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Post by Vinyl on Wed 10 Jan 2018, 23:56

Xaaj's Profile 16a1bfp

Xaaj (pronounced Zaj)                                                                                

314 years (appeared age 37 years)


Sexual Orientation:

Xaaj is the last known survivor of the “Brothers of the Nine” who were supposedly killed by the humans during the first eradication.

Xaaj is 5’11 with an athletic build. His hair is crystal white and his eyes have a deadening purple glare. He wears a sleek black leather coat which he calls Deathsingers Herald. On his back is a long sharpened blade attached to a worn leather hilt. He has named his weapon of choice “The Harrowed Defiance”.

Xaaj tends to keep out of trouble and has a reclusive and mysterious view of the world around him. He does not interfere with matters that do not concern him and only reacts when forced.
He likes the winter and the feel of the cold against his skin. His favourite thought is of a snowflake falling against the branch of a tree, bare of leaves, dying. He has always felt close to that thought as he wishes that his environment had the absence of confusion and a snowflake melting on a dying tree represents that feeling to him.
He is not without mistakes and has a dependency on alcohol, bourbon is his preferred choice with two cubes of ice to lightly water it down and he enjoys the burn of a strong whiskey on his lips and the coolness of the ice afterwards.

Xaaj is known as a void powered vampire as his sword is empowered by that elemental damage type. The Harrowed Defiance spews waves of purple void as its power increases with each strike and over time it has channelled some of that influence into Xaaj, after years of use his eyes are stained purple due to wielding it.
Void energy is a power harnessed through vampire’s surroundings, although considered a dark energy it mainly resides in weaponry and armour, and has been forged into items throughout the age of the race.
In general Xaaj usually travels at night as sunlight weakens his powers and while travelling during the day he may only do so for a few hours before he needs to rest for regeneration.

The only way void abilities can be defeated is by arc or solar damage types which directly cancel out void power.
Arc damage types = Lightning
Solar Damage Types = UV Light, Sunlight
As with all vampires, silver is the most lethal threat especially when used as a projectile.

Not much is known about Xaaj’s past except for a small journal that he carries with him. Xaaj fought hard through the first eradication but was rendered unconscious by an unknown elemental power. Suffering from an extreme case of amnesia Xaaj may never recall the events that happened before the eradication.
He holds onto a few short words in the front page of his journal from what he presumes was a note written by one of his siblings.

"These are wielders and the servants of a terrible lie.
They have predicated themselves on it.
They have pursued us across thousands of years and a thousand different worlds.
Their quest is to embody us and you have seen the force of that truth expended to create these killings.
We though, are not a simple thing to kill."

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