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Akeldama Drachen

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Akeldama Drachen  Empty Akeldama Drachen

Post by Guest on Tue 15 Nov 2016, 00:42

Red - Compulsory, must be included in biography.
Green - Optional.


Basic information

Name: Akeldama Drachen
Nickname: Akela
Origin: Valeria
Breed (Vampire, Human, wraith, etc.) Vampire
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Family (Here you can tell us about their parents, siblings, children. Are they still alive? Etc.)

Appearance (Eye and hair colour, height, weight, build, etc. You can also include pictures here of your character. )

Human Age: 27
Actual Age: Over 1,000
Human Eye Color: Silver + Red when bloodlust is at its greatest
Human Hair Color: White
Type of Build/Body:
Tall, curvaceous figure
Height: 5’7
Weight: 54kg


Write a paragraph on your character's personality. Are they kind? Mean? Mysterious?

Cunning and dedicated warrior, who showed little remorse for her enemies. Willing to risk her own life for the good of her coven, or those she loves. Akela is usually all-business, and does not suffer fools gladly, given her opinion of arrogant and insufferable Vampire leaders who don't care for their coven. Headstrong and stubborn, even to a fault, refusing to walk away until the task at hand is completed. Her attitude stems from her centuries as a hardened warrior under the coven ruling and leadership of an ancient vampire by the name Tarquin Roman.

Likes (What is their favourite time of year? What personality traits do they like in others? Etc.)
Dislikes (Perhaps they hate humans or rain. Whatever you desire.)

Flaws (Is your character impulsive? Do they have an addiction? Etc.)


Abilities (Does your character have any extraordinary abilities? Such as enhanced speed, healing capabilities, elemental control. Please be weary of over powering or God Moding your character.)

Supernatural Endurance
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Speed
Supernatural Senses
Supernatural Agility

Blood Sorting

The ability to absorb and read another Immortal's blood memories with a flash of images

First Sensory Scrying

Tacker's are highly developed psychometrics who can track the location of people or objects over varying distances. Like bloodhounds, their ability is increased if they have tactile access to an object that has been in direct contact with the subject. Trackers receive information in the form of images, which is why identifiable landmarks help increase their effectiveness

Secondary Sensory Scrying

hitch-hike" other beings' senses and experience what happens as they were them. This power grants the user with the ability to taste, feel, smell, see and/or hear from others senses. It allows the user to experience the world as their target would. The user will fall into a coma like status which will last 24 hours while she is hitch hiking, Her own body becomes helpless while they are using someone elses senses.
Experiencing everything their target does which means they can also take damage as the target does. A Stronger connection is worse off for the user.

Weaknesses (Every character must have a weakness, which can allow another character to take advantage of. For example, a demon's weakness would be holy relics and artefacts)

Silver is harmful

A small does age causes light irritation

A medium does age causes illness .Etc (headaches, impaired vision, vomiting)

A large does age causes death


A small amount of sunlight causes mild sickness. Etc (dizziness, nauseous)

A medium amount of sunlight causes nasty blisters, heat exhaustion, and fainting

A large amount of sunlight is extremely painful and takes weeks to heal

( Can your character speak any other languages? Are they skilled in weaponry or have any special training? )

Mild skills in weapons and fighting. Etc basic defence

Expect Tracker in The Vampiric Army

(Here you can fill us all in on the life your character has led, what adventures have they been on? What heartbreak have they endured? Perhaps your character has memory loss and has no awareness of their own history.)


Akeldama Drachen; A vampiric solider who comes from an alternative universe where the vampire, lycanthrope, and human race is in a blood war where land and empire are the prize. The Lycanthrope have an Alliance with the human's giving the Lycanthrope the upper hand in the Great War. Tarquin Roman; the leader of the vampiric coven and who maybe the vampires last hope in winning this war with his trained Trackers whose abilities have helped in many assassinations of many Lycanthropes and humans, tracking down rebel soldiers; vampires who betrayed their kind for riches of finest gold, well that's what Tarquinn tells his fellow vampires. Why? Because no one questions their great leader without punishment of death.

Akeldama was on a mission when she was caught by the enemy, beaten and bloodied she waited for death, suddenly out of nowhere a blinding splash of light appeared before them. herself and her two captors were pulled into the spiralling black wormhole and sent to a land, it is very different from their homeland and lycans are now on hunt for their missing prey.

(A work in progress)


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