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Caine Dimitru

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Caine Dimitru Empty Caine Dimitru

Post by StareNation on Thu 03 Nov 2016, 07:30

Name: Caine

Nick Name/Title: none

Age: undisclosed

Sex: Male

Race: Demon


Eyes- soft crystal blue

Hair - Medium rough cut black in colour.

Clothing - whatever he feels like wearing at the time

Build - Matching the height of his brother, Caine stands shoulder to shoulder with Vaughan. quite similiar in build and structure as Vaughan though unique in small details.


Caine is a very private person and these days has grown much more serious and mediocre since settling down with Sauri He still enjoys his cars his motorbikes however is not a womanizer anymore and is becoming very much the family man as opposed to his brothers.

Background/History: Caines childhood is unknown as he does not speak of his past nor does he readily intend too. some history may be documented in future in line with developing plots. what is known at present is listed below.

Family History.

The father Nero in an attempt to bring about an apocalypse to complete a prophecy and gain a control hold over the earth and the after life set a campaign to sire four children. Scouring each corner of Romania Nero would capture and impregnate any gypsy women of great elemental power until he had four sons. Upon the birth of a female the baby would be killed.

Once four sons were born their mothers were murdered so the sons would know nothing but hatred. Each son having immense power, that would eventually compliment each other and bring about the end of the modern world.

Before this could happen a council was set up with one purpose, to avert the prophecies completion. Stealing each son from the clutched of Nero they were all separated placed at different ends of the country with no knowledge of each other. In the hopes that the boys would never know what they were supposed to be.

But Criston, Nero's right hand man was not subdued and found one of the brothers eventually bringing them back together.
Determined not to bring about the prophecy though the boys, fought their inner demons to the best of their abilities. Vaughan eventually banishing Nero to the underworld with the help of Criston.

All the while a sister, one not killed by Nero, flourished later to find the boys once they had all set up home together within a vampire coven. Matashina.
Facing many attacks upon them throughout the years the family have faces Angels of light. Gods and Goddesses.

When Caine arrived in Lacrimosa during a war between the Dimitru family and Angels sent from a higher council he quickly became known as the practical joker of his brothers, a careless attitude tending to land him in trouble as well as his womanizing ways. This changed however when Caine pursued Sauri Matashina, eventually winning her heart. Over the next years despite trials and tribulations, Caine and Sauri became engaged and began living together. Though Caine later experienced a morph, his eyesight disappearing altogether which left him disgruntled and hard to deal with. With the loss of sight Caine struggled through his adjustments and often took leave to search for a solution placing a strain on his relationship with Sauri. Further complications also arose when the demon Nyx sought revenge, using Sauri to murder Caine’s brother Romal.

Over time Caine found his abilities in terms of the elements had all but disappeared and he found himself gaining strength in psychological abilities including telepathy, telekinesis and seer type characteristics. His vision has not returned the same way, instead he is able to see through vibrations, his eyes forming patterns of colour in time with the vibration which he has learned to use to his advantage. He still struggles with sensitivity to light and his other senses however can often get through the day by using implements like earplugs and shades.

With news of trouble in Arcane, Caine travels from Lacrimosa to investigate what seems to be troubling his family.

(other Dimitru history can be read on Vaughan Dimitru’s profile)


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