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Aspen Hayden

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Aspen Hayden

Post by Aspen Hayden on Mon 23 Jan 2017, 22:49




NameAspen Hayden
Sex Female
Age38(Stopped aging at 25)
Status: Single
Species Wolf Shifter/Vampire Hybrid
Scent Sage & Vanilla

:: Gallery/Appearance

:: Personality

Aspen is a loner, shes quiet and reserved and had very little interaction with others. Shes analytical and contemplates every move she makes. Shes untrusting of most people and rarely acts on impulse. Shes also easily annoyed though she doesn't enjoy verbal confrontations.  

:: Strength/Weakness

Increased speed, strength, stamina
Increased sense of smell, sight, hearing and feeling
Rapid healing
Increased pain tolerance
Shift between wolf and vampire body at will
More powerful during full moon
Sun exposure(cannot stand direct sunlight more then 1hr)

:: Background

Aspen was the oldest daughter born to a couple of lone wolves. They had 4 children in total, although Aspen was the oldest by years. She often enjoyed her solitude and tended to wander off to hunt and forage through the forest on her own. The life of a lone fit her well, she liked the freedom it provided her. Her family was close and while they took in no other wolves, they were a small pack in their own right and lived peacefully as such. For the first 18 years of Aspens life, they moved from den to den, staying away from larger packs and living the gypsy lifestyle. Once she reached maturity and her siblings inevitably following behind in age, her parents decided they needed to establish a more permanent home, somewhere where it would give their children access to others of their own kind, encouraging them to find their own mates.
Aspen didn't bother with her parents nudges, instead keeping to herself as she scoured the forest and practiced hunting alone. They set up a small territory around their den and it wasn't long before her sister Allaina took to the male. Their courtship was short and she was quickly inducted into their pack, though it wasn't long before the pressure to bring her family to the packs numbers was put on. Allaina proposed the packs offer to her family, but their lifestyle kept them from accepting. The larger pack was outraged at the proposal, taking to extreme measures in order to force their hand. While on patrol, Aspen came across the body of her youngest brother Hunter, his neck snapped and the scent of pack hanging heavily in the air.  Upon hearing the news, Aspens sister Allaina was outraged, speaking against her new pack as she confronted them with the truth. She was soon killed, silencing her and dumping her near her family's den.
Now, two children lost, her mother and father were blind with rage, grieving over their children. They took to the night in a suicidal attempt to take revenge. Her brother, Ivan, joined them also in search for revenge leaving Aspen to decide what she would do. She knew, going against the pack was imminent death but she couldn't walk away knowing her only remaining family would perish. Her feet seemed to move on their own as she followed her family, racing to catch up. She soon joined their ranks as her father led them straight into the den, instantly surrounding themselves with enemies. The fight was quick, first her mother fell, her father next. Yellow eyes scanned for her little brother, soon finding him just as a large male raced towards him. She bolted as fast as she could, trying to move him away and escape but she was stopped as another body slammed into her. A feral growl erupted from her muzzle as she twisted and came in contact with the soft spot in the throat, jaws opening and snapping shut on flesh as she thrashed and ripped the throat to shreds. Wild eyes looked to where her brother had been, seeing nothing but other wolves. A loud screech took her attention as the large male dove into his soft belly, the light soon leaving his eyes.
Looking around at the three bodies of her loved ones caused something to snap, with strength and speed she didn't know she possessed, Aspen ran while the pack gave chase. She could hear them, at her heels but her eyes stayed forward. It was as if she was on auto pilot as sturdy legs carried her swiftly through the forest. Jumping fallen trees and weaving through the brush, she slowly put distance between herself and the hunting party. Their territory line was ending and just after it ended lay the Black Forest. The wolves weren't often welcomed there but she didn't care, she had to lose the pack. It was as if the boarder was a wall, the pack ceasing their chase as soon as she passed the territory line. Howls erupted behind her but she sighed in relief as her run slowed.
The Black Forest lived up to their name, the sun was completely blocked out by thick trunks that were so dark they looked black. It gave off a forewarning feeling as you entered its thickets but all that was pushed aside as Aspen dove in. Her run was now a walk as her injuries from the fight trickled blood to the ground and exhaustion made it hard for her to concentrate. She never heard the predator that hid in the shadows.
He silently followed the wolf until she finally came to a stop, her body falling to sit at the base of an old oak. He pondered how he wished to enjoy his meal, would he take her unexpectedly or let her put up a fight. He had a sense of curiosity of the wolf that wondered into a place she wasn't welcome, why was she here? Didn't she know? Straightening his collar  he stepped from his hiding spot, stepping purposefully as twigs snapped beneath his boots to announce his presence.
It felt as if a shock went through him as the wolf with golden eyes looked up at him with such sadness that he felt his heart would stop beating if it was beating in the first place. In the next second, a woman sat where the furred beast once did. She was bruised and beaten, the look of hopelessness was clearly written on her face.
Aspen looked into the red eyes of the predator before her, she didn't have the strength left to fight a vampire. There was no point, she was alone in this world and her family was dead. She spoke no words and simply let her head fall to the side, exposing her neck as she surrendered and closed her eyes.
She had lost consciousness, his meal lay in front of him and he never had to fight or chase her. It was almost too easy as he walked up to her body and lifted her easily into his arms. It was as if her skin was fire against his, the blood rushing through her veins singing to him in temptation.  His lips were only inches from her skin, fangs extended and ready to rip open the soft flesh. But the haunting look of her eyes still burned into his mind, how could someone be so lost? Still, a meal was a meal and he hadn't eaten in days, her fate was sealed. A pop was all the sound that was made as fangs pierced the skin, deep gulps followed as he greedily drank from the woman who gave up and lay in his arms. He felt her body weaken as the blood in her veins drained, the wild taste causing an explosion in his mouth. The rise and fall of her chest was becoming more shallow as minutes went by, becoming ragged and raspy as her death neared.
As he drank the last drop her heart stopped, the lack of beating leaving a deafening silence. He didn't understand the mixed feelings he had for the female wolf but something drove a need to save her. Biting his wrist open, letting the blood flow freely into her open lips.
Regaining consciousness was one of the most painful experiences that she ever had. Her body was still and ached as if a tree had fallen on her. The light in the room she was in assaulted her eyes and the sounds of the house around her rang clearly in her ears. The stench of vampires hung heavily on the bed, pillows, the clothes she wore...and her? Lifting her hand and cupping her face, Aspen took in a deep breath and inhaled the earthen and vanilla smell she possessed as a wolf and now the sagey smell mixed with the smell of vampire. her stomach turned as she tried to remember what had happened and where she was, though her movements were restricted by thick metal cuffs on her wrists. It was some while before the sound of the door handle moved, causing Aspen to startle. A tall man entered the room with what seemed a genuine smile on his face. He explained who he was, what he was and that he brought her here to undergo the change. He explained that while he had intended to drain her and leave her dead, that he felt compelled to save her and give her the chance to regain hope.
She stayed with Stephen for many years and they developed a father/daughter like relationship, he taught her to handle the mix of vampire and wolf powers that mixed in her. Again, Aspen fell into a sense of peace and belonging before tragedy happened. A night raid of hunters took the life of her only companion, staking him in the heart and reducing him to ashes before her eyes. That night she killed 9 men and drained them all, unleashing a darkness in Aspen that she found hard to control. Since then, she's wandered the city sides keeping to herself. Her thirst is quenched by the game she kills and the random straggler that wanders too far away from city lights.
Aspen Hayden

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