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Voidwolf (WIP)

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Voidwolf (WIP) Empty Voidwolf (WIP)

Post by voidwolf on Sat 17 Sep 2016, 00:41

Name: Voidwolf

Species: Lycan

Age: 28

Appearance (Human): In human form he stands 5 foot 10 in height with longish black hair. He is seldom seen without his trademark hoodie and jeans. Around his neck he wears a simple string necklace with a symbol of far eastern origin.

Appearance (Wolf): Smallish wolf with white to grey shaggy fur. Not a runt by any means but easy to underestimate.

Appearance (Astral): While astral walking he appears in wolf form glowing shades of blue with a ghost like appearance.

Personality: He prefers his own company and isn't normally one to socialise, however with the right people can be coaxed out of his shell. He is loyal to those who prove themselves worthy of it but can be too quick to trust. He would describe himself more as thinker than a fighter but isn't afraid to defend his beliefs should the need arise.

Skills and Weaknesses

Astral Walking in short bursts lets him avoid attack by allowing the world pass through him. Used mostly as a defense when caught off guard but the effort involved drains him quickly.

He is not very skilled with weapons but will fight if forced. His wolf form gives him an advantage in speed and agility which makes up for his lack of strength.

Drifting from place to place, he does not call anywhere home. His family an unknown and last relative dead, he tries his best to make a life when he can. The past and its memories hold no good value.


Voidwolf (WIP) Guy

Voidwolf (WIP) Wolf2


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