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Post by Enya M on Fri 11 Nov 2016, 15:58

Full Name: Enya
Mate: None
Sire: Ajax
Race: Elemental Vampire
Family: her brother Matty
Build and Appearance: Lithe and petite, she stands at a towering height of 5’ 2”. Skin is a supple and smooth ivory with untamed, fiery burgundy hair and a mixture of red/orange and yellow colored eyes, a light like fire. She has a tattoo on the left side of her face and down the left side of her arm.

Birth Season: Summer

She is able to summon fire at will
Can heat objects by manipulating the molecules in the air or the object itself; can also do this to living/non living creatures as everyone is made up of something.
Someone stronger

Fighting Class: Dilettant

Personality (Name) is very fun and outgoing, but this is mainly shown with her brother who truly knows her. She adores children of all species and wouldn’t dare drink from one. She despises seeing cruelty towards children and although her brother has told her not to get involved; she does if she sees one miss-treated. Over her longevity, she has accumulated wealth beyond human reality and as such contributes to various orphanages across the world.
She can come off somewhat childish at times and innocently naïve.
She was born at the stroke of midnight six years after her brother during a time when rumors of witch craft and the devil was its most high. The authorities were on high alert killing anyone if they were suspected of using witchcraft.
During this horrid time, the family was blessed twice with a child. The first had been a miracle baby as they had tried to get pregnant many times, but failed. When after a long time, they finally succeeded. It had brought them much happiness and joy at the realization that they would soon have yet another son or daughter of their own. Unknown to anyone, the Mother once again snuck out seeking the witch that helped her with her first born. She agreed to the terms of the witch, greedily taking the concoction that would help her conceive her second.
The pregnancy was much like the first, with the exception of minimal pain and morning sickness, the mother and father happily eager for its arrival.
After an excruciating two hours, the babe was blue and not responding. Scared for the little baby, the mid-wife rubbed gently patting on her back until finally the baby opened her eyes, taking her first breath; her color slowly became normal as she began to wail loudly.

Relieved that she was alive, the mid-wife cleaned her up and gave her to the mother. It wasn’t until she began to suckle the babe, that the mother noticed her eyes, exhausted from just given birth she screeched and clumsily pushed the baby away refusing to feed it, screaming that the devil was inside her baby.
As the mother sobbed loudly that her daughter was not normal, the mid-wife and father looked at the baby seeing the same darkness in child’s eye color. None dared touch her, leaving her to cry on the floor where she fell.
The three of them decided they would kill the daughter and tell the village the mother had birthed a still born. The plans failed: The knife would not pierce her flesh nor did the water fill her lungs ceasing all breath. All that they tried to do did not work. The baby lived. With each attempt the baby wailed louder and louder. It appeared the walls were starting to bow and looked as if they where melting. The temperature in the house began to get hotter. Frantic and terrified of the female baby, the mid-wife plucked her up trying to soother her. The family was stuck with the infant child. It took all they had, but the baby finally cried itself to sleep, the temperature cooled as time passed.

Thinking their precious son asleep, they did not notice as he watched in horror.
None spoke of that day, and the parents only did the bare minimum for her. Scared she would do something; they went to the local physician explaining that their baby had colic and couldn’t sleep. Anytime she began to get upset they would give her this for her to sleep. If not for her brother, she would have truly been alone. As she slept he would sneak in and talk to her, holding her little hands. Through time she began to trust him and only him.
She was three when the house caught on fire, their parents trapped inside. She and her brother stood huddled outside watching it burn to the ground.
Their human years past in a blur, and when she turned 19, a vampire found them and changed their lives forever

Enya M

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