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Post by Cashan on Wed 14 Sep 2016, 22:13

Happy birthday IB, Happy birthday IB, happy birthday IBBBBBBBBB, happy birthday IB. Yes it's that time of year again where we celebrate not only the sites birthday but our wonderful community as well and this year we have an extra special treat for you all as a way of saying thank you for you time and contributions.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes on creating a brand new independent website for Immortal Bloodlines, moving away from Forumotion to create a new, one of a kind experience that cannot be got anywhere else. The site has been completely customized for PBP writing and experienced rp'ers will be testing it to make sure that everyone's needs will be met.

Testing of the beta version begins in October with the hopes that the site will become fully active by January 2017. Of course this means that the current site will eventually be made inactive and placed in moderation mode. We will be doing our best to transfer over all archived threads but the transferring of bios will be the responsibility of the writers. There will be a transition period for members and plenty of notice given before anything is done.

But the most important exciting aspect for me is that the site is based on an entirely new continent. New places to explore, to live, to fight for. This will be tied in with a site wide plot as described below as a brief preview as to what's to come. We hope you will all be as excited as we our about this new chapter in Immortal Bloodlines history. We know that change can be hard but it is our aim to keep improving the site and we feel that we can't go any further under the restraints of Forumotion.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the new site and may even ask a few of the current active members to test the new site so please watch your inboxes for any messages that might appear. We look forward to any input you may have and as always if you have any questions please message me Cashan either in a private message or in a comment. We look forward to making the transition with you all and hope to make it as smooth as possible. Until then, enjoy the site and as ever keep posting.


Cashan & Voidwolf ( Cashan's amazing husband who has spent months coding this new fantastic site. )


A New Era - A Preview

" The Oxen Corporations grip will tighten on the land of Otara Mortus, another Eradication will sweep across the land and your only option will be to run or stay and surely die. You flee to the continent of Era, a place of peace and as of yet untouched by Ox Corp. It's capital city Novum offers new hope and opportunities for Immortals seeking refuge but beware, the Immortal presence is not as visible on this continent and the locals want to keep it that way. So watch where you tread because one wrong step could turn your new haven into hell all over again. "

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