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The Exiled One

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The Exiled One Empty The Exiled One

Post by Orchid on Sat 19 Aug 2017, 03:33

Name: Long since forgotten.
Nickname The Exiled One,  a self given Ex often called himself. Oxen simply calls him ‘Wolf’
Age: 20
Breed Lycan
Sexual orientation

Family Ex No longer remembers the true names of his family members but does have names he calls them by.
Father: Brown one
Father’s mate: The Red One
Mother: Simply Mother as all he remembers of her a soft warm scent.
Siblings: simply Brother and Sister.

Eyes in all three forms: Right blue Left red.
Human: Stands 5’7 with long white hair tipped with brown that runs down to his mid back. Slim but muscular weighing 150 lbs. Wolf ears and wings present in this form. He pulls his wings in as tight as possible in this form and keeps them from the eyes of others as often as he can.

Wolf. Fairly small for his kind at the height of 4’ and length of 3’. Slim but fast with jaws stronger than one would think. Main body of his fur is soft white while a light born is upon his ears, cheeks, forehead, muzzle chest stomach, paws all the way up to elbow/knee and at the tip of each of his two tails. In this form his wings are most useful. The wings are as white as his fur on the top side and a crimson red on the inside. The wings can only be used to fly in this form.

Lycan: Same color of his wolf form, also more lean than muscular standing at a height of 6 feet. His wings make more or less a cloak of feathers in this form.


Harsh, militant, loyal, confused.
Deep down Ex knows what he is doing is wrong, but where else can he turn? He never got to be a kid, only a passed over pup and then a weapon. So, he is loyal to a fault to those who have raised him and will listen to most any order without question. One would say he takes joy in his tasks but really he is confused. Should he love the hunt and kill? Or should he be applied by the acts he commits with his own hands? Should he be out there trying to find friends, love, and all that or should he just keep up with Oxen and wait to die? Blood rejects him and loyal comes from those who want him dead. Should he even care about his own personality? His own life? Maybe deep deep down he is just a kid who wants to play and laugh and have fun but now he often wears an empty mask and tires to go about life unfeeling, just following.


Abilities Control of Lighting. This is a power Ex has had since birth but for some reason he can’t help but feel he was much better at controlling his powers when he was younger. Lighting used to feel like a friend but now is just a tool he can summon to his fist and use to pack a powerful punch. He can’t do much else besides form balls of lighting and shoot them forward but getting hit by one of these fast moving attacks would incapacitate one for a moment.

Weaknesses The balls can take time to form and all other attacks can only be completed by a physical touch, Ex cannot send lighting though the air. Those he attack can also find some way to ground themselves if they are clever.

At a young age Ex was taken from his mother and birth pack by his Father and The Red. His father always saw him as a reminder of a past he just wanted to forget and though he tried to hide it Ex alway knew he did not belong. This became even more apparent at the birth of Brother and Sister whom gained all the love of Father and The Red. Wanting nothing more than to be the center of the eye of the pair he tried to lead Sister and Brother away one day, just to a safe place where he could keep them for a day then bring them back. This all went wrong when a bear followed Ex, waited for him to leave then almost made a meal of the younger pups. They were only saved by the fast acting of their parents who didn’t get a chance to clear things up with Ex since the sobbing of his half siblings made him feel ashamed enough to run away, right into the arms of Oxen. There a lone scientist saved him from being killed on the spot by pointing out his wings. A beast so rare and special should be very extensively tested and unbeknownst to the rest of the cooperation kept be bread as a weapon. Ex knows the Corp will probably kill him when they are done with him and all immortals but he does not mind. To him they are family. His parents, The Red, his birth pack… none of them came looking for him. They may be blood and he may have faced test after test and experiment after experiment but Oxen showed far more loyalty to him then they ever did. They were loyal to one another these humans who weren't even part of a family were so loyal to one Another. Ex began to admire that kind of loyal and at least the humans cared for their own. So even though he is just a subject they will kill when his use runs out Ex is loyal to them.  The youth holds within him so much hates for his own his from wolf and for other immortals that would rather save  their own skin then defend those of their own race they don't even know he will do anything to help Oxen.
One thing of note about Ex is that he has a tracker within him so he can play the role of a 'Judas Wolf' leading Oxen right to the heart of any pack he may find himself in.

Most active Sundays and Mondays.
Light    Justin Ex/Zack

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