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Homecoming (Hope then Coven Members)

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Homecoming (Hope then Coven Members) Empty Homecoming (Hope then Coven Members)

Post by Phoenix on Thu 31 Aug 2017, 18:35

Her fangs had descended past her lips, she needed blood to heal but all she could focus on was getting to the manor and getting Hope, getting help. Oxen Corp had her mother but she would not let them keep her, not if Pippa had anything to say about it. Stumbling through the trees she wrapped her arms around her tightly, they were bruised and she had at least one if not more broken ribs. She hadn't fed since they had left to come home, she didn't want to risk being caught, the thought of feeding brought a new worry, her mother hadn't fed either, the hunger would take hold soon and if she didn't get to feed she'd start going to ground. Forcing her fangs to retract she gritted her teeth and pressed her lips together at the thought of her mother going to ground. She wouldn't focus on that she would just focus on getting home.

Stepping over a fallen tree she frowned, side tracked for a moment she wondered how a health looking tree fell before its time, shaking off the thought she pushed forward. Once she got close enough she started calling out " Hope ... Hope..." sobs broke her voice as she dropped the beaten up motorcycle helmet broke into an all out run.

Reaching the door she reached out pushing the heavy doors in with only a little difficulty, she was battered and bruised but her strength hadn't left her completely, at least not yet. Walking briskly into the hall she turned in a circle, her pale glassy eyes looked up as she called out again " Hope please... they...they've taken her" finally admitting what happened her knees buckled beneath her as the sobs raked her very soul tears flowing down her face unchecked.


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Homecoming (Hope then Coven Members) Empty Re: Homecoming (Hope then Coven Members)

Post by Cashan on Sun 03 Sep 2017, 23:24

H O P E . D E A T H - R E I G N
Vampire || Wraith

Emptying the bag, Hope was trying to restock the fridge after Ryu and her cousin Ketzu had emptied its contents completely. It was a pain but it was a habit that her mother had instilled in her. Not everyone in this house survived off blood and her mother had always made a point to accommodate everyone who came to their home be it Rose Lodge or Death Manor. Her mother of course had been away from Death Manor for some time and Hope didn't need to maintain the tradition but she felt it necessary. It was her way of honouring her mother while also looking after those who lived there. Hope did have a little superiority complex when it came to herself and her immorality but she didn't think less of other immortals because they weren't pure blooded vampires. If they could hold their own, they were alright in her book.

As she got to the last of the groceries, the house was suddenly rocked by her name being screamed. Dropping the food onto the floor, she moved toward the front of the house where she heard a familiar voice but had no idea what the hell was going on. Whatever it was, it didn't sound good and the last thing Hope wanted in the middle of her merger was a scene. As if the Ryu incident wasn't enough now she had an elusive Pippa storming in. If she hadn't grown up with this kind of drama all the time she would have ran from this place and not looked back and that is exactly what she didn't want the Matashina coven to do, especial with another Eradication looming. She had to contain this before this blew up in her face. She hadn't told the rest of the coven about the threat and she did not want them finding out like this.

" Pippa? " Hope called out as she walked over to her. She was clearly injured but Hope was more concerned about her emotional state then her hysterical one as she watched her younger cousin collapse to the ground. Pippa was rambling on but it wasn't making sense and Hope hated the dramatics. It sounded cold but Hope had been through so much and she had kept iit together. She was so sick of people's crazy asses cracking. Her mother, her brother... even Ajax of late. She was up to her eyes in mental cases and now there another one on her doorstep. Kneeling down in front of her cousin, Hope placed her arms on Pippa's shoulders. " Pippa.. you're not making any sense. " Hope was trying to make Pippa get a hold of herself and was trying to be soft but if Pippa didn't get a grip soon, she would change to a tough love tactic.

Looking her cousin in the eye as she tried to calm her, Hope tried once again to get Pippa to tell her what was going on and make it make sense. " Pippa tell me what happened but slowly this time ok.. " Hope said a little softly. She could see she was upset and had been through something. Maybe Hope had been through it one too many times and that's why she lacked empathy or maybe it was just the pressure she was under. With another Eradication looming over her head, everything else seemed small. Of course, Hope had no idea what the hell had happened and she was presuming that Pippa had a run in with Ox Corp similar to Ryu's. Ox Corp was running on all cylinders at the moment and yes, it was horrible, Ryu had been badly injured but Pippa seemed in much better then him so Hope couldn't understand why she was so upset. She could only hope it was an overreaction on Pippa's part. Hope wasn't sure how much more drama she could take.


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