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Cyndle Rayne

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Cyndle Rayne Empty Cyndle Rayne

Post by Cyndle on Fri 18 Aug 2017, 01:36

Cyndle Rayne Cq9rJ9e
Cyndle Rayne XmIrB03

NAME: Cyndle Rayne


AGE: 23


GENDER:  Female

PACK:  Lone

RANK:  None-Lone


SCENT: Vanilla and fresh rain

RACE/ETHNICITY:  Dire Wolf/Caucasian



MATING STATUS: Never mated

SEXUALITY:  Straight

PARENTS:  Seeva and Axel Rayne

SIBLINGS: Meera, Zeke & Mia


HISTORY:: Her early life is something that Cyndle doesn't remember well, raised by her grandmother she knew little of her siblings or parents. Her existence was that of a forbidden love, her father a brute of a loner and her mother a treasured beauty with an adventurous heart. They met in secret and led an affair that lasted years, it wasn't until her mother fell pregnant that their secret was discovered. Her mothers pack was furious, feeling betrayed that their female would choose to mate a lone instead of one of their own.
Her father fought for his family and lost his life, the alpha of the pack finally bringing them down after a long duel. With her mother left alone to 4 young pups she had nowhere to go, no choice but to either stay with the pack and abandon her pups or leave with her. The next morning, as the dew lay on the grass she ushered her pups out of the den and into the waiting arms of their paternal grandmother. She took them in and sheltered them, but slowly one by one her siblings wandered their way back to their mother and swore into her pack
Cyndle refused however, never getting over the abandonment that her mother instilled in her early on. She continued out her days with her grandmother, her only claimed family member and was brought up a lone like her father. Cyndle was always the loner out of her siblings and she embraced her role and while she seen little for her future, her grandmother seen different.
Often, she was teased or looked at funny for the swirling colors in her eyes, making her different of the others but to her grandmother she seen a legacy. Cyndle would be the one to teach her skill to, and her eyes gave away her inheritance.
In the women of her family, the gene tended to skip generations and with Cyndle it had. She carried the Shinigami skill and it began to manifest early and strong. At the age of 10 she had brought back the life of a rabbit she killed on her first hunt alone, instantly feeling bad for taking the life. By 12 she had control of spirits around her, and by 15 she could manipulate the spiritual energy that resonated around the physical world. She was powerful and smart, leaving her grandmother with her hands full in teaching Cyndle restraint.
By the time Cyndle was 18, her grandmother had passed in her sleep on a cool November day, leaving Cyndle alone in her own world. For the first time, she wandered from her small cottage home and into the world, leaving her lonely past behind for a new future.

PERSONALITY:: Cyndle is fire and ice, hot and cold and she never falls in between. Shes passionate, intense and fierce in every sense and often times stubborn. Other's see her as harsh or sarcastic, but with the proper trust someone would see the charm in her ways, to see the softy past a hard exterior.

Abilities::Cyndle was trained from an early age to defend herself. Though raised by her grandmother, she was given every opportunity to train by the old woman, honing her skills as she grew older. With her wolf heritage she gains the ability to change forms at will-This does take energy . She had enhanced senses such as sight, hearing and smell. Though not particularly strong, she is quick and precise in everything she does. From her fathers lineage, she inherited the power of being a Shinigami(death spirit)-Granting her the following:
*The ability to open the gates to the afterlife-to transport souls or otherwise
*death Manipulation-Not mastered
*Death Sense-ability to sense the death of someone, can sometimes tell the reason for death
*Semi Immortality
*Scythe Proficiency/can conjure at will
*Spirit Physiology -The ability to take on the form of a spirit/soul
*She has great control over the manipulation of Shikigami, granting her the title of onmyouji-a sorcerer of spirits. -She is very close with her Shikigami which often results in sympathy injuries when her Shikigami are harmed or destroyed. This also uses considerable energy-so the power is limited and draining.
*Can manipulate the spiritual energy that lingers in the physical world

Cyndle Rayne 13MOMHl

Build: Petite, Lithe

Hair: Raven Black, mid back length

Eyes: Blue and Orange

Height: 5'0

Weight: 120 LBS

Skin Tone: Porcelain

Markings: None

Clothing/Style: Her style consists of a lot dark clothes, however she wears things that would be considered cute or borderline sexy.

Fur: Long coat, thick black fur.

Height: 3'4

Weight:69 LBS

Eyes: Blue and Orange

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