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Hunter Braddick

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Hunter Braddick Empty Hunter Braddick

Post by StareNation on Sat 29 Apr 2017, 15:05

Name: Hunter Braddick
Sex: Male
Age: 27 (human)
Race :Lycan
Previous pack names: Bayside/Okami/Kumari/

Character Description/ Personality:
Hunter was once a roguish young male however as his character has grown his outrageous behaviour has limited significantly. Still sporting a sarcastic undertone in much of his conversations Hunter is much quieter and solitary. Hunter appears without his former partner Zella and their children who of which he has not seen for some time. Having left Dj with the warehouse kids and Amaria after finding her in Bayside with Katriona and Curtis, Hunter travels with the intent of finding his family always never far from his mind.

Human form - Green eyes, short black spikey hair since cutting off his signature shoulder length dreadlocks. Dark complexion. Hunter is quite muscular in appearance and supple in his movements. He is often seen wearing leather fighting gloves, black singlet, biking jacket and army cargo pants or jeans.

Special markings: large scarring on his lower back from a burn, similar scarring over his Brawler tattoo which now cannot be seen any longer. He has a large scaled reaper tattoo upon his left shoulder blade and two Celtic arm bands on his right bicep.

Lycan form - Thickly set black fur, emerald/golden speckled eyes. this is similar to his wolven form minus typical differences in figures

Wolf form - Whilst his wolven form had little use within the city, Hunter has since welcomed his ability to shift into wolven form for quick travel. His appearance as a wolf is a simple black furred wolf with golden eyes.

History - Hunter was raised from birth within a notorious gang, known as the Bayside city Midnight brawlers. Brought up to believe that his actions were justified, Hunter took part in several kidnappings and burglaries as well as small crimes here and there ranging from assault to public damage.

The most defining moment in his life however was the moment he clicked. He had participated in the kidnapping of a young girl. She was young at the time and Boden, the packs leader had slipped some damaging details, making Hunter realise everything he knew was wrong. He later spent more time with the child as she grew, eventually taking her and running from his own pack, becoming their enemy. It is here that he later met Anya’s (the child) father Killow. While the two had an awful history, the uniting of father and daughter created a bond of respect between killow and hunter. Hunter has travelled about, appearing here and there whilst his old gang occasionally meet up with him

From this time spent with the Kumari wolf pack, Hunter and his old gang buddy Zigan did their best to live life away from the past though time and time again it snuck upon them both in different instances. Hunter eventually made a deal with Boden to keep the pack safe as long as he would complete contract hits for the brawlers. After being found by accident whilst out in town, Hunter, Eclipse Killow and Anya travelled towards home, spending a night in a roadhouse halfway back to the pack lands. During the night zigan arrived in concern which, in a turn of events was well warranted. Boden and his gang arrived shortly after, flooding the hotel. Hunter and Boden fought against each other up on the roof of the hotel, Hunter successfully shooting Boden though supporting injuries of his own. Once back to Kumari lands Hunter soon vanished, disappearing without notice.

Since that time Hunter travelled extensively in search of somewhere to live, a place where his past would become something of a distant and long forgotten story. Unfortunately treading into a place where he had left an impression once before he was arrested and spent a stint in a local jail. His experience here is known only by Hunter and a new friend Link, who has assured nothing to be said of that time. Once leaving jail Hunter returned to his original plan of finding a place to live though as much as he had tried to work his way out of an old life of crime into high standing society he has only intercepted corruption and crime as low as his gang related days. In result of this Hunter ceased his search for 'Paradise' and eventually moved back to the Kumari territory where he settled for the time being. Hunter, not the most confident of souls kept his things in his bags, always ready to move along as the time required though found his own version of home at the Rusty Inn at the docks. Here he found work as a muscleman for an underworld debt collector and bounced clubs and taverns on his free time for extra cash. Though he fell back into his old habits of drugs cash liquor and women he kept loyal to his Kumari friends and vowed to protect them over others. He made a friend in Cherry, a worker and underground medic at the Rusty inn and Hernandez a drug runner. A brief encounter with some old foes from back in the day earnt hunter extensive scarring from where his Brawler tattoo marked his skin.

For unknown reasons that Hunter still holds close to his chest, he took a change, upping and leaving abruptly sporting a fresh haircut, his signature dreadlocks no longer there. Hunter left for months once more did not hold with anyone other than Link. Upon a return to Kumari Hunter moved back to the docks, his old room available at the rusty inn however it played as a cover. Hunter returned with a very different plan attached and a pack of both cute and unruly street kids of varying ages plus a few muscle meatheads which included good friend DJ. Having secured a large warehouse down at the shipping yards, Hunter ran as leader to a newly formed gang, the adults having joined to help Hunters main operation. Whilst members with a dark past who couldn’t seem to avoid the habits of the street and gang activity ran drugs through the rusty inn and work in various illegal activities, the profits were used by Hunter to create a home for the younger members, all of these kids taught how to live life well away from the activities of gangs like the Brawlers. Hunter’s passionate approach to giving the kids what he didn’t have pushed him to work hard, using connections to get what he could. The positive angle of the plan was carried out in secret, Hunters only public perception being his dark meddling ways.

During his last time in Muchani city, Hunter met Zella and was taken aback by her empathic abilities. They formed a somewhat turbulent relationship in which Hunter learnt to open up a little more de to Zella’s abilities to read his emotions and helped to keep him on the straighter path. Their relationship grew solid and Zella’s sister Amaria arrived in Kumari after having searched a long 2 years for Zella. Hunter and Amaria did not have the friendliest of bonds but were civil enough. Eventually Hunter, the gang and Zella moved with Amaria’s help to a small town farm to ensure the kids had enough room. During this time with a few of Hunters past incidences haunting him and his thought of not being able to have a relationship without disaster he broke things off with Zella, citing that he was not the right person for her. He became somewhat jealous of DJ flirting with Zella and later on re-established their relationship. Amaria moved away having felt something missing in her own life. Zella eventually fell pregnant and gave birth to two children however things took an unexpected turn. Zella disappeared with the children leaving Hunter behind wondering what had happened and why. Determined to have his children in his life even if Zella did no longer want any relationship he searched for them.

Never having stopped, hunter kept searching for his children and former partner, determined to have his children in his life even if he was no longer with their mother. Chasing leads brought him back to where his life began, Bayside City. He hadn’t lasted all of a few hours until he was attacked by the brawlers however in a twist of fate he was rescued by Amaria who had ended up in a situation of her own. Able to seek refuge in her apartment, Hunter soon met Maxine, Amaria’s girlfriend and Madelaine, Maxine’s daughter.

His time at Bayside is not yet documented however he arrives in Arcane amidst the Oxen Corp conflict.


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