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Post by Orchid on Sun 20 Aug 2017, 23:48

"I was down the glen one Easter morn, To a city fair rode I, There armed lines of marching men, In squadrons passed me by, No pipe did hum, no battle drum did sound it's loud tattoo, But the Angelus Bells o'er the Liffey swells rang out in the foggy dew."  Lyrics rose and fell in a haunting sad and soulful way as heavy grey paws moved across the dew covered ground. This land was so alive and heavy with mist the paws weren't the only thing covered on the gray and black wolf shone with water in what little light the area offed. He knew better than to try to shake the dew off, that would allow an opening to his undercoat and then the dew would start to chill him rather than harmlessly sit on his coat. besides as soon as he was free of the foggy dew new dew would take it's place so why bother? The once reckless youth was a wiser wolf now yet it was almost foolish of him to come to the land not too far from the humans. But the bravest fell, and the requiem bell rang mournfully and clear. "For those who died that Eastertide, In the spring time of the year, And the world did gaze, with deep amaze,, at those fearless men, but few, Who bore the fight, so that freedom's light, might shine through the foggy dew." How fitting those words were to the heart that felt them and the mouth that sang them, not only for the misty world he was in but for the state of the world. Immortals hunted like rebels during war, those standing up being put down like dogs instilling anger and the need to act within even those who weren't fighters and for those that the act of killing was appalling.

A sigh fell from the maw of the wolf as he walked on, not bothering to trust his eyes in the fog but what he felt under foot. With each step he took sound waves were sent out around him and back to him giving him the lye of the land including every creature around him. There were small scared things hiding here and there, most of them downwind of him perfect for a hunt. But the wolf was not in the mood for hunting, he wanted information. "Brother are you sure?" He said out loud not bothering to care if any who heard his song were to come closer. No doubt they would be stirred by such a song and with his power his emotions would for a moment resonate within a listener. They would feel his agitation at being a hunter who is hunted, the hate for the humans that always seemsd to want to take his life, and the frustration at wanting to do something but not knowing just what. That frustration was the very thing that sent the male to wandering to try and find a safe place to live the life of a lone wanderer always moving from safe house to safe house, never settling,never again join a pack just to have his heart built up and broken down. Yet, an incing form his brother brought him back.

"Yes Justin, I feel her here in the flesh. It is unlike Light to overshadow your mother for so long. Something must be wrong pup."
"Do NOT call me Pup!" It had been ages since the spirit that guided him had called him that, prehaps the quest to find his mother made the remark relevant but Justin was far from a pup now and was even farther from the happy go lucky teen he once was. If Brother Thunder was there he had no doubt the outburst would come in the form of a bite, so on edge was the young man as of late. "Alright, relax, you are going to need to keep your head on you and your anger in check in this land." Justin grumbled something that escaped the spirit but then went on. "alright sorry it's not easy thinking of seeing her again. The world isn't what it used to be and neither am I." "But family is family Justin you know that. Now then, as I was saying she has been back in this world a while and I had paid no mind to her, why would I she is with Sister Wind and dear Light. But something caught my attention recently I felt a spike of her energy and then it deminished so much. You know the humans have been working so hard maybe they found a way to contain energy." "I doubt they could handle on of you." "I've seen many things in the time I've lived and trust me, anything can happen in life." "Tell me about it... So, the last area you felt her was?" Silence answered him and he knew the old spirit  wasn't sure. "Fine, we'll figure something out. I don't care if I have to pace every inch of this land. We'll find her."

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