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Post by Eve on Wed 23 Aug 2017, 19:10

Name- Genevieve Valescia
Nick Name- Eve
Age- Looks to be 23, Actual 124
Height- 6ft
Eye Color- Crystal blue
Hair Color- Rich black
Breed- Hybrid of some sort

~As a Child~


Her history is basically unknown aside from a few small things that she has said herself to others around her.

Has no immediate family, having survived alone or with a few ‘foster’ parents at various time stages in her life though none of them ever lived past a few weeks before mysteriously dying from unknown forces.

She met and grew close to a man named Fate. He took care of her, giving her everything she wanted. He fed into her deadly nature, allowing her to do what she wanted, when she wanted as long as it was reasonable for him. The world was her playground and she had it wrapped around her little finger. She and Fate had a close bond together. Each destroying something, or someone depending on what their tastes was for the day. An angel here, mortal there. Same thing every day, but it never grew old for them for Fate had always had a surprise in store for her.

The whereabouts of Fate are unknown at this time, but Eve had now left to find more things to keep her entertained and happy.

It was in her later years that she discovered the Coven, home to the Matashina twins, Sauri and Ajax. The pair welcomed her unlike so many before. They accepted those who were different; however, expected each person to follow a code to keep the "family " safe. Over time, she grew closer to Ajax and the pair became a couple. They had become close enough that she had traveled to the realm of Gods with Ajax when they had bound him to do their bidding. It had nearly cost him his life and she had sworn to do what they needed when they needed her. The Gods are calculative beings and would wait for the time to call her. In the years after Eve had to depart from the lands unexpectedly, being hunted by a group of Rogues out to kill the child, now adult, whom caused devastation to an entire city. She had returned once to the Coven to see Ajax only to flee again, leaving more questions than answers for him.

Her time there after was spent locked in a cage with a Necromancer whom had spell bound her, sucking the life out of her very being until she died. The gods had ended up taking her body and spirit, nourishing it back to health while keeping her in a form of stasis until they felt the time was right. That time had come..she has no recollection of how long she was dead. Months, or even years may have passed in that time until she found her way back to the Coven.


Only standing at 3ft 2inches tall, she is the size of a four year old girl. Her body frame small and lean, an average size for one so small and supposedly young. Her short hair framing her face, being at a shoulder length, but seems to change lengths at times. Her eyes an icy crystal blue, pure and innocent in features though those of a darker attributes may see the hidden shadows that swim across her iris’.

She usually wears dresses or shorts and boots that fit her feet. Being one so small she would rather wear something that was more secretive and give mortals and other beings that knew not what she was a false sense of security.

Having no piercings or bracelets, it was as though she was a child of poverty stricken decent.

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"]


Demanding and needy to get what she wants, she has done what it takes to get things her way and going around the stingy mortals and lights to cause what destruction her little form could bring so that she may play. Loving to play and have fun in the most dire of areas even if it meant certain things had to give up there auras’ in order to appease her needs. She had a higher sense of who she was despite her appearance, knowing there was a greater power around her that she wanted to be apart of and grow close too, even at the expense of others if it meant she would be happy.

~As an Adult~

In recent times, Eve was separated from her clan for a long period of time. Within this time was when her body seemed to surpass several years of growth in a matter of months. It was the first and last real physical change she would ever go through in her life. Still relatively young for only being 23 now, she had bold curves that made her no less female than Aphrodite herself. She was light skinned and lusciously curved in spite of an obvious cut of her muscular, fit body. She had become a huntress, a warrior in her own right and it radiated from every inch of her body. Her enigmatic way of smiling and the natural flirtation in her stride only added to the imagery. She stood taller than the average human female now, her blood line would have it no other way due to her race.

Her once short black hair had lengthened to her shoulders and was still growing more. It now seemed to be alive in every sense, clinging to her soft skin with gentle kisses from every strand. It caressed her form around her neck and reacted in her emotions. Crystal eyes remained as they were, catching the light and shining back brightly, causing her to have a sexual and alluring look to her though they would change.

She had discovered something about herself and her race, something that would prove a great advantage to herself if she played her cards right and did what she needed to do. That she was not afraid of, the power that she held within her to do what had to be done.

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"]

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"]

~The Hidden~

What Eve will not tell anyone is that she can change into the form of a Snow Leopard/Clouded Leopard mix. Her fur holds patters of both large cats. The reason for no one being able to "sense" this is because she can manipulate her chemical make-up so that no one would be able to find out.

Her hair is what allows her to change, she is not a usual shape shifter. Her hair is "alive" it will spread out over her body and allow her to "shift" She had three different forms that she may take to: The human: (As seen above)

The leopard:
[img src="http://rlv.zcache.com/snow_leopard_poster-p228661471286191471tdcp_400.jpg"]

The "Were"Leopard:
[img src="http://www.darknatasha.com/gallery/anthro/wintersolace.jpg"]

Along with these basic animal forms she can be known as a chameleon. Altering her chemical make-up to appear however she wished. The only thing she can no change is her hair. Eye color will change, skin tone, voice, anything she wished could change.

(Just because I am writing this down does not mean you know it. Please remember this, I do not take kindly to people who read and know.. I Also have no claim to any pictures used in this profile. All credit to the pictures goes to the artist(s) themselves.)


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