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Winter Reid

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Winter Reid

Post by Winter Reid on Sat 19 Aug 2017, 23:56

NAME:Winter Reid(Real name unknown)


AGE: 18

GENDER: Female

EYES: Ice blue/purple

SCENT: Fresh fallen snow




LIKES: Snow, cold weather, ice cream

DISLIKES: Hot weather, pushy people.

PARENTS: Unknown

SIBLINGS: Rayzel Isanne-Unknown


Two pups born in the same year, one in the dead of winter and another in the heat of summer, both female. One was pure white with eyes cristaline colors of blue and purple. The other as black as night itself, with eyes red and yellow like dancing flames in the brightest fire. They were two halves of a whole, fire and ice, dark and light. They were inseperatable, two sisters who thrived together and were cherished by their pack. Tragedy struch however, poachers came with guns, they killed the adults and captured the pups. The sisters were placed in cages and shipped to different locations.
They were placed on display on a makeshift stage, hordes of people yelling and bustling around as they looked at the pups locked in cages. One by one, they were singled out, bid on and sold as if they were livestock. Separated, the white pup was taken by man with cruel eyes and forced into cruel training. He beat her when she acted out, starved her if she didnt perform and chained her like a dog. He fed her scraps and mush and she slept outside in a small pen with sparce shelter. A thick collar was placed around her neck and over time she lost who she was and became who they trained her to be.
Though her role as a dog was well played out, it was never enough. Her master regularly beat her in drunken rages, reeking of alcohol as he kicked at her and left bruises invisible through her thick white coat. Things got worse around the 5th year that she was his 'pet', the neglect going to extreams. Feedings became fewer and fewer and his alcohol binges would go on for days. One such night, the truck came roaring down the driveway and instead of the single slam of the door, it was followed by another. He had brought someone home. This sent Wolf-Dog -as she was called then, on edge, he never brought anyone home. The heavy steps stumbled down the gravel, accompanied by lighter steps with the same awkward stumble. They came closer until both stood outside her confinement, her master pointing a hand with a bottle at her. "See, I told you I had one of em' wolf-dogs! She white as snow, not a single dark hair on er'!" He bantered proudly. The woman was not within her wits as he allowed her to stumble in the cage, causing the wolf-dog to cower in fear from the stranger. They closed in and she seen an opening between their legs and bolted, the open door giving her access to freedom that she had never remembered.
Yells rose from behind her but she didnt stop, as snow floated down around her she took a deep breath and let out a howl of victory. She had escaped, she was free and she soon found out that she was completely lost. It was only a week before the domesticated she wolf was starving and wandering neighborhoods eating garbage. In the dead of night, with her muzzle buried deep within a black bag she missed the creak of the door opening. The light crunch of footsteps was overheard until the gentleman was within reach of the white wolf. Upon realizing his existence, she jumped back and growled softly in fear. His blue eyes were gentle and he held out a piece of meat, offering it to her with an extended arm. "Here pretty girl, are ya hungry?" He coaxed, smiling. Over the next couple weeks, they developed a routine where he and his kind hearted wife would place scraps out on their porch for her, then they would sit with her and talk to her, stroking her coat gingerly. By spring, they had opened their door to her and she found a home at the foot of Jacklyn and Harry Reid, a couple in their early 50's who adored her and gave her a name; Winter.
They named her for the snow coat and love for snow that the wolf seemed to show. They had no idea what she was but had speculations of her bloodlines. She was their treasured family member, their companion and she loved them fiercely. They made Winter forget the abuse she had suffered at the hand of the cruel man before them. By the time she was 16, her dear family had aged much beyond she had, they made comments of her remaining youth. People began to ask questions and soon, the authorities were involved. They lived in a society where anything supernaturals were hunter but Winter knew none of that as she lived her life as a pet, that is until one night she awoke to the door being busted open and people rushing into her home. She growled and defended her owners, who tried to explain that she was a pet but they were unheard. They were charged with harboring a supernatural, the men moving to detain the couple and their pet. "Winter, go! Go outside! " Harry yelled, pointing to the door in a last ditch effort to save his beloved pet from the wrong hands.
She was a good girl, she obeyed her humans but could she abandon them. Harrys yells and pleas were growing more urgent and the men moved to grab hold of her collar, strong jaws snapping down on his hand before releasing and bolting away, looking back once to see the encouraging eyes of her family before she slipped out the door. Winter was fast, she ran through the back woods of her family's land, the crunch of foot steps trailing in her wake. Her heart beat pounded in her chest and she felt like her head would explode, it went unnoticed when the warm night turned cold and snow began to fall in a blizzard around her, the world washing in white in an abnormal phenomenon.
The next morning when she woke up, her body felt off. As limbs stretched out she opened her eyes in the odd movement and she looked down upon herself. Fur was gone and skin ran over human like limbs. With a gasp, she sat up in panic. "What?!" she exclaimed, hands clasping over her mouth at the sound of her human voice. Her wolven body was now human and Winter couldnt make heads or tails of what was happening. What Winter didnt know that once men and women in her family reached maturity, they were put to a test that strained them to their fullest potential and forced their body to make a change. At maturity, they gained a form and those with extra abilities would come to realize their skills. Winter had been named for her snowy white coat and her love of the snow, but she was named perfectly for her afinity.
She was Winter, she could bring on the cold and snow and she was not someones pet any longer. Looking up from where her new form sat on the cold ground, she looked to her future and whatever lay in its path.
~Personality & Appearance~

Winter's personality is about as cold as the ice element she weilds. She is untrusting towards anyone she doesnt know and can be ruthless and heartless to those who havent earned her affection.  Shes naive to the outside world and is still in the dark about who she is and what exactly she is. Shes inquisitive but cautious about the world that has opened up to her.  

Hair: White
Eyes: Blue/Purple
weight: 130
skin tone: Very fair.
markings: None

fur: Long fur- Pure white.
height: 4'5
weight: 86 lbs
eyes: Blue/Purple

Winter can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, slush, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations. This is a newfound power and will develop over time.
She has speed and agility on her side as she is smaller then most, but with a toned body and supernatural strength she is a force to be reckoned with. She is a sharp and quick thinker which also gives her an advantage in a fight.
Winter Reid

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