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Zigan Empty Zigan

Post by Zigan on Mon 28 Nov 2016, 09:42

Name- Zigan
Gender- Male
DOB- 07/05/1980
Zigan is a blood born Lycan coming from a pure line. He had the strengths and abilities of most Lycans born into the race. Being slightly larger then average due to the alpha status he once held. In recent years his body did become corrupted by the ArchAngel Michael giving him further abilities there yet still kept his bloodline intact.

Former Beta, Alpha and member of Kostas.

Zigan would be considered to have a heavy build his broad shoulders carrying muscle weight and body mass with ease. As stated before he had gained such size having carried once become an alpha which had doubled him in his natural size.
His hair red and reaching his hips if often found to be tied back and out of the way. A blue/white streak running through the centre of it since his dealings with Archangels and demonic lines.
His eyes are of emerald colouration but are ringed in a thick circle of sky blue giving them an eerie appearance that often causes him to avoid making contact with humans unless necessary.
All tattoos and scars were wiped out during his rebirth Michael allowing him a new vessel.
His lycan form carries the same eyes and the same bulk size since he had become the alpha, his muscle tone having diminished minimally yet some since he was replaced as Alpha. His coat is rough and a ashen grey coloration.

Zigan has loved and lost his family. They still remain living yet they no longer are in contact. Jokers-Former Fiance. Farah and Leena his daughters.
Current mate- Nammia.

Zigan had come from a harsh and uncaring background and it often reflected upon his personality once he became known to the Kostas pack.
During his time with them he changed, calmed down his ways and became a much more tolerant and accepting man.
Haunted by his own past he accepts others are not perfect and often tries to avoid confrontation where possible, but he is not afraid to face it full on if he has to. Especially if he feels ones he care for are being threatened.  
He can not stand arrogance or dishonesty such things often bringing out the rougher side of him. Otherwise he usually strives to be as approachable as possible. Despite his unwillingness to unburden his own issues upon others he frequently will put himself in the position to aid others with their own issues.
He is an introvert forced into the life of an extrovert often not allowing anyone in to his own personal world outside of pack mentalities.

Powers and abilities.
Zigan has the strength and speed to match that of an alpha, his lycan form slightly stronger then his human one yet they are still pretty evenly matched.
He has no other powers that he can claim as his own yet he has been corrupted by the Archangel Michael which in times of distress triggers a set of powers belonging to the holy body that do not belong to Zigan yet will act on his behalf. This is something which he tries to avoid and seeks to rid himself of.

Zigan came to the Kostas pack after fleeing a much darker group of lycans, a gang called the bayside brawlers. The gang were running anything illegal they could get their hands upon. Including children. They would kidnap children and either sell them on or they would turn them into Lycans. The new lycans that fell bellow what the gang bosses considered their standard would be slaughtered in the cruellest of ways.
A gang member called Hunter and himself were not happy about the transition into the child labour trade and eventually Hunter left fleeing from the group to rid himself of them. Zigan soon found himself following. He followed his friend to the Kostas Pack where eventually they were able to put the past with the gang behind them, Zigan moving on to become a member of the Kostas Pack. Later becoming a Beta Male.
Kostas opened up a whole new life to ZIgan, one he had not known existed. Accepted into a family he learned of their values and eventually picked them up as his own undergoing a complete transformation of self.
Meeting Jokers Wild there he fell in love with her, proposing to her, they were never to make it to marriage but they did have twin girls named Leena and Farah. As with relationships they drifted apart their differences driving a wedge between them until they separated Jokers taking Zigan's children from him. Which remains a sore point to this day.
Zigan move from Beta to Alpha of the pack and things seemed to be progressing well enough until a demon came to their lands. This demon possessed Zigan in order to consume the strength of his pack. Blaze the former Alpha came across him and in an attempt to free Zigan from the demon's clutches he killed him.
The pack members saw Blaze covered in their alpha's blood and without hesitation they banished him. Of course not knowing the facts to as why he had killed one of his best friends.
In death Zigan had known nothing. His soul bound for hell had been snatched up by the Arch Angel Michael. The Archangel having been watching the lands of Kumari fall under the spell of demons and even Lucifer who had become linked to Blaze.
In an attempt to restore the order of things Michael raised Zigan once again, his memory how ever had not remained in tact all he remembered was that Blaze had killed him yet not why. This was a ploy by Michael to set the males off against one another, Michael routing his powers inti Zigan using Zigan as a pawn in his game of good vs evil. Though in time Zigan found it became difficult to tell which side was which.

Zigan and Blaze had many battles and it changed them both. Eventually Zigan learned the truth of what had happened yet he still could not rid himself of the angelic presence within him so he turned away from all he loved and left the Kostas lands with his friend Nammia. She had been the only one to stand beside him through it all.
They were later mated. Now they have learned of the human's extermination and have come to Arcane to reach out to any of their kind in a bid to band them together and form a new pack. Hoping to save the what was left of their species in the area.

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