-5848-4174-9fa6-db80a05f28d7_zpsrclwwjgg

Rulakh, formally Erias Oreas Axcius of Rome, Second risen leader of the Equites, the Calvary to the Roman Legion upon which honor could not ask for more, by blood right to the Empire of old, Murdered in cold blood by his brother, Arcadius Oreas Axcius, a younger and ambitious general of the legions of old. Upon his bed, Erias slept soundly, the blade of his brothers hand plunged deep unto his chest spilling the sheets red and sapping the life he had led through honor and integrity to birth a new darkeness to sight, that the abyss would over take him and all that he was.

Anguish turned cold, light turned black, the livelihood of the Equites Comander turned to blood and burden. The Soul clinging to the wrong doing that had befallen him, Erias' very strength become his vengeance and refusing to let bygones go by, he would not pass into the next world but become something entirely different, born out of hatred and the same injustice that had been given him, his mortal flesh stripped from his bones and the fabrics of his roman robes strewn, torn asunder to become part of the ghastly form that he would inhabit, a spectral wraith cursed upon the human world.

||Damnation Refused.||

The old Gods are not alike the new God of the Mortal world, not nearly so forgiving and not all of the same mind. Zues, Hades, brothers of destruction and their brethren and beyond, demi-gods and so fourth. Only legends pay these old anomalies of glory tribute and yet it was these titans that ruled over all during Erias' time, they whom he once worshiped and Zues' final will that he denied, choosing to stay rather than to fall back into Elysium upon high.
For his hatred and his defiance, Erias was stripped of all recognition of his former life. Any one that had once loved him, forgotten. All loyal to the once strong soldier at arms now as fickle as the leaves in which the Calvary would tread during their many battles. Furthermore the power to remind those of his old self taken, the ability and knowledge in speech claimed by the old Gods so that Rulakh despite his new found power would roam silent, never to blaspheme the Gods as his refusal to bend to their will had labeled him a heretic. A wraith, strong and one of the far far older of the ghastly spectral kind, he would eventually rise to lead them and yet never find completion, never voice his resurgence and never gain the life that he had once led.

||The Allegiance of the Dead King||

Allegiance is never bought by price yet inspired by mutual desire and it was Karne Death-Reign, Heir to Arashi Reign, Brother to Sophia Reign and Son of Marcus Nathaniel Crane who succeeded in coercing Rulakh over to his leadership, offering the Dead King something he never had, an existence of worth among the dead world, power and dominion over the lesser dead through spiritual manipulation, demonic bleeding unto the new world that ultimately led to the added corruption of Arcane yet ensured the indefinite protection of the Girl, daughter and mistress of the Death Covenant and the House Reign, Hope.

For a long time Rulakh remained by the Girls side, never always within sight yet never too far to keep a blade from the Daughter Reign's throat. Always loyal and never unnerved by her foes, the wraith did not go wanting for a higher purpose, instead finding fulfillment in the gratitude of the daughter, something that he had not been offered since his old life.

Later, Karne Reign would seek to embrace further power within hand in order to overcome his fathers former legacy. In doing this he used the old forsaken king by consuming his soul through the incarceration of the Shichiseiken, the imbued blade that was past down to Karne through his mentor, only to be corrupted and embellished with all the strength that rulakh had possessed.

Only later would he be released by the Vampire, a half brred, Karne would share with Rulakh his reasoning's and though never to be spoken nor shared with another, the Wraith King would choose willingly to return to his former resolve in keeping guard over the younger heir to the Covenant, not by demands but by choice and the oath that Rulakh had given, to be honored with the continence of it's existence.

||Absolution in Death ||

"Holy Mother, O' Great Mother, protect us from evil, from unclean devils and foul demons, and most of all from the clutches of the dark abyss".

Rulakh, The Damned. _R8vjre57hg

Possession and fear are the tools of the Wraith kind, that would wield such a chill upon the air and the frantic pace of a mans heart in the presence of such an anomaly. Unbound from the living veil yet not turned unto the next life, the reach of a Wraith extends between worlds, able to shape and shift matters of the mortal plane to their bidding. Such is the true describing of Rulakh's physical form. Able to inhabit the armors made of man, the King Wraith uses all matters of mortal make to depict the horror that would be gone amiss in his natural inhabitance. Instead, to those unlucky few to befall his victim or those fortunate to be regarded in nuetral light, the Wraith would be seen as plainly as most others, by his decree.

As intimidating as he might look, the share horror of his true form would peel the flesh from around a mans eyes and consume him for days in anguish had Mortals the ability to see beyond the living plane. It should also be noted that these dark and forsaken spirits have been known to come into the possession of other men and women alike in order to fulfill their purpose before moving on into the next world.

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Rulakh, The Damned. Empty Re: Rulakh, The Damned.

Post by Rulakh on Thu 09 Jun 2016, 08:40




+ The ability to come and go from human sight when and where desired.
+ The ability to pass through solid surfaces, weapons and people.
+ Can come and go between the living world and crossing the veil into the NetherRealm.
+ Bares no scent nor sound unless wielding physical/Human-made armaments.
+ Can draw the life from all living beings without conforming to physical form.
+ Does not fear, for what is dead may never die.
+ Is fiercely loyal to Hope Death-Reign, where she goes, he will follow.


- Cannot speak nor communicate nor share in living bonds in any way without possessing the body of another living entity.
- Can be seen by others baring the blood of the Wraith or lineage to the Spectral kind.
-  Is beholden to the laws of the old Gods and cannot intervene in events impacting the spiritual world or the natural order of the Mortal timeline.


- Devour-Hour: The reaping of another’s soul, consuming it and drawing new found strength from crushing the existence of the victim.

- Death’s Touch: The ability to draw the soul out of a mortal or sentient being with the touch of a hand, pulling them into the veil between worlds and converting them to become a Spectral-Wraith themselves.

- Shadow Step: Falling back into the veil, the space between worlds and realms can be used to transport himself and another if desired away from harm, to another location. The longer the distance, the longer it takes and the more strength is consumed resulting in the need to consume other Souls.

- Possession: The ability to possess another sentient or living being. By doing this Rulakh may do and act as any other being of the living realm might, including speaking to others through otherworldly harmonics. This ability can also extend to the acquisition of physical armaments in which can be used to fight upon the physical plane if decided, (The latter is rare to behold, the need for physical confrontation one of pride more so than necessity). All beings possessed die afterwards, the possession claiming their life force in consequence for the sentient body to undergo and exhume the presence of the Wraith.

||Out of Character Context||
This Character, Rulakh was made for the sole purpose of the preservation and continued good health of Hope Death-Reign and as such will not intervene in any plots of his own free-will. He will however get between any and all who threaten his purpose, he is to be considered the Vanguard in which will act much like a Tanking Character throughout their RolePlay.

-Previous Appearances:

Immortal Bloodlines: Shadow Fang.
Risen Deceptions.

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Rulakh, The Damned. Empty Re: Rulakh, The Damned.

Post by Rulakh on Thu 09 Jun 2016, 08:56


||Characters Killed||
Played Characters killed by Rulakh.

Soul Tygetsu ~ Click Here.

||Current Threads||
A Comprehensive list of threads active and otherwise.


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Rulakh, The Damned. Empty Re: Rulakh, The Damned.

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