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Raikou Diasu - Ronin (WIP)

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Raikou Diasu - Ronin (WIP)

Post by Raikou Diasu on Fri 27 Jan 2017, 11:34


Age: Twenty six years old.
Height: 6'0".
Weight: 82kgs.
Voice: Firm, calculated.

Public Stature: Samurai, Ronin.



  • Combat Strategist.
  • High stamina, ability to push his body to his peak condition upon the outset of a large enough threat.
  • The ability to perceive those around him, insight in study and attention to detail.

Objects or Abilities of Interest:

Bushidō, code of the samurai.

Like the knights of medieval Europe, the Samurai lived by a code of conduct that was rarely broken. In Europe it was called chivalry; in Japan the word was bushidō. But the code ofbushidō was far stricter. It inspired the warrior to great heights of martial skill and it differed from chivalry in an important respect: bushidō emphasized absolute loyalty. Through bushido the samurai was able to transcend the natural human impulse towards fear. It was the fear that an ordinary soldier would experience in the heat of battle when faced by overwhelming enemies and probably faced by the certainty of death. The Samurai as the supreme warrior overcame this; he rose above it. Bushidō gave the Samurai the tools to become one with the weapon and not fear death. An opponent ready to die became the ultimate warrior. If the Samurai could overcome fear, then he had the peace and the power to serve his master loyally and to die for him without a moment's hesitation.
The samurai prized virtues such as honesty, courage, benevolence, respect, self-sacrifice, self-control, compliance with duty and unquestionable loyalty to one's master. These ideals brought balance and stability to the social organization.

The meaning of bushidō is to achieve something in the world and then be able to throw away this body and to accept death. But this concept is very easily misunderstood. It's really quite different from just going out and dying. If one fails to achieve something and says, "Oh I must kill myself," it's not a very productive way of thinking. Bushidō rejects that irresponsible way of thinking. If one has tried to perform some act and failed, there is also in bushidō the concept of continuing to live, even though one may have to live in shame. If there is a chance to right the wrong one has done, then one should do so; this is the real bushidō.

Under certain circumstances, bushidō also dictated that a Samurai commit ritual suicide, also known as seppuku or hari-kiri (literally "belly cutting"). A warrior who disgraced himself, either in a batter or in some other dishonorable deed, had little recourse except ritual suicide. According to bushidō, perishing in battle was an honorable way to die. But being taken prisoner was a shame that could not be washed away. The Samurai would then commit ritual suicide rather than surrender to the enemy.


Shikami masks are, of course, demon masks. The large furrowed brow, the fang like teeth and snarling mouth exhibit a ferocious manner that would put fear into anyone. The red complexion indicates the degree of rage expressed by the demon. The eyes and teeth are metallic gold.

This particular Mask however has been handed down through generation upon generation, once revered by it's meaning and symbolism of the Oni, it's use in battle has since given it new meaning to Raikou and his Masters mentors before him. Their faith in their honorable ways have upheld the mentality that while the Oni work in fear against the human world, it is better to return such fears than to waver in them and some how, this mask has come to breath an innate ability into Raikou, allowing him to sense the ever darkened presence of the Oni' in his immediate vacinity. Truly something spiritual has been at play in this young mans fate.

Weapons & Training:

  • 'Katana' - Samurai blade.
  • 'Wakizashi' - Shorter blade.
  • 'Tanto' - Small Dagger/Knife.
  • 'Daikyu' - One Long Bow, Wooden Arrows with self-crafted steel heads.
  • 'Kunai' - Three throwing knives upon the left shoulder.


The Tachibana clan was a Japanese clan of daimyo (feudal lords) during Japan's Sengoku and Edo periods. Originally based in Tachibana castle in Kyūshū, the family's holdings were moved to the Yanagawa Domain in the far north-east of Honshū in the Edo period.

The clan, which bore no direct relation to the Tachibana clan of the Heian period, originated with Ōtomo Sadatoshi, who took on the name and assigned it to the family of Ōtomo vassals who held Tachibana castle. For a time, the Tachibana served as loyal retainers under the Ōtomo clan, regularly battling the Shimazu, rivals to the Ōtomo. In the mid-16th century, a conflict between Ōtomo Akitoshi and Ōtomo Sōrin led to the former splitting from the family, and taking the name Tachibana Dōsetsu.
Dōsetsu had no sons, and nominated his daughter, Tachibana Ginchiyo, to succeed him. Shortly afterwards, she would marry Takahashi Munetora, a vassal of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who helped defeat the Shimazu in Hideyoshi's Kyūshū Campaign. Upon inheriting the clan leadership, Takahashi took a new name, and became known as Tachibana Muneshige.

Three tales surround Ginchiyo's life as a samurai. One states that she summoned Toyotomi Hideyoshi to her home and scared him witless by the sight of her heavily armed maids. A second tale states that she was equipped to defend her home with her maids whilst her husband was away. The third takes place after Sekigahara and the Eastern Army reportedly began to march towards her doorstep. She faced them whilst dressed in armor and many of her enemies were said to have felt threatened by the sight.

Present Day:

Many a century has passed since the Tachibana clan and Ginchiyo's legend of dedication and honor to the way of the Samurai, her stand in defense of her people and the onslaught she fought against all that sought to oppose her clan. Since, technology has gained the upper hand over the old ways yet since the beginning of the Tachibana clan and still to this day, there have always been spoken whispers of horrors, legends of an opposing force not of the world everyone wishes to see as their own.

Behind every legend, behind every story there comes a source, a beginning, an exaggerated story of they whom have witnessed truths most desire to remain secret, those secrets that threaten the harmony of civilizations far larger than any one clan. The truth behind the Tachibana clan is that whilst legend tells of their strength against those that would come against their might, their true purpose, their mandate above all else was the cleansing of the earthly world, the defense against the ‘Oni’ or otherwise known as the demon kind, the spawn of hell and the threat of the human race enslaved and tortured by evil.

From the times of ancient legend the Chikyū no senshi came into be, holding fast to the ways of old and through the use of the knowledge granted through the transition of the ages have instilled purpose into these few warriors dedicated so to the purity of the world today, trained from day one, honed in blood and sweat to combat the ever still imposing threat of the ‘Oni’.

In the approaching times prior to the lands and events surrounding the Immortal lands, Raikou Daisu’s Master was cut down by the Oni. Pursuing his foe with unwavering dedication, the events that transpired to todays times have yet to reach the light of anothers knowing however, whispers of an approaching warrior have been spoken among the local populace and in the face of an undeniable force of evil and the evident threat of the Oni, one can only look to those honorable enough to defend all from the plague that comes from the netherworld, the Oni and all that have come from such evils.

Upon reaching the plains of Arcane Sanctum, Raikou’s training has given him the edge to see through the lies and deceit the Oni lay upon the human race, so to seeing all Immortals in relation to the similar and unnatural evil incarnet, he steps fourth into the new world, unknown, a stranger to the plains yet ever ready to lay slaughter against the otherworldly beings looking to take the human realm as their own. Raikou Diasu, young in experience and life itself, has sworn against all that he will fulfil his Masters wish to see a world free of the Oni, his last wish, unspoken though well understood between the pair that through whatever came their way, their honor dictated their action against the imposing evils of the underworld.

Looking upon the new world, Raikou’s eyes darken with resolve, stepping forward to take the fight into his own hands, prepared to give his life for his mentor, for all if that was what life mandated, what honor had in store for him. Looking to the coming fight knowing the odds and finding only honor in pursuing them for there could be no place on earth that needed the old ways any less.

Raikou Diasu

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