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survival 101

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survival 101

Post by Guest on Tue 27 Sep 2016, 22:10

After the conversation with Marcus she wasn't sure how she felt. His sister made it pretty clear she didn't like her and wouldn't want Her being there. She excepted that and not wanting to put herself through that she once again ventured away from the manor after Marcus said what He had to..

She didn't stay where his father was even though that'd what he said..

In her wolf form she crouched low watching as the small rabbit rubbed at it's face in the bed of clovers. She couldn't remember the last time she ate...and when she did stay in the manor she didn't dare touch any of her food.

It had taken a little time to learn how to hunt and be in wolf form...the sights smells and movement so different in this form.

She waited only a moment more before making her move. The rabbit had begun eating it's attention not on the wind

She was almost to it when she thought she heard her name...she glanced around but didn't see anyone
The moment caused the rabbit to look up and from there the chase was on. Her legs carried her closer. And closer until she snatched the creature up with her fangs killing it instantly not wanting it to suffer. Carrying it under a shady tree she began to eat.

It wasntlong before the wind stirred drawing her attention back.

She could cross food off her list. Next would be to find shelter.


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Re: survival 101

Post by Guest on Sun 02 Oct 2016, 20:10

Stomach full, she stood and stretched lazily not in a real hurry. She had bathed during the day and washed her clothes leaving them out to dry.

She walked past the small stream se had found, seeing her clothes still drying on the rocks She by passed them in search of a place to sleep. Some where she'd be covered incase it rained.

She knew even out this far she should still be cautious. The corporation could be any where. As She traveled down past the small stream she found a small den. "What do you think?" she asked satori as she began digging it out some making it a little wider. "We'll crash here for a bit and then...move on." it wasn't a home but it would do for a few days.

Stepping back she shook the ruble from her fir. Food And shelter, check.

With the day coming to a close she settled down in the make shift shelter to sleep.

The dream started out the same.She was in wolf form running enjoying herself playfully. Chasing a rabbit when she stopped sensing she was being guided and told how to hunt by an unseen person. Was It just a dream?


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Re: survival 101

Post by Guest on Thu 06 Oct 2016, 21:47

Knowing she was dreaming she let the dream unwind revealing events of her first attempts at hunting.the unseen guide telling what she should do to get her prey.

It was the same dream she'd had since merging with satori. She didn't know what to do or how to go about things but every night her dreams would guide her and every time She hunted she got better. It was almost to the part where she caught the rabbit when the dream changed. The landscape shifting from rolling hills and trees to an old building. The years showing on the wall with all the dirt And grime.

Turning to look to her right she bit back a yelp of surprise as there was a wolf a few yards ahead.

Hello? She called out to the wolf. The wolf looked at her and then disappeared around the corner. Nervous she followed wondering what this place could be...silently a he crept after him cringing at the smell of the place and the sounds of metal against metal. There where many doors and longer she followed the wolf the more it began to smell of blood and death.

She turned yet another corner coming to a room of cages....


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Re: survival 101

Post by Guest on Mon 10 Oct 2016, 21:18

The dream seemed more real than it was supposed to. She had never seen a place like this....the room was filled with tiny cells built on top of one another. She could barely make out figures huddled in the corner of some.

The rancid smell of urine and feces assaulted her nose; old blood and the stench of death and pain. Her heart reached out to them. Shifting to her human form she raced to the cells to help. Her fingers curled around the iron bars to pry them loose.

She yelled in shock as it burned her flesh the pain so real she woke; dazed.

Scrambling to a sitting position she frowned as she looked at her hands. They were blistered and raw; slowly healing. She sat there...in a daze.


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Re: survival 101

Post by Coran Velancie on Wed 26 Oct 2016, 18:25

Death had left him a changed man, it was something he was gradually getting used to. Once he had been very self assured and even dominant, yet for the most part he had still managed to be a pretty laid back guy. Hell and Mayhem had changed and made him into something else. He strived to be the same man, the one he recognised but it was proving to be a difficult task. The past clung to him, the claws of death curled into his flesh despite his new found life.
Nightmares kept him awake, memories kept him tormented, yet in the face of it all he was becoming pretty gifted in appearing to be the same happy go lucky guy, parties and drinking having taken up most of his time since his return.

Questions were driving him insane though. In the moments he found himself alone or sometimes even when in company they nagged at him like worms burrowing beneath his skull scratching and scraping away constantly leaving him in pain and unable to ignore them.
That was what made hi eventually venture away from Saint City much to his disdain and out through Arcane and in the end to the black woods.
He had asked the right questions and after many nights he had been told where the Death family now resided.
He had to find KnOT but not for the most obvious reasons. It would have been obvious for him to storm back there and start a fight, blaming the monster for killing him and starting off his torturous sentence in the nether world.
But that was not what he wanted. He wanted to know if it was all worth while. Had KnOT got what he wanted when he killed him, had he achieved what ever fucked up game plan he had. Or was it all for nothing.
He didn't even know if the man had a reason for killing him other then reacting out of sheer anger for the argument that had been between them and Cassandra. The death of his brother still tormented him, he just needed to know or else he would never find peace.

Humming a dull tune underneath his breath he had been walking through the woods for the best part of a day, following nothing more then scents not having the actual location of the house.
He had grown frustrated and was starting to lose his focus on the whole thing when some movement ahead of him made him halt pulling in closer to a tree he stood beside.
It seemed he had come across a resting creature that had been disturbed from it's slumber he watched quietly for a moment before clearing his throat to announce himself, figuring it would go one of two ways, violence or non violence. He was more then willing to face either to disrupt his solitude.
Coran Velancie

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Re: survival 101

Post by Guest on Thu 22 Dec 2016, 21:11

Her eyes glued to her hands, her brows puckered as her thoughts ran rampant. That had never happened before...the bars...they had felt so real in her dream...the silver physically burned her...could her powers becoming stronger...or did her imagination just run wild enough for her body to believe she had for burned?

She was so focused on her hands and that disturbing dream that the males scent didn't register, that someone was there not until he cleared his throat.

Oh God! What was she to do? She had planned for this moment. Thought her resting place was a good one. She should run...the hunters had found her...oxen soldiers had found her?? As her panic rose, so did her beast Satori. A silent calm settled over her, slowing the beat of her racing heart. The wolf breathed deep Using Sataras nose.

The exchange only took a few seconds, with her beast awake, satara felt better. Still a bit frightened, she slipped from her make shift den. The human clothes she wore had seen better days. The edges were frayed from daily use. Dirt and grime had settled into the fabric no matter that she washed it in the river daily.

Her eyed searched the woods until they found the male. She looked behind him and aroun to see if others where with him.

Her thoughts again got the better of her. Who was he? Did he work for the corporation??


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Re: survival 101

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