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Aster 'Black Star' Nekushi [wip]

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Aster 'Black Star' Nekushi [wip] Empty Aster 'Black Star' Nekushi [wip]

Post by atlas on Fri 28 Jul 2017, 05:08

Aster 'Black Star' Nekushi [wip] Tumblr10

Name: Aster 'Black Star' Nekishu
Age: 21-years old
Breed: Lycan
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Family: Blaze Nekishu (Adopted Father) & Ashlyn Nekishu (Adopted Sister) - Is un-aware of any other siblings due to being dead/away.
Black's most prominent feature would be his spiky raven black hair, aside from that, the many scars that adorn all over his body & facial features, he has ice-like blue piercing eyes which have  drastically changed since he was younger from the warm ocean blue hues he had as a child, that of the colour they are now. His body is that of an average natural beige tanned toned and muscular teenager his age.

Taking note of his scars, he has numerous of them going from your typical battle wounds that go from his toes to his head -- The two least hidden ones are the one above his left eye which he received during a fight with another child called Kyros,  and his other is across his neck from where he was first killed by a man who he viewed as an Uncle. Black as a few other 'Death Scars' which are one on his lower right abdomen and his left pectoral.

Black's usual attire tends to consist of  a silver chained necklace which has a cross-shaped sword with a special blue crystal within the middle of it, this necklace was given to him by a his biological mother. He also wears a pair of silver chain-like bracelets that are around both his wrists. With regards to clothing, Black often wears a pair of black or gray baggy 3/4's and either a tank top or nothing -- This has mainly been from the massive influence of his Adopted Father, Blaze Nekishu. On top of this, another attire that he can be seen wearing is a pair of black skinny jeans with a large hooded jacket, along with belts that contain small balls attached to them (them being smoke bombs/poison bombs) --- On his person in human form there are always weapons on his person.


He has far from averted from what he used to be, instead of being the fun-loving hyperactive child, Black has become a rather serious and cold individual -- Most people having assumed that it has either been from his many death's that have robbed him of memories past, or he has become this way through his trials of the assassin, but even Black wouldn't be able to answer this himself --- Mostly from having hardly any memories that could paint a clear picture.

Black still has a rather laid back personality, that he had adopted from Blaze, but his temper once risen is worse than being caught within an Avenlanche -- Something that would feel like a nice Summer breeze compared to his rage.

The teenager still cares deeply for those that he cares about, that's is if he can even remember them and is loyal to only an exceptional few -- Despite his laid back personality, he is able to become rather serious when the time needs.

Another thing that people that knew him from his past and currently have all stated that his death's and desire for revenge (along with his hatred) has not only stained his soul but his body as well - Being remarked about the black markings that appear upon his body that seem to be spreading.


Black has the power over Ice, being able to create inanimate and animate objects for multiple purposes -- Mainly for offensive and defensive purposes, but also for outside use as well. In the past and current, he has always stated that out of all the magics that he has seen, the power of ice allows the user to create virtually anything and grant the user an unmatched creation capability.

Like most powers, they gain a resistance against their own element, which means that Black is rather resistant to cold and as such is able to take damage from ice and snow-based attacks without sustaining major injury and is either completely immune to snow based attacks.

-- Algor, a magic that utilises the elements in order to slay 'demons' or so the myth goes as people have rarely been shown such a Lost Magic. Black is able to manifest this at will, which is shown by black markings decorating his body and turning his eyes a rather lilac colour. With this, he is able to replenish is own magic with external ice, but it also enhances his own magic whilst granting complete immunity to cold/ice itself.

As stated, this Lost Magic is extremely powerful against demonic entities, to an extent granting him immunity to curses or at least lessen the power of the curse used only against him. This ancient magic does not come without it's drawbacks, as learning it too quickly and making use of its properties in rapid succession have had adverse effects on Black, causing him to become afflicted with said black markings that have thus far spread across half of his body.

He has become proficient enough in this magic to be able to encase an enemy within a spiked cocoon of ice, roll him across a field of enemies and manipulate it into an immense burst of ice in a matter of seconds. Black can also use this magic to boost the power of his own ice as one of the most effective aspects of this type of magic is its ability to completely freeze everything within a large radius with a mere flick of the wrist.In one instance,he , who recently inherited this Lost Magic, was able to completely freeze multiple twisters from a storm that was about to destroy an entire town from an enemies attack. In a few years after training, Black is now also able to freeze people solid, having done this only once when a child was about to be attacked by one of his 'comrades' -- Where he dis-agreed with the action and froze the comrade solid.

Black has shown great mastery of the demon ice, having proven himself capable of freezing even burning things such as boiling water and flames, as well as the ability to freeze an object in motion.

-- Weakness

With regards to his normal ice, it is only maintained from his own magic source instead of manipulating any around him, sadly it can still be melted or affected by other types of magic and get shattered through like normal ice -- For Black in this state to freeze flames, he has to put a lot more magic into it.

The downside to Algor is that he has only been able to use it for the maximum of an hour before the affliction begins to spread further, which causes him to give in more to his 'anger'.


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