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Mason Whittaker

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Mason Whittaker

Post by StareNation on Sun 26 Feb 2017, 16:49

Mason Whittaker

Age : real age is undisclosed, appearances place him at 30 odd years old
Breed: Human
Sexual orientation : Bisexual
Family: Family is unknown. Mason was removed shortly after birth and does not know his own family history. Taught at an early age that relations are a weakness Mason has never been encouraged nor allowed to search for his family and does not speak of them.

striking honey eyes
Brown hair (cut as short back and sides)
Height – 6ft4
Broad shoulders and muscular definition.
Possessing rune tattoos on his pectoral muscles which serve to pay respect to the spirits and also provide grounding and protection for Mason. These runes are all earned whilst the warlocks are raised in the order. Mason also possesses a large scripture on his back in an ancient text, branded as part of an initiation passage at an early age. The scripture is composed of the oath each Warlock is required to give to the order of the circle and a passage of text from a collection of prophecies kept by the elder council. Should the warlock at any time deviate and oppose the order and oath the council exile the warlock and the brand is cut from the back.

Mason is best described as the silent type. He will speak most often if spoken too however will rarely be the type to have a friendly chit chat with. Having been trained to sit in isolation and in silence Mason is highly observant and reads body language and interprets vocal tone much easier than most. As his upbringing is shrouded in the secrecy of the order this leaves little subject matter for Mason to build on in order to connect with others. He is serious and is easily irritable if he is put in a situation where he is not able to work. It is rare to see Mason relaxed or opening up.

Likes : quiet environments. Spends alot of time outdoors to keep grounded and connected to the elements. Mason has a particular like for allocating time for meditation.  

Dislikes : obnoxious and loud people. Has a dislike for being asked too many questions. Not a big fan of cats or children

Flaws: somewhat obsessive compulsive which is seen in how clean and orderly his belongings are kept.  Limited social skills in regards to relationships which often means he comes off as cold and disinterested. He has had minimal bonds built between others and as such finds it hard when faced by others in emotional distress however is able to keep himself distanced from situations which may otherwise impact on others.

Spiritual possession
Specialty – elemental wielding and tactical magic. All warlocks in the order of the circle are trained intensively in the specialties of tactical magic for use in combat as well as channelling of a specific element. Mason has been instructed in the use of fire which also makes a base for a lot of his rituals and spell casting.
Stealing faces – A powerful spell cast which allows the practitioner to appear as the face of the intended target. This act cannot be performed unless spell has been cast. This is intended to take the appearance of a target for up to several hours rather than simpler imaging spells.
Strong grounding and protection veils – in order to protect small to large covens as well as individuals etc.

Though he is a warlock, mason is of human species and can be injured or killed.

Mason is skilled in hand to hand combat as well as the use of blades of varying size. He has never wielded a gun.

Days after birth, Mason was removed from his family by order of the council and placed into a nursery under guard. All children were tended to by a team of witches who provided the necessary care required to raise the infants. This team incorporated the initial stages of education (psychological) through minimal bonding. As the boys grew they were moved to new quarters appropriate to catering for their age and from there were sectioned off into specific groups. Each group of boys from there were subject to intensive classes focused solely on training them to be soldiers of the order of the circle.

Mason knew nothing of his family and through initial conditioning learnt never to question his origins. Though living together, the warlocks were taught to value independence and isolation rather than make friends and spend time on subjects other than the elder’s outlined plan. Mason like a lot of the boys learnt this the hard way, copping punishments until they abided by the order’s rules.

A lot of the teachings and rights of the order are not documented openly and are shrouded in secrecy. The only indicators of the rituals which have been performed in the order are the physical markings each Warlock possessed. Having a dislike for being asked too many questions Mason felt the need to cover his marks and began to wear buttoned up shirts. When he reached the age of 20, Mason was released by the order into the field and stationed to provide protection for a medium sized coven. He settled into the role well and enhanced the security of the coven. Upon his 24th birthday Mason was moved to a coven in the next state over where he joined a team of three other warlocks of the order. Whilst stationed on his second post one of the warlocks fell into controversy, eventually distancing himself and later turning against the order. This action was condemned by the remaining Warlocks and the elders. The warlock led a small uprising in the coven and a war ensued. Mason was removed after suffering a deep wound to his flank and was transported to the order’s headquarters to recover.

Due to the nature of the uprising, Mason was forced to undergo interrogation and intensive quarantine to ensure his faith to the order had not been compromised. Once satisfied that Mason would still do his all to protect the circle he was released and stationed as a guard for the council. His job meant he was required to protect those elders who would pass judgement over accused practitioners in court. He served for three years before the rise of the oxen corporation. The council of elders had highlighted the requirement for soldiers of the order to be stationed out in the field more than ever and with valuable assets which the circle would like to keep under close watch mason was sent to Umbra and told to await further orders.


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