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End of an era ( Lita & Pippa - Read and Enjoy)

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End of an era  ( Lita & Pippa - Read and Enjoy) Empty End of an era ( Lita & Pippa - Read and Enjoy)

Post by Phoenix on Sat 26 Aug 2017, 22:39

Walking out of the garage Pippa looked around slowly taking in everything going on around her, families shooed children into now full cars. Her hot pink hair contrasted against her pale skin. Dressed in biking leathers she took her time approaching her mother, of course the woman sitting on the second bike didn't look like her mother, Pippa had aged enough to look more like her younger sister than her daughter. Reaching her bike she lifted her helmet and slipped it on before throwing her leg over the pure black Suzuki Hayabusa she settled into the seat before nodding to Lita and pushing the visor down, that was the last fill up that should take them to the outskirts of the wood that housed Death Manor, that housed home.


Lita had watched the outside of the garage as her daughter paid for the two bikes final refill. They would ride right through the night to get to Death Manor sooner rather then later. The movement of Oxen Corp of late had not sat well with Lita and eventually Lita admitted it was time to go back to the strong hold. Pippa was older now, she understood Lita's reasoning behind hiding her away and she had expressed an interest in knowing Storm, of seeing the man her father really was. Reaching up and pulling her visor down as the girl grew close enough she hid the tears flooding her eyes, she just need a little more time to get pippa closer to the house before it all went to hell.

Two days ago was when this all begun, the phone call from Rashel had sent Lita into a spiral, madness taking hold as she tried to make sure her sisters vision did not come to pass. Rashel was like Kenshu in many ways but Rashel's visions were a little less exact but rarely wrong. "only one of you will see the manor again" echo'd in her mind as Pippa settled herself on the bike, Lita had purposely given her daughter the faster bike. Lita would do everything to see her daughter safe. Sending a prayer up to the sky hoping KnOT would watch over her daughter and help her get safely to the family home Lita started her bike. pulling back the accelerator she murmured into the mic attached to her helmet " Straight run Pippa, we are in the danger zone so please no matter what happens get to the manor and I will follow you...Remember if we get separated I will meet you at the manor I promise" it was an empty promise but she hoped it reassured her daughter for what lay ahead.


Pippa nodded to her mother before starting her bike and taking off getting onto the main road and pushing the bike to barely half its possible speed. Her mind wandered as she easily controlled the beast of a bike in the direction of home, her mother bike roaring to life and following her as they headed for home.

Her mother had been acting so weird since the phone call from her Auntie. Something wasn't adding up but she knew better then to ask her mother. Maybe something was coming to hurt her family and her mother wanted to be home to help in whatever was coming. Putting her head down she leaned into the turn before accelerating down the straight stretch of road. Time would tell and her mothers knives strapped to her thigh would ensure she was prepared for whatever that may be.

~~~ One Hour From Death Manor ~~~

Something didn't feel right, Lita glanced in the mirror but she could see nothing. Lita chewed on her bottom lip, her bike side by side her daughters. Shaking her head she focused on the road head, everything was starting to look more and more familiar. Keeping an easy speed they had made good time.

Minutes ticked by when all of a sudden a car sped up as if to take them both over, Lita frowned that was unusual for this stretch of road. "Pippa watc.." as Lita went to warn her daughter the car swerved hitting the back of her bike sending her skidding into Pippa knocking her off her bike. Rolling she knew instantly she was injured beyond simply getting up and walking her way, her left ankle was at best sprained but at worst broken. Using her good leg to kick her bike off her she rolled pulling the gun from her side she glanced at Pippa before focusing on the car. A team of four pouring out of the car dressed in overalls, Lita didn't wait for them the take aim, she took out two of the men with clean precise head shots. A sweat broke out as another car and a hummer pulled up more men jumped out and into action. Taking in the Oxen Corp uniforms she cursed loudly before shouting into the helmet mic " Get that bike up and Go Pippa I'll be right behind you.." emptying the first clip she quickly replaced it before taking aim once more.


Pippa hadn't seen it coming, one minute she was riding like normal the next she was clipped and skidding across the road. Her head bounced against the road before she finally came to a stop. Taking a moment to take stock of her body for injuries she didn't notice the men until her mother start shooting. Looking over her shoulder she gasped as she spotted to Oxen Corp uniform logo.Pulling herself free of the bike she grabbed two knives and let them fly towards two men, when her mother shouted at her to go she shook her head "No Mum... I can help" as more men arrive her mother shouted at her to go and warn the family. 'Something is coming Pippa, tell Kenshu Rashel saw something was coming.'

Listening to her mother she grabbed at her slightly beaten bike she hopped onto it starting the engine and gunning it before taking off down the road.


Looking back at her daughter escaping she pulled her helmet off her face her head and snarled at the Oxen Corp as they took aim. " Come on you bastards" Baring her four fangs she started to pull the necessary power to her, no one would be following her daughter, it would drain her but it was worth it. Willing the earth to separate she forced the magic from her body splitting the road with a void deep enough and wide enough to ensure her safety.

Laughing manically she emptied another clip, taking out four more souliders before she ran out of amno. Tossing the gun she tried to pull herself up and stand to meet her fate. Growl her knees buckled as the first taser hit. Gasping for air she looked into the eyes of a male as he grabbed her arms and cuffed her " You dont take prisoners Grunt, you kill those you find." she hissed as he began to drag her towards the car, suddenly a needle was plunged into her neck and darkness began to close in.

'Thats true Vermin... but the Doctor only wants to do a few tests before we kill you and wipe out your kind.'


Tears clouded her eyes as she watched them grab and pull her mother towards the car, unable to help herself she screamed "MOTHER..." but there would be no answer. She had to get to Hope, she had to get to her family to save her mother. The bastards would pay for taking her mother. She reached the woods before the first sobs rattled her body. Dropping the bike she took off into the trees not bothering to cover it over. Pushing through the woods she started at a stumbled walk before taking off at an all out run.

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